Miles Davis - Big Fun vonelliamv

March 7, 2017
Does anyone have any information on Joe Zawinul's track "Muhler Laranja" credited right after Great Expectations on Side 1's label? On my copy it says Great Expectations M. Davis/ Muhler Laranja J. Zawinul (TT 27.34) I don't see anything on here that references that in any of the pressings listed.

Miles Davis - Big Fun vonelliamv

March 24, 2020
I know this is a few years late, but thanks for the clarification!

Miles Davis - Big Fun voodoochili

April 11, 2017
better known as "orange lady". tune was originally tacked on to the end of "Great expectations" and the whole thing was released as "Great Expectations". Weather Report recorded it on their first album.

Miles Davis - Big Fun as reviewed by G_Berlusconi

November 1, 2016
Great album, at once funky and atmospheric and with so many stretches of great musicianship. The 2000 reissue really adds value - unlike another reviwer here I feel "Recollections" is not boring at all, it has exquisite playing and subtle changes of mood and harmonics. The abundance of sitar and Indian-influenced drumming across several tracks (such as the opener "Great Expectations" is unusual and blends very nicely with Miles' band.

"Ife" is one of the high points of the set, dramatic and groovy and with great interpaly between keyboards, trumpet and drums. For some reason there is no credit for the prominent organ, though it kicks in at once at the opening of the track and then continues for several minutes, and returns in the closing section: does anyone know who is playing here? I was thinking perhaps Keith Jarrett, who was still with Miles' band in the summer of '72 when "Ife" was recorded but left soon afterwards, and who may have had contractual or musical reasons not to want to be credited here when the track was relased two years later. He is known to have played organ in this band, but also sometimes outside of it.

"Go Ahead John" which opens the second disc is an amazing track,. both in its fast and slow sections, and Jack DeJohnette (who is playing drums on many of the tracks) is especially funky in this one.

Miles Davis - Big Fun wholesome_quality

March 4, 2013
Corky McCoy's artwork is almost reason enough to own this record. The two brothers with afro's and bellbottoms wearing RED, BLACK and GREEN can also be found on Davis' On the Corner album. Musically, Big Fun sounds like a jazz mixtape; with each song the personnel changes so any sembelance of continuity is non-exsistant. If you are familar with Bitches Brew or any other Davis production from the period, you will recognize that Big Fun is essentially outtakes edited into new songs.

Miles Davis - Big Fun inventoryglorious

March 20, 2011
Don't be afraid to listen to "Lonely Fire" every day for a few months if you need to. It helps.

Miles Davis - Big Fun vonelliamv

March 24, 2020
I concur. It’s beyond wonderful for the soul, man