Various>Knock Out< (The Sound Of Vision)

Label:Vision (26) – Vision 35
CD, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Noise, Punk, Avantgarde, Art Rock, Industrial, Electro, Experimental


1HirnschlagControl Your Functions5:10
2HirnschlagThe Helpless Elephant Is Eaten By The Rat4:06
3Flowers Of EvilKamikaze5:13
4Thin KingSucker4:35
5MelxThey Are Going To Program You4:06
6Frances ZornMurderer3:42
7Ix-Ex-SplueRibboned Manes2:41
8Fluid MaskOverthrow The Human Race2:47
9Melx4, By Rote3:41
1016-17Clap Trap5:03
11Electric Noise TwistSynchronize Your Castor Oil, Will You?3:54
12CosmicsSitting Bull4:44
13MelxTime To Squeeze Out The Welchers5:43
14Fluid MaskShake4:40
1516-17Reason For Operating6:27

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  • Matrix / Runout: VISION-35 11A1 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA



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    This is a 15 track compilation CD from the VISION label. It opens with “Control Your Functions” by HIRNSCHLAG, a chaotic piece of fast moving music which twists and turns in all possible directions, the drums and sequencers seemingly synchronized by the skin of their electronic teeth. I imagine this is dance music, although I wouldn’t like to try moving to this. Next up is another track by HIRNSCHLAG called “The Helpless Elephant Is Eaten By The Rat” this time the drums and bassline are in strict tempo, while a brass section appears between the cracks this sounds like ‘found sound’, but could have been recorded direct. “Flowers Of Evil” by KAMIKAZE seems to drag a little behind it’s clattering drum machine, but it’s going at breakneck speed, so it’s difficult to tell. The track itself is very catchy, although it does have a ‘local band makes good’ atmosphere to it. It’s a sort of PowerPop style with enough edge to keep your ears pointed in their direction. “Sucker” by THIN KING comes next a fuzzy base with muffled organ sound opens this track, which again is catchy in a strangely later 70’s flavour. Just who I could compare them to I cannot think, but they can certainly put a very listenable track together. “They Are Going To Programme You” by MELX is next. The voices are in that hysterical Dalek style found on WIRE/GILBERT & LEWIS records, while the music is a Funky, Hip Hop, ART OF NOISE music, the whole thing combined sounding unbelievably lunatic. The track which follows this is “Murderer” by FRANCES ZORN, which enters the w.,rld to a massive drum beat, which turns into a great piece of heavy slow Hip Hop-based music which would like to he Reggae, but doesn’t quite make it, with lots of well-placed feedback, some creative scratching and enough bass guitar & synth. It’s a good 'n' heavy track, but for the vocals which sound forced and petulant instead of defiant. A chaos of clashing noise hails IX-EX-SPLUE’s track “Ribboned Manes”, which has elements of THE POP GROUP & THE SLITS in it a music which is both shambolic and wonderful at the same time. It comes close to utterly falling apart from it’s loose and complex structure, and the fact that it manages to stay in one piece earn it a gold star, “Overthrow The Human Race” by FLUID MASK is next a heavy, dense repetitive wall of drums tear through your speakers, allowing the vocalist to snarl like some hungry carnivorous reptile while all manner of sounds surface & sink in madhouse phase. “By Rote”, the next track by MELX thumps through in it’s loose structure which sounds surprisingly wild and ready to fall apart at any moment it’s a little like being put onto an elastic tightrope & expected to stay on. “Clap Trap” by 16-17 follows this, bursting into being on a blast of foghorn sax, which forms its own crazy feedback sound, fragments of which are chased by guitar into becoming a full-flight piece of music, chasing and being chased by a runaway drum barrage. This carries on it’s chaotic way towards a sudden conclusion. “Synchronize Your Castor Oil, Will You?” by ELECTRIC NOISE TWIST again features chaotic sax over a heavy-but-simplitic beat while all manner of other noises rise up to join the morass. The sax is so wild and crazy it makes you wonder if perhaps they don’t put it through some heavy treatments. “Sitting Bull” by COSMICS is another rather commercial-sounding track which might go down well on this country’s dance floors it’s probably the most commercial track of all on this album, changing form without losing it’s overall structure of faltering the beat. “Time To Squeeze Out The Welchers” by MELX follows nose to tail, bursting through it’s rock-dance-Industrial sound with ART OF NOISE-like sampling this is a well-structured track, full of fire, full of atmosphere, with some strange lyrics for the vocalist to intone with a distracted menace. “Shake” by FLUID MASK comes next perhaps the most loose and interesting track on the CD a chaotic flat rhythm thumps along while a plethora of feedback, synths, guitar and other noises break through to add to the dis-eased atmosphere of menace. “Reason For Operating” by 16-17 finally brings the album to a conclusion, and yes, that good ole lunatic saxophone is there again, weaving it’s bizarre spell over an almost non-structure of a track. This last piece is very noisy & very chaotic the perfect way to end an album! It’s not an easy album to listen to I had real trouble getting into it, but once I was there, my patience was rewarded. If you like the sound of this, or any of the other VISION recordings, they should be easy enough to get hold of.

    Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.


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