Led Zeppelin - Untitled Heath_Savage

February 13, 2019
My copy weighs in at 125grams...most 70s come in around 100grams give or take so pretty decent in terms of weight.
As far as the sound goes i don't have a copy to compare but I notice a lack of punch in the lower end. Quite clear seperation in the instruments...as i said tho, really need to A/B test against something else.
Happy with this piece of rock history!

Led Zeppelin - Untitled steve099

June 11, 2018

I have this copy, with the mis-print, and it sounds just reasonably good. Good 3D sound stage but does lack a little in dynamics. I cant see myself selling it, ever even though it has a bit of a dynamic short coming.

Led Zeppelin - Untitled Stixx

February 1, 2016

I too have this pressing (1st Aus) and remarkably the side two label is missing the symbols but side one has them printed. Maybe a misprint or have others come across this too?

Led Zeppelin - Untitled Sbaxter123

September 21, 2014

My copy is a horribly thin slice of wax and has a horrible sound to match... Maybe I'm just unlucky and own a badly pressed copy or maybe this is just a pressing one should avoid? Any thoughts?

Led Zeppelin - Untitled ramondo99

March 22, 2016
I'd go along with it's not a great pressing. I put on Rock And Roll and cranked it up and it didn't rock or roll. There's a real lack of "presence" (ha!), or oompf, or something. My copy of Band on the Run (yeah, yeah, I know...) which is EMI Australia from 1973, sounds far superior.

Led Zeppelin - Untitled E.Baba

April 29, 2015
I'd agree that a lot of AU pressings aren't top line but often just because they were done from copy tapes from the US/UK, but I don't agree so much about the weight.
With this one I recently got a prime condition copy (AU 1st press LZ IV). Initial play sounded unclear *until* I gave it a vacuum wash. Actually sounds *very* respectable now. Tempted to keep it.

Led Zeppelin - Untitled Haus_Rekkids

January 28, 2015
You will find most early Australian records are pressed on really thin wax and the sound quality is not great. I have quite a few of my parents records and yeah all thin flimsy pieces of wax with really shallow audio...