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VariousMurmurs Of Earth (The Voyager Interstellar Record)

Label:Warner New Media – WNM 14021
2 x CD, CD-ROM, Album
Box Set, Compilation, Commemorative Edition
Genre:Jazz, Rock, Latin, Blues, Non-Music, Pop, Classical, Folk, World, & Country
Style:Education, Field Recording, Special Effects


Disc One: Images And Photographs - From The Voyager Interstellar Message
No ArtistComputer Data
Level Up1-1.1Calibration Circle
Level Up1-1.2Solar Location Map
Level Up1-1.3Dictionary—Mathematical Definitions
Level Up1-1.4Dictionary—Physical Unit Definitions
Level Up1-1.5The Solar System
Level Up1-1.6The Solar System
Level Up1-1.7The Sun
Level Up1-1.8Solar Spectrum
Level Up1-1.9Mercury
Level Up1-1.10Mars
Level Up1-1.11Jupiter
Level Up1-1.12Earth
Level Up1-1.13Egypt, Red Sea Sinai Peninsula And The Nile
Level Up1-1.14DNA Structure And Replication
Level Up1-1.15DNA Structure And Replication
Level Up1-1.16DNA Structure And Replication
Level Up1-1.17Cell Division
Level Up1-1.18Human Anatomy
Level Up1-1.19Diagram Of Human Sex Organs
Level Up1-1.20Conception Silhouette
Level Up1-1.21Conception Picture
Level Up1-1.22Fetus Silhouette
Level Up1-1.23Fetus Picture
Level Up1-1.24Silhouette Of Male And Female
Level Up1-1.25Birth
Level Up1-1.26Nursing Mother
Level Up1-1.27Father And Child
Level Up1-1.28Group Of Children
Level Up1-1.29Family Portrait Silhouette
Level Up1-1.30Family Portrait Picture
Level Up1-1.31Diagram Of Continental Drift
Level Up1-1.32Structure Of The Earth
Level Up1-1.33Heron Island
Level Up1-1.34Seashore
Level Up1-1.35Snake River And The Grand Tetons
Level Up1-1.36Sand Dunes
Level Up1-1.37Monument Valley
Level Up1-1.38Forest Scene With Mushrooms
Level Up1-1.39Leaf
Level Up1-1.40Fallen Leaves
Level Up1-1.41Sequoia / Snowflake
Level Up1-1.42Tree / Daffodils
Level Up1-1.43Flying Insect
Level Up1-1.44Diagram Of Vertebrate Evolution
Level Up1-1.45Seashell
Level Up1-1.46Dolphins
Level Up1-1.47School Of Fish
Level Up1-1.48Tree Toad
Level Up1-1.49Crocodile
Level Up1-1.50Eagle
Level Up1-1.51Waterhole
Level Up1-1.52Chimpanzees And Scientists
Level Up1-1.53Bushmen Hunters Silhouette
Level Up1-1.54Bushmen Hunters
Level Up1-1.55Man From Guatemala
Level Up1-1.56Dancer From Bali
Level Up1-1.57Andean Girls
Level Up1-1.58Thai Craftsman
Level Up1-1.59Elephant
Level Up1-1.60Old Man From Turkey
Level Up1-1.61Old Man In A Field
Level Up1-1.62Mountain Climber
Level Up1-1.63Gymnast
Level Up1-1.64Olympic Sprinters
Level Up1-1.65Japanese Schoolroom
Level Up1-1.66Children With Globe
Level Up1-1.67Cotton Harvest
Level Up1-1.68Man With Grapes
Level Up1-1.69Supermarket
Level Up1-1.70Diver And Fish
Level Up1-1.71Fishing Boats
Level Up1-1.72Cooking Fish
Level Up1-1.73Chinese Dinner Party
Level Up1-1.74Demonstration Of Eating, Licking And Drinking
Level Up1-1.75Great Wall Of China
Level Up1-1.76Construction Scene (Afican)
Level Up1-1.77Construction Scene (Amish)
Level Up1-1.78House (Hut)
Level Up1-1.79House (New England Frame)
Level Up1-1.80House (Modern)
Level Up1-1.81House Interior
Level Up1-1.82Taj Mahal
Level Up1-1.83English City (Oxford)
Level Up1-1.84Boston From The Charles River
Level Up1-1.85UN Building, By Day
Level Up1-1.86UN Building, By Night
Level Up1-1.87Sydney Opera House
Level Up1-1.88Artisan With Drill
Level Up1-1.89Factory Interior
Level Up1-1.90Museum
Level Up1-1.91X-Ray Of Hand
Level Up1-1.92Woman With Microscope
Level Up1-1.93Street Scene (Pakistan)
Level Up1-1.94Street Scene (India)
Level Up1-1.95Highway
Level Up1-1.96Golden Gate Bridge From Baker's Beach
Level Up1-1.97Train
Level Up1-1.98Airplane In Fliht
Level Up1-1.99Airport
Level Up1-1.100Antarctic Sno-Cat
Level Up1-1.101Radio Telescope (Westerbork Interferometer)
Level Up1-1.102Arecibo Observatory
Level Up1-1.103Page From A Book
Level Up1-1.104Astronaut In Space
Level Up1-1.105Titan Centaur Launch
Level Up1-1.106Sunset
Level Up1-1.107String Quartet
Level Up1-1.108Score Of Quartet And Violin
The Music And Sounds Of Earth: From The Voyager Interstellar Message
1-2Kurt WaldheimGreetings From The Secretary General Of The UN0:43
VariousGreetings In 55 Languages(4:25)
Level Up1-3.1Sumerian
Level Up1-3.2Greek
Level Up1-3.3Portuguese
Level Up1-34Cantonese
Level Up1-3.5Akkadian
Level Up1-3.6Russian
Level Up1-3.7Thai
Level Up1-3.8Arabic
Level Up1-3.9Romanian
Level Up1-3.10French
Level Up1-3.11Burmese
Level Up1-3.12Hebrew
Level Up1-3.13Spanish
Level Up1-3.14Indonesian
Level Up1-3.15Kechua (Quecha)
Level Up1-3.16Punjabi
Level Up1-3.17Hittite
Level Up1-3.18Bengali
Level Up1-3.19Latin
Level Up1-3.20Aramaic
Level Up1-3.21Dutch
Level Up1-3.22German
Level Up1-3.23Urdu
Level Up1-3.24Vietnamese
Level Up1-3.25Turkish
Level Up1-3.26Japanese
Level Up1-3.27Hindi
Level Up1-3.28Welsh
Level Up1-3.29Italian
Level Up1-3.30Sinhalese
Level Up1-3.31Nguni (Zulu)
Level Up1-3.32Sotho (Sesotho)
Level Up1-3.33We
Level Up1-3.34Armenian
Level Up1-3.35Korean
Level Up1-3.36Polish
Level Up1-3.37Nepali
Level Up1-3.38Mandarin Chinese
Level Up1-3.39Ila (Lambia)
Level Up1-3.40Swedish
Level Up1-3.41Nyanja
Level Up1-3.42Gujarati
Level Up1-3.43Ukranian
Level Up1-3.44Persian
Level Up1-3.45Serbian
Level Up1-3.46Oriya
Level Up1-3.47Luganda (Ganda)
Level Up1-3.48Marathi
Level Up1-3.49Amoy
Level Up1-3.50Hungarian (Magyar)
Level Up1-3.51Telugu
Level Up1-3.52Czech
Level Up1-3.53Kannada (Kanarese)
Level Up1-3.54Rajasthani
Level Up1-3.55English
VariousUN Greetings / Whale Greetings(4:07)
Level Up1-4.1UN Greetings
Level Up1-4.2Whale Greetings
Unknown ArtistThe Sounds Of Earth(12:26)
Level Up1-5.1Music Of The Spheres
Composed By [Uncredited]Laurie Spiegel
Level Up1-5.2Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Thunder
Level Up1-5.3Mud Pots
Level Up1-5.4Wind, Surf, Rain
Level Up1-5.5Cricket (Teleogryllus Oceanicus) / Crickets, Frogs
Level Up1-5.6Birds, Hyena, Elephant
Level Up1-5.7Chimpanzee
Level Up1-5.8Wild Dog
Level Up1-5.9Footstes, Heartbeats, Laughter
Level Up1-5.10Fire, Speech
Level Up1-5.11The First Tools
Level Up1-5.12Tame Dog
Level Up1-5.13Herding Sheep, Blacksmith Shop, Sawing, Tractor And Riveter
Level Up1-5.14Morse Code
Level Up1-5.15Ships, Horse And Cart, Train, Truck, Tractor, Bus Automobile, F-111 Flyby, Saturn 5 Lift-Off
Level Up1-5.16Kiss
Level Up1-5.17Mother And Child
Level Up1-5.18Life Signs
Level Up1-5.19Pulsar
1-6Karl Richter Conducting The Munich Bach Orchestra*Brandenburg Concerto № 2 In F, First Movement
ConductorKarl Richter
Written-ByJ.S. Bach*
1-7Unknown ArtistKinds Of Flowers (Java)
Recorded ByRobert Brown
1-8Unknown ArtistTchenhoukoumen (Senegal, Percussion)
Recorded ByCharles Duvelle
1-9Unknown ArtistPygmy Girls' Initiation Song (Zaire)
Recorded ByColin Turnbull*
1-10Unknown ArtistMorning Star And Devil Bird (Australian Aborigine Songs)
Recorded BySandra LeBrun Holmes
1-11Lorenzo Barcelata And The Mariachi Mexico*El Cascabel (Mexico)3:24
1-12Chuck BerryJohnny B. Goode
Written-ByChuck Berry
1-13Unknown ArtistMen's House Song (Papau New Guinea)
Recorded ByRobert MacLennan
1-14Coro Yamaguchi*Cranes In Their Nest (Japan, Shakuhachi)5:07
1-15Arthur GrumiauxGavotte En Rondeaux From The Partita № 3 In E-Major For Violin
Composed ByJ.S. Bach*
ViolinArthur Grumiaux
1-16Wolfgang Saivalish* Conducts The Bavarian State Opera, Munich* / Edda MoserThe Magic Flute, Queen Of The Night Aria, № 14
Composed ByMozart*
ConductorWolfgang Saivalish*
Soprano VocalsEdda Moser
Disc Two: The Music And Sounds Of Earth (Continued): From The Voyager Interstellar Message
2-1Unknown ArtistTchakrulo (Georgia, Chorus)
Recorded By [Collected By]Radio Moscow
2-2Unknown ArtistPanpipes And Drum Song (Peru)
Recorded ByJose Maria Arquedas*
2-3Louis Armstrong & His Hot SevenMelancholy Blues3:10
2-4Unknown ArtistUgam (Azerbaijan Bagpipes)
Recorded By [Collected By]Radio Moscow
2-5Stravinsky* Conducts The Columbia Symphony Orchestra*Rite Of Spring, Sacrificial Dance
Composed ByStravinsky*
2-6Glenn GouldThe Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2, Prelude And Fugue In C, № 1
Composed ByJ.S. Bach*
PianoGlenn Gould
2-7Otto Klemperer Conducts The Philharmonia Orchestra*Symphony № 5 In C-Minor, First Movement
Composed ByBeethoven*
ConductorOtto Klemperer
2-8Valya BalkanskaIzlel Je Delyo Hagdutin
Vocals [Sung By]Valya Balkanska
2-9Navajo (4)Navajo Night Chant (United States)
Recorded ByWillard Rhodes
2-10David Munrow And The Early Music Consort Of LondonFairie Round, From Paueans, Galliards, Almains And Other Short Aeirs
Composed ByHolborne*
2-11Unknown ArtistMelanesian Panpipes (Solomon Islands)1:17
2-12Unknown ArtistWedding Song (Peru)
Recorded ByJohn Cohen (2)
2-13Kuan P'ing-Hu*Flowing Streams (China, Ch'in)7:48
2-14Surshri Kesar Bai Kerkar*Jaat Kahan Ho (India, Raga)
Vocals [Sung By]Surshri Kesar Bai Kerkar*
2-15Blind Willie JohnsonDark Was The Night
Written-ByBlind Willie Johnson
2-16The Budapest String Quartet*String Quartet № 13 In B-Flat, Opus 130, Cavatina
Composed ByBeethoven*

Companies, etc.



©1992 Warner New Media. 3500 West Olive Avenue, Burbank CA 91505

"In the early Autumn of 1977, two extraordinary spacecraft called Voyager were launched to the stars. Affixed to each was a gold-coated photograph record inscribed with the music, images and sounds of our planet. Now, advances in Compact Disc technology have made it possible to enjoy that record at home. At last, everything needed to listen, view—and wonder—is here."

Commemorative Edition - With a new essay by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan

"This specially boxed set includes…
» CD-ROM Data: All 116 color images included in the Voyager Record. This unique multi-platform program will run on either IBM 286 compatible or Macintosh® II series or LC
» Digital Audio: Two CDs featuring all 90 minutes of the sounds and music included in the Voyager Record, playable on any CD player.
» The book Murmurs of Earth: Nearly 300 pages describing the purpose and contents of the Voyager Interstellar Message.
» Voyager Gallery: A 16-page, full-color gallery of images transmitted by Voyager back to Earth, plus an update on the progress and significance of Voyager."

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 099171140226
  • Barcode (Text): 0 99171-14022 6
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 1): M152
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): 30 14021-2.1 RE-1 SRCR*02
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 2): M1510
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): 3G WNM 14021-2.2 SRCR*02.
  • ASIN: B0009FJ25K

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