Grooverider - The Prototype Years The_Archaic_Revival

May 2, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
The album that keeps giving. I have this on lp and have played it solid since the late 90's. Silver blade, locust, subway, going gets tough, threshold all monster tracks some I don't think you can get anywhere else on vinyl... I didn't even realise john b secrets was on the album until a few years ago. I think I might go and pick up another copy... This and the other 96/97 prototype releases - Years ahead of its time.

Grooverider - The Prototype Years as reviewed by recordmania4

November 3, 2014
An essential album for the drum and bass faithful

Grooverider - The Prototype Years JonniCobb

August 24, 2014

can anyone tell me how large the poster is that comes with this?

Grooverider - The Prototype Years Collector_Cave_Guy

July 2, 2016

Its taken two years to get a reply, but i can now confirm the poster is 12" on thick card.

Grooverider - The Prototype Years as reviewed by LIFELINE

March 8, 2006
edited over 12 years ago

Silver Blade -

Huddling beneath a baron rocky outcrop, the last swathes of daylight feebly drown amidst the swelling oil slick slithering its way eastward into the starless cerulean sky.
Forked lightening momentarily illuminates the bleak rock-strewn landscapes, an infinite expanse stretched out like the blackened frothing waves of a rabid ocean.
This track summons such vivid imagery with every listen.

Back in ‘96-’97 amongst a barrage of ‘tech-step’, this tune sounded so fresh it was hard to comprehend. Whilst remaining as dark as anything around, if not darker, it sliced the blueprint two-step sound to shreds. The beats pounce unexpectedly after the relatively subdued intro, actually sounding metallic - like swords clashing. Midway, an inexplicably malevolent intensity descends upon the track, a pervading sense of foreboding, much like the eerie calm before the storm; eight bars later the whole track is plunged into an apocalyptic, distorted reece-bass crescendo. It was this kind of experimentation and intensity in his tracks that made Dillinja so prolific an artist and ensured he remained alongside only a handful of others at the cutting edge of the Drum & Bass sound. Many people credit Boymerang with being the first to use this break, but as far as I am aware it was Dillinja who first used it – and on this track.

Grooverider - The Prototype Years danmiracle

June 4, 2010
Great review, although just to correct you on the very last bit, it was actually Boymerang who MADE the break (which he let Dillinja use) - this is why this break is generally known as "the boymerang" :)