ProcsStuck In The Oven With Me

Label:Trishula Records – TRISHCD006
CD, Album


1Gluffsing The Pop7:38
2Mr Bängrot Rides Again7:38
3The Tailnissers Tale (Moffy Mix)7:35
4Gelatom Megafon7:52
5Overtures From The Oven10:17
7Pogo Pedagog8:00
8Sub Glob7:13
9aBuforsk Normal6:54

Companies, etc.



There's a 3 minutes gap between tracks 9a & 9b.

Mastered @ 4CN Studios, Germany.
Distributed By Arabesque Distribution, London.



  • Drosophila's avatar
    Edited 18 years ago
    Did'nt expect to hear what I heared when I played this album (comming from Trishula)... It's weird and psychedelic but not hard and pounding... so good to be suprised by something different, personly thats why I like psytrance... Well off course not all psytrance are very inovative (to say the least) but still when artist stray away from their normal paterns of making music I see no where with better potential to make incredibel and unforseen stuff then with psychedelic music... In the end only the imagination is the limit...

    Well I guess I really like to be suprised by the music I listen to, thats why I like this album!

    There might be some people who had other expections from listings to compilation releases and they might be dissapointed. But for me its just juices from the underground, so deep and yet groovy! All the weird melodies makes u feel like u r walking through the dark mistful forest hearing the elfs playing their music from within the trees, hmm at least thats how I feel :) But this is a special release of a kind that is rarely seen!
    • DeathPosture's avatar
      Edited 18 years ago
      What evil lurks…?

      The debut album from Procs (Mikael Stegman) is the 6th release from German dark-trance label Trishula Records… And with Stuck In The Oven With Me, the label is venturing further into shroomy forest trance territory… Ever since I heard the first Procs/Peyote People tracks on Scrambled Heads back in 2001 I’ve been a fan of Mikke Stegman’s work… And recently, I’ve drooled over both his Procs and Duck Off compilation tracks – they’ve all been stand-outs, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting the debut album by this Swedish sound sorcerer…

      How do you like them apples? Well, to put it short, this album wasn’t all that I had hoped it would be… But my expectations were maybe too high, I dunno… I don’t think the tracks here are as good as some of Procs previous compilation tracks… But hey, don’t get me wrong – this is still a VERY nice album… And on the psychedelia front this is indeed one of the best releases of 2005 – only topped by the Derango album and the latest Parvati compilation… So, it’s not bad at all…It’s just not as amazing as I’d hoped for…

      Whereas the production sounds sweet, I had a hard time appreciating the artwork here… It’s made by Stegman himself, and I guess somehow it fits the oddball theme of the music… But it’s not pretty! Anyway, that’s not really important. The music is however - and I cannot even begin to think how many creative hours Stegman invested in this… I mean, this is not just psychedelic – it’s über-mind-boggling psychedelic… Very impressive! Fans of genre-bending, extremist, oddball night trance will most likely take well to this… Purists and 4/4 trance elitists might wanna look elsewhere! I dig it though – and would recommend it to fans of the above mentioned style… Enjoy!

      Favourites: 1(!), 5, 7(!), 9(!!)
      • Le_Lotus_Bleu's avatar
        Edited 18 years ago
        Procs produces mental & fine darkpsy with a techno groove which a good thing changing from the ultra dominant smashing heavy darkpsy beat.
        It's easy to listen & furthermore the album receal a smooth flow.In another hand, while progressing the listen, the linear aspect can bother you more or less quickly. On several tracks,can be felt some musical touchs influences.
        But the too much linearity of the album bungles what could have be an album incarnating the darkpsy's renew as part of a domestic's listen; few was missing, that's a pity .


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