Speedy J - Public Energy No.1 stevenkemp

April 24, 2011
Another change in style for Speedy J, and for me a step in the wrong direction. Gone is the lush atmospherics and melodies of the first two albums. In it's place is harsh electronics and rhythms, not dissimilar to The Aphex Twin. Whilst this is a solid album, its certainly not easy listening, and for me is far less enjoyable than Ginger and G Spot.

Speedy J - Public Energy No.1 stevenkemp

September 22, 2018
Nothing wrong with evolution, but he evolved into something i didn't care for. If I want Aphex Twin , I'll buy Aphex Twin.

Speedy J - Public Energy No.1 acidchewer

April 27, 2015
great artists change their sound... its called evolution. i guess you like predictable music

Speedy J - Public Energy No.1 noizstepper

January 13, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
no way... man! :)
I absolutely disagree: In my oppinion this one is the first mature work of J.
Untill PENo1 Speed j recorded rubbish techno. But this one is perfect mindblowing IDM/Industrial-Tek.
Maybe it is because I don't like most kind of Techno untill Mid of the 90s, when most of the acts grew up, become more alternative and deep as you could see with Speedy J.
Not as great as the following works, but surely best work untill then!

Speedy J - Public Energy No.1 as reviewed by maroko

May 21, 2008

Indeed, "Public energy no. 1" follows hot on the heels of "Patterns" release from the same year. The ingredients which marked "Ginger" and "G-spot", thus making them almost instantly likeable, are bravely replaced by far more challenging musical patterns, erratic and deeply disturbing percussion, profound atmospheres and intertwining layers setting complex moods all converge into a unique sonical experience like no oher I've ver heard. Jochem Paap, more than ever, constantly builds upon, and amplifies, ideas previously displayed, taking his sound further from track to track, which demands patient listening, as only then will you be conveyed to the realm of this man's mind. Definitely a more agressive approach to his sound than on anything released prior to this, but the music has a charm of its own nonetheless. Not really fast and furious, rather fat and massive.

"Public energy no. 1" was obviously not intended for impressing the masses, and is far from being easily accessible, but give it quality time it deserves to sink in, and I give my left arm it will become a regular in your CD player. Mind bending stuff, especially when one looks at it within the historical context of Speedy J's discography. I've not seen many other producers match the progress he's made in just a few years since his debut. Remarkable.

Speedy J - Public Energy No.1 as reviewed by echunk

May 14, 2002
A much harsher but ultimately more rewarding release than Ginger, Public Energy is Jochem Paap at his best. The distorted rhythmic textures and delicately underpinned with melody.

Not for the fans of chilled out atmospherics, but for the rest of us, this release is essential.