KMFH* - Down! + Our Love mowow

September 21, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
i bought 2 copies of the repress, and both have the defect on side A....

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love matiasmatiasmatias1

December 29, 2018
Hi ! could you specify witch type of issue?, that would be nice to understand better

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love TIM

December 8, 2014

Xero is the track in this in my opinion. It's more stripped down and subliminal rawness combined with Detroit melody is addictive. That is a goodie. The track Down! Is what I'm tired of in house music. Filtered to death wack sample of what I think might be a Toni tony tone or post new jack swing vocal part that's boring to death. Zzzzzzz. The crunchiness is a bit annoying also. And the filtering sounds like your needle is loose and dusty. And bass really doesn't carry the track as much as it needed. The 7" is decent. Xero, however is the reason why I bought it. Slow it down just a little so the beat doesn't sound so jagged. Sick and funky

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love as reviewed by stevensimspon

August 18, 2014
edited over 4 years ago
nice release

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love HRBIII

July 31, 2014
I have the re-press. Does anyone else's copy skip on the A side?

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love mowow

September 21, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
i bought 2 copies of the repress, and both have the defect....

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love OCCIDENTAL

November 13, 2014

There's a pressing defect common to all (or most?) copies. A bit of debris must have adhered to the stamper on Side A. Causes a couple pops and possibly skips without enough tonearm weight.

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love hvijayan

August 20, 2014
yep, mine also skipped - thought it was something stuck in the groove, ended up ruining that side trying to get it out.

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love Ajanderson

August 8, 2014
Yep, mine has a skip too

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love Rafq

July 30, 2014
anyone know the sample of Donz Critique?

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love gurphy

July 27, 2014
Bought this because I having been waiting for a repress of Down! for ages. Didn't realise it came with a 7" of Our Love, which is an absolute banger.

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love narcogarola

June 27, 2014

can't believe someones given this 1 star?!

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love jrm1805

November 17, 2014
probably prince mad at getting sampled

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love CannonBallRecs

July 3, 2014
Now sold out from the labels website!

KMFH* - Down! + Our Love RonocNikcam

July 1, 2014
edited over 3 years ago

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