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BrylhoNavegando Em Águas Livres

Label:Elektra – BR 12.140
Vinyl, 7", Single
Genre:Electronic, Funk / Soul, Pop
Style:Boogie, Funk, Electro


ANavegando Em Águas Livres
BA Bruxa Tá Solta



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Okay, a lot of people already know that I am a collector / researcher of the Old School Electro scene, and I imagine that some people have read my reports about these records on discogs, after all, this music scene is restricted to a few people, given the number of comments, criticisms and admirers that other musical scenes receive daily. It's like comparing an aquarium with an ocean, making a simple analogy. But the interesting thing is that, inside this aquarium, there are very deep and well hidden surprises.

This record, for example, is a record that has been away from people for many years. In recent times, Brazilian and European dee jays, from the Disco / Boogie / Funk sphere, have started to execute these records at parties and include in sets. What happened? This record began to disappear from the shelves of record stores, like many other Brazilian records that dialogue with this aesthetic.

From Side A, we have a romantic track, ballad, with lyrics composed by the Brazilian Soul Music Master, Cassiano. An ok song. On the B side, a great surprise: a Brazilian contribution to the sonority Electro called "A Bruxa Tá Solta".

If we look back on 1984 at the height of Electro in the US, with films like Breakin and Beat Street full of songs of this style in their respective soundtracks, artists from other countries began to dialogue with this musical aesthetic, adding elements in their music as beats uptempo composed by linn drum, oberheim and tr 808, for example. Still in 1984, other Brazilian artists made their contributions within this musical spectrum. Examples: Electric Boogies "Break Mandrake"; Villa Box "Break de Rua"; Black Juniors "Hey Disc Joquei"; Truke "Dá Um Break", and others. In 1985, the excellent pianist Cesar Camargo joined Electro's uptempo beats with fusion elements, in a band in honor of the elastic and brittle dance that gained notoriety in those years. The track name could not be the most correct: "Os Breakers".

Anyway, the musical universe is full of surprises. Each day we are discovering new records, which, although they are of the past, appear to us as "musical novelties". Good music is timeless.