Sete Star Sept / Lotus FuckerSupplication / Destroy All Music Now

Label:SPHC – SPHC-47
Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Style:Grindcore, Hardcore, Noise, Punk


A1Sete Star SeptTerritory Battle
A2Sete Star SeptChildren On The Bomb
A3Sete Star SeptHistory Repaint
A4Sete Star SeptUnrefined
A5Sete Star SeptHop Step Jump
A6Sete Star SeptSecret Society
A7Sete Star SeptI Lose The Humanity And Justice
A8Sete Star SeptFilled With Purple
A9Sete Star SeptTip Of The Iceberg
Destroy All Music Now
B1Lotus FuckerWe Only Like Pop-Punk And Japanese Hardcore
B2Lotus FuckerBarclay House Forever
B3Lotus FuckerJake Is The Hottest Guy In Hardcore
B4Lotus FuckerVegan Restaurant? Everybody Stop
B5Lotus FuckerI Got Beef With Globsters
B6Lotus FuckerVegan Treats' Are Better
B7Lotus FuckerZach And His Reptiles: The Herpaderp Saga
B8Lotus FuckerWasted Dreams Was A Great Venue
B9Lotus FuckerWes Listens To Kamikaze Dan's Advice
B10Lotus FuckerLeaving Our Gig Early To See Marked Men
B11Lotus FuckerKiyasu Gets Accosted In The Park
B12Lotus FuckerEvery Band Ever Must Use Our Gear
B13Lotus FuckerStealing Penis Geyser's Ideas
B14Lotus FuckerMark's Dog Is Secretly An Asshole
B15Lotus FuckerMaarten Is A Great Cook
B16Lotus FuckerI Miss Deceiver
B17Lotus FuckerGeoff Is Goth
B18Lotus FuckerTake It Off The Shelf And Put It Back
B19Lotus FuckerI Lied About Having Beef With Globsters
B20Lotus Fucker"Love Will Tear Us Apart" (By Joy Division)
B21Lotus FuckerChinese Food On Friday
B22Lotus FuckerJoy Division Sucks
B23Lotus FuckerDennis Buys Another House (Because Nukkehammer Is Big Money)
B24Lotus FuckerLaja, Cat Charmer
B25Lotus FuckerI Ain't Got No Dangusdia
B26Lotus FuckerA Toast To Beermachine And Satan
B27Lotus FuckerStreams Of Golden Love: The John And Joey Story
B28Lotus FuckerMax Had A Wet Dream
B29Lotus FuckerI Ain't Got No Crystal Meth
B30Lotus FuckerAndy's Haircut
B31Lotus FuckerThink Again + BiS 4evr
B32Lotus FuckerInsured Ilari
B33Lotus FuckerMerda And The Fried Chicken
B34Lotus FuckerWe Need More Teargas Records
B35Lotus FuckerIf I Had A Million Dollars, I Wouldn't Spend It With Y'alls
B36Lotus FuckerMaarten Is Really Tall
B37Lotus FuckerGrady's Tin Foil Hat Collection
B38Lotus FuckerThe Wanky Whistle
B39Lotus FuckerUnsolved Mysteries 1: How Did Talib Lose His Teeth?
B40Lotus FuckerUnsolved Mysteries 2: Is Ryan From Cabbageheads The Little Brother Of Kamikaze Dan?
B41Lotus FuckerUnsolved Mysteries 3: Is Chris Secretly Boomhauer?
B42Lotus FuckerShedding A Tear Whenever Kae's Hair Touches The Ground
B43Lotus FuckerOlivier Says "What??"
B44Lotus FuckerMark's Dog Is A Good Boy (And Not An Asshole)
B45Lotus FuckerJohn's Secret Personality
B46Lotus FuckerBreaking Edge: The Joey Chronicles
B47Lotus FuckerTheiving Bastards Is The Best Band
B48Lotus FuckerAmazing Tales 1: Mark Telling Luc He's A Baby
B49Lotus FuckerAmazing Tales 2: Miyachi Putting Hot Sauce On His Balls
B50Lotus FuckerAmazing Tales 3: Dan And Warrior Kids
B51Lotus FuckerAmazing Tales 4: Screaming Bitch Of Brno
B52Lotus FuckerAmazing Tales 5: Hanging With Syahir
B53Lotus FuckerThree Finger Chelsea Grew A Fourth Finger
B54Lotus FuckerNo. 6 In Time Out
B55Lotus FuckerAn Expressing Of Joy For Rob And Diana
B56Lotus FuckerBak The Hottie / Hailey Snorts, Hailey Sighs
B57Lotus FuckerRemi's Opinions / See You In Hell's Secret Plot To Kill Me Via Alcohol Poisoning
B58Lotus FuckerCJ Rules / Dan Ball Sucks
B59Lotus FuckerSned's First Job Interview / Guigui's Free Fruit Strategy
B60Lotus FuckerGilb's Facial Hair / Lily Allen Rules
B61Lotus FuckerMexico-Style / Spikey Mark Naked In The Sauna
B62Lotus FuckerBlink 182 Still Rules
B63Lotus FuckerMaking Out With Yecatl / Zach Howard's Indoor Pool
B64Lotus FuckerJo2 The Family Man
B65Lotus FuckerShinichi's Eye-Drops
B66Lotus FuckerBram's Cute Creations
B67Lotus FuckerOulu Nami / Derek Is A Water Baby
B68Lotus FuckerWhat's Upp Lake / Kiyasu And Kae's First Gun Adventure
B69Lotus FuckerThe Magic Of Mike Walls
B70Lotus FuckerGood Luck Grey !!

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Sold only on the Sete Star Sept 2014 North American tour. Comes with tour poster.

Sete Star Sept: Recorded at Noise Room Recording Studio on April 19, 2014.
Lotus Fucker: Recorded at Barclay House in Baltimore USA.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): SPHC-47 ARE2 Ⓒ
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): SPHC-47-B



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