Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era, Smart E's, Rachel WallaceThe Video EP

Label:Suburban Base Records – SUBBASE VHS1
Style:Breakbeat, Hardcore


1Smart E'sSesame's Treet
2Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop EraFar Out
3Rachel WallaceTell Me Why
4Smart E'sLoo's Control
5Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop EraPeace & Loveism

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Suburban Base Official very limited Promo Video EP. All Trax Suburban Base Records, 3 Old Mill Parade, Victoria Rd, Romford Essex RM1 2HU.


  • sonicfortress's avatar
    Yea bought this on site!
    Forget if it was before or after the XL Recordings video
    • Krusty_0's avatar
      Can anyone manage a good scan of the cover ffor me please? i love all of Dave Nodz artwork :)
      • Old_Skool_Daze_92's avatar
        Edited 18 years ago
        This VHS was made and distributed by Suburban Base Records in 1992 to promote the artists on their label. It was sent out in very limited numbers, and I don't think many have survived. The VHS contains full music videos for all the tracks featured, each tune is a classic in its own right and captures the spirit and vibe of 92's rave scene. The "Sesame's Treet" video is just what it says on the tin, lots of kids running around singing the chorus, while text scrolls past with helpful word associations like "R is for Rave" "B is for Boogie Times" and "T is for Techno", while the Smart E's boys clown around. The "Far Out" video starts with Winston gettin funky in the Boogie Times record shop before Danny Breaks bursts in and starts scratchin on the decks. lots of Subbase staff, crew and artists then burst in and join the rave before jumping into a jeep and going at high speed to the woods to dance out the last minute of the video like mad rave monkeys. The "Tell Me Why" video has Rachel Wallace singing as she makes her way around the Essex city centre. The "Loo's Control" video has the Smart E's boys skateboarding around the town and raving on the beach with them all wrapped up in toilet paper(and why not?). And the "Peace & Loveism" video shows the Subbase boys and girls dancing like dancing fools with some very nice Subbase artwork thrown in for eye candy. This VHS is a piece of rave history...If you see it out there, GRAB IT!


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