Chet Faker - Built On Glass kitchenbug

August 1, 2015

The static is from the cheap paper liners. I Spin Cleaned mine and got rid of the static as well as used new innner sleeves. No more static.

Chet Faker - Built On Glass Lsuder858

March 10, 2018
I also just spin cleaned mine - what a difference

Chet Faker - Built On Glass Lsuder858

September 24, 2017
i too have a ton of static - definitely a shame

Chet Faker - Built On Glass tjmoser

August 1, 2015
Agreed! Love the music but the mixdown and pressing should be much better. Not only is there static, as well as too many clicks and pops for an absolutely pristine copy, but the production is mixed in my impression. Some songs are warm and deep while others sound a bit shrill to my ears. My production gold standard for this sort of music is James Blake, probably the obvious choice for one who does it really well.

If you ever happen across this thread Mr. Chet Faker please take it as constructive because your music deserves the best sound.


Chet Faker - Built On Glass trevorcwmoore

July 24, 2015
noticed it too, drives me batty. Wished they did normal vinyl this clear plastic shit sucks.