Led ZeppelinStudio Magik - Sessions 1968-1980

Label:The Godfather Box – G.R. BOX 18
18 x CD, Compilation
Box Set, Unofficial Release
Style:Hard Rock, Folk Rock, Classic Rock


Led Zeppelin I & II Sessions
1-1Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Take 8)
1-2Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Take 9, Stopped)
1-3Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Take 9, Complete)
1-4You Shook Me
1-5Baby Come On Home [AKA Tribute To Bert Berns] (Take 1, Stopped)
1-6Baby Come On Home [AKA Tribute To Bert Berns] (Take 2, Stopped)
1-7Baby Come On Home [AKA Tribute To Bert Berns] (Take 3, Complete)
1-8Guitar/Organ Instrumentals (Take 1)
1-9Guitar/Organ Instrumentals (Take 2)
1-10Guitar/Organ Instrumentals (Take 3)
1-11Guitar/Organ Instrumentals (Take 4)
1-12Guitar/Organ Instrumentals (Take 5)
1-13Guitar/Organ Instrumentals (Take 6)
1-14Guitar/Organ Instrumentals (Take 7)
1-15Moby Dick (Intro & Outro)
1-16Drum Solo
1-17Sugar Mama
1-18We're Gonna Groove
Led Zeppelin II Multitracks - Whole Lotta Love
2-1Whole Lotta Love (Main Guitar Bleed)
2-2Whole Lotta Love (Guitar Overdubs Bleed)
2-3Whole Lotta Love (Bass Bleed)
2-4Whole Lotta Love (Drum Right Bleed)
2-5Whole Lotta Love (Drum Left Bleed)
2-6Whole Lotta Love (Tympani / Tambourine Bleed)
2-7Whole Lotta Love (Vocals Bleed)
2-8Whole Lotta Love (Vocal Overdubs Bleed)
2-9Whole Lotta Love (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #1)
2-10Whole Lotta Love (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #2)
2-11Whole Lotta Love (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #3)
2-12Whole Lotta Love (Multitrack Mixdown, Showcase)
Led Zeppelin II Multitracks - What Is And What Should Never Be
3-1What Is And What Should Never Be (Main Guitar Bleed)
3-2What Is And What Should Never Be (Bass Bleed)
3-3What Is And What Should Never Be (Drum Right Bleed)
3-4What Is And What Should Never Be (Drum Left Bleed)
3-5What Is And What Should Never Be (Main Vocals Bleed)
3-6What Is And What Should Never Be (Vocal Overdubs Bleed, Take 1)
3-7What Is And What Should Never Be (Vocal Overdubs Bleed, Take 2)
3-8What Is And What Should Never Be (Guitar And Vocals Overdubs)
3-9What Is And What Should Never Be (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #1)
3-10What Is And What Should Never Be (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #2)
3-11What Is And What Should Never Be (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #3)
Led Zeppelin II Multitracks - Heartbreaker
4-1Heartbreaker (Main Guitar Bleed, Take 1)
4-2Heartbreaker (Main Guitar Bleed, Take 2)
4-3Heartbreaker (Bass Bleed)
4-4Heartbreaker (Drum Right Bleed)
4-5Heartbreaker (Drum Left Bleed)
4-6Heartbreaker (Guitar, Bass And Drums Bleed)
4-7Heartbreaker (Vocals Bleed)
4-8Heartbreaker (Vocals And Guitar Bleed)
4-9Heartbreaker (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #1)
4-10Heartbreaker (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #2)
Led Zeppelin II Multitracks - Ramble On
5-1Ramble On (Acoustic Guitar Bleed)
5-2Ramble On (Electric Guitar Bleed)
5-3Ramble On (Guitar Overdubs Bleed)
5-4Ramble On (Bass Bleed)
5-5Ramble On (Drum Right Bleed W/ Tympani)
5-6Ramble On (Drum Left Bleed W/ Tympani)
5-7Ramble On (Vocals Bleed)
5-8Ramble On (Vocals And Guitar Bleed)
5-9Ramble On (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #1)
5-10Ramble On (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #2)
5-11Ramble On (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #3)
5-12Ramble On (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #4, Fragment Only)
5-13Ramble On (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #5, Fragment Only)
5-14Ramble On (Multitrack Mixdown, Version #6)
Led Zeppelin III Sessions
6-1Jennings Farm Blues (Take 1, Stopped)
6-2Jennings Farm Blues (Take 2, Stopped)
6-3Jennings Farm Blues (Take 3, Stopped)
6-4Jennings Farm Blues (Take 4, Stopped)
6-5Jennings Farm Blues (Take 5, Stopped)
6-6Jennings Farm Blues (Take 6, Complete Basic Version)
6-7Jennings Farm Blues (Take 7, Stopped)
6-8Jennings Farm Blues (Take 8, Stopped)
6-9Jennings Farm Blues (Take 9, Stopped)
6-10Jennings Farm Blues (Take 10, Stopped)
6-11Jennings Farm Blues (Take 11, Stopped)
6-12Jennings Farm Blues (Take 12, Complete Full Mix)
6-13Untitled Guitar Instrumentals
Led Zeppelin III Sessions (Part 2)
7-1Guitar Instrumental (Take 1)
7-2Guitar Instrumental (Take 2)
7-3Poor Tom (Take 1)
7-4Guitar Instrumental (Take 3)
7-5Guitar Instrumental (Take 4)
7-6The Boy Next Door [AKA That's The Way] (Take 1)
7-7The Boy Next Door [AKA That's The Way] (Take 2)
7-8The Boy Next Door [AKA That's The Way] (Take 3)
7-9The Boy Next Door [AKA That's The Way] (Take 4)
7-10The Boy Next Door [AKA That's The Way] (Take 5)
7-11My Oh My [AKA Friends] (Takes 1 - 2)
7-12Bron-Yr-Aur (Takes 1 - 2)
7-13Guitar Instrumental (Take 5)
7-14Guitar Instrumental (Take 6)
7-15Guitar Instrumental (Take 7)
7-16Bron-Yr-Aur (Take 3)
7-17My Oh My [AKA Friends] (Takes 3 - 4)
7-18Bron-Yr-Aur (Take 4)
7-19Poor Tom (Takes 2 - 6)
7-20Hey Hey What Can I Do (Takes 1 - 2)
7-21Immigrant Song
7-22Bathroom Song [AKA Out On The Tiles]
7-23Poor Tom (Take 1, Instrumental)
7-24Poor Tom (Take 2, W/ Vocals)
7-25Celebration Day (Instrumental)
7-26Hey Hey What Can I Do (Instrumental)
7-27Out On The Tiles (Instrumental)
Led Zeppelin III & IV Sessions
8-1That's The Way (Full Mix)
8-2Feel So Bad [AKA Hats Off To Roy Harper] (Takes 1 - 2) Medley Incl. Fixin' To Die, That's Alright Mama
8-3Since I've Been Loving You (Vocal Track)
8-4Since I've Been Loving You (Full Mix)
8-5Stairway To Heaven (Take 1, Instrumental)
8-6Blues Guitar / Piano Improvisation
8-7Black Dog Acoustic (Take 1, Instrumental)
8-8Black Dog Acoustic (Take 2, Instrumental)
8-9Black Dog Electric (Rehearsal)
8-10No Quarter
8-11Stairway To Heaven (Take 2, Instrumental)
8-12Stairway To Heaven (Take 3, Instrumental)
8-13Stairway To Heaven (Take 4, Instrumental)
8-14Electric Guitar Improvisation
8-15Stairway To Heaven (Take 5, W/ Vocals)
8-16Stairway To Heaven (Take 6, W/ Vocals)
8-17Stairway To Heaven
8-18Night Flight
Led Zeppelin IV Sessions
9-1The Battle Of Evermore (Take 1)
9-2The Battle Of Evermore (Take 2)
9-3The Battle Of Evermore (Take 3)
9-4The Battle Of Evermore (Take 4)
9-5The Battle Of Evermore (Take 5)
9-6The Battle Of Evermore (Take 6)
9-7Four Sticks (Take 1, Instrumental)
9-8Four Sticks (Take 2, W/ Vocals)
9-9Black Dog
9-10When The Levee Breaks (Take 1)
9-11When The Levee Breaks (Take 2)
Bombay Rehearsal & Houses Of The Holy Sessions
10-1Friends (Rehearsing The Tune)
10-2Four Sticks (Take 1)
10-3Friends (Take 1)
10-4Friends (Take 2)
10-5Friends (Take 3)
10-6Four Sticks (Take 2)
10-7Four Sticks (Take 3)
10-8Four Sticks (Take 4)
10-9Walter's Walk (Take 1, Instrumental)
10-10Walter's Walk (Take 2, With Vocals)
10-11Walter's Walk (Take 3, With Vocals)
Houses Of The Holy Sessions & Lucifer Rising
11-1No Quarter (Take 1, Instrumental - Complete)
11-2No Quarter (Take 2, Stopped)
11-3No Quarter (Take 3, Stopped)
11-4No Quarter (Take 4, Instrumental - Complete)
11-5No Quarter (Take 5, Stopped)
11-6No Quarter (Take 6, Stopped)
11-7No Quarter (Take 7, W/ Vocals - Complete)
11-11Damask (Ambient Version)
11-12Lucifer Rising
11-13Lucifer Rising (Percussive Return)
Pre-Physical Graffiti Outtakes (Part 1)
12-1Untitled Instrumental
12-2Untitled Instrumental
12-3Ten Years Gone (Takes 1 - 12)
Pre-Physical Graffiti Outtakes (Part 2)
13-1Swan Song [AKA Midnight Moonlight]
Physical Graffiti Outtakes (Part 1)
14-1The Wanton Song (Take 1)
14-2The Wanton Song (Take 2)
14-3Take Me Home (Take 1)
14-4Take Me Home (Take 2)
14-5In The Morning [AKA In The Light] (Take 1)
14-6Trampled Underfoot (Takes 1 - 9)
14-7In The Morning [AKA In The Light] (Take 2)
14-8Sick Again
14-9The Rover
14-10Untitled Instrumental
14-11ABC Song
14-12In My Time Of Dying (Takes 1 - 7)
14-13The Wanton Song
14-14Trampled Underfoot
Physical Graffiti Outtakes (Part 2)
15-1Ten Years Gone (Takes 1 - 4)
15-2Boogie With Stu (Takes 1 - 9)
15-3Night Flight (Takes 1 - 11)
15-4Trampled Underfoot
15-6Custard Pie
15-7In The Light
15-8Swan Song [AKA Midnight Moonlight] (Take 1)
15-9Swan Song [AKA Midnight Moonlight] (Take 2)
Radio Takes, Presence Outtakes, Bonzo's Montreux Sessions And In Through The Out Door Outtakes
16-1The Wanton Song
16-2The Wanton Song
16-3Royal Orleans
16-4Tea For One [AKA Hootchie Kootchie Version]
16-5Don't Start Me Talking - All My Lovin'
16-6Bonzo's Montreux (Take 1)
16-7Bonzo's Montreux (Take 2)
16-9Carouselambra (Takes 1 - 4)
16-10Drum Segment
16-12Ozone Baby (Take 1)
16-13Ozone Baby (Take 2)
16-14All My Love
16-15Wearing And Tearing
16-16I'm Gonna Crawl
16-17Fool In The Rain
In Through The Out Door Sessions
17-1Carouselambra (Take 1)
17-2Wearing And Tearing
17-3Fool In The Rain (Take 1)
17-4Hot Dog
17-5In The Evening
17-6Southbound Saurez
17-8Fool In The Rain (Take 2)
17-9Carouselambra (Take 2)
17-1All My Love
In Through The Out Door Sessions & Final Rehearsal
18-1Ozone Baby (Take 1)
18-2Ozone Baby (Take 2)
18-3Darlene (Take 1)
18-4Darlene (Take 2)
18-5Wearing And Tearing (Take 1)
18-6Wearing And Tearing (Take 2)
18-7White Summer (Take 1)
18-8White Summer (Take 2) Medley Incl. Black Mountain Side
18-10Achilles Last Stand (Take 1)
18-11Achilles Last Stand (Take 2)
18-12Stairway To Heaven


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