Billie HolidayPerfect Complete Collection

Label:Sound Hills Records – SSCD8005/16
Box Set, Club Edition, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered
12 x CD, Compilation, Mono, live


1-1Big City Blues
1-2They Can’t Take That Away From Me
1-3Swing, Brother, Swing
1-4I Can’t Get Started
1-5I Cried For You
1-6Jeepers Creepers
1-7I’m Gonna Lock My Heart
1-8The Man I Love
1-9I Cried For You
1-10Fine And Mellow
1-11Travelin’ Light
1-12Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me
1-13I Love My Man
1-14I’ll Get By
1-15Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me
1-16Fine And Mellow
1-17All Of Me
1-18I’ll Be Seeing You
1-19I Cover The Waterfront
1-20Body And Soul
1-21Strange Fruit
1-22Fine And Mellow
1-23All Of Me
1-24I Cried For You
1-25Fine And Mellow
1-26He’s Funny That Way
2-1The Man I Love
2-2Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You
2-3All Of Me
2-4I Love My Man
2-5Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
2-6Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
2-7Farewell To Storyville
2-8The Blues Are Brewin’
2-9Trav’lin Light
2-10He’s Funny That Way
2-11The Man I Love
2-12Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
2-13Don’t Explain
2-14You Better Go Now
2-15You’re Driving Me Crazy
2-16There Is No Greater Love
2-17I Cover The Waterfront
2-18I Cover The Waterfront
3-1That Ole Devil Called Love
3-2I’ll Be Seeing You
3-3My Man
3-4Miss Brown To You
3-5Lover Man
3-6I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
3-7Them There Eyes
3-8I Love My Man
3-9(You Ain’t Gonna Brother Me) No More
3-10Good Morning Heartache
3-11You’re Drivin’ Me Crazy
3-12Maybe You’ll Be There
3-13I Love My Man
3-14Keeps On A-Rainin’
3-15Lover Man
3-16Them There Eyes
3-17Detour Ahead
3-18I Cover The Waterfront
3-19Billie Holiday Interviewed By Art Ford
3-20All Of Me
3-21Fine And Mellow
3-22I Lovers You Porgy
3-23Them There Eyes
3-24I Love My Man
3-25Ole Miss
4-1You’re My Thrill
4-2God Bless The Child
4-3Now Baby Or Never
4-4You Gotta Show Me
4-5Crazy He Calls Me
4-6Lover, Come Back To Me
4-7Ain’t Nobody Bizz-Ness If I Do
4-8You’re Driving Me Crazy
4-9He’s Funny That Way
4-10I Love My Man
4-11Miss Brown To You
4-12I Love My Man
4-13Lover Man
4-14Them There Eyes
4-15My Man
4-16I Cover The Waterfront
4-17Crazy He Calls Me
4-18Lover, Come Back To Me
4-19Detour Ahead
4-20Strange Fruit
4-21Ain’t Nobody Bizz-Ness If I Do
4-22All Of Me
4-23I Lovers You, Porgy
4-24Miss Brown To You
5-1My Man
5-2My Man
5-3Fine And Mellow
5-4I Cover The Waterfront
5-5Lover, Come Back To Me
5-7The Come Back Story
5-8God Bless The Child
5-9I Cover The Waterfront
5-10Too Marvelous For Words
5-11I Loves You, Porgy
5-12Them There Eyes
5-13Willow Weep For Me
5-14I Only Have Eyes For You
5-15You Go To My Head
6-2I Love My Man
6-3What A Little Moonlight Can Do
6-4Lover, Come Back To Me
6-6Blue Moon
6-7All Of Me
6-8My Man
6-9Them There Eyes
6-10I Cried For You
6-11What A Little Moonlight Can Do
6-12I Cover The Waterfront
6-13I Love My Man
6-14Lover, Come Back To Me
7-1He’s Funny That Way
7-2All Of Me
7-3My Man
7-4Them There Eyes
7-5Don’t Explain
7-6I Cried For You
7-7Fine And Mellow
7-8What A Little Moonlight Can Do
7-9Nice Work If You Can Get It
7-10Willow Weep For Me
7-11I Only Have Eyes For Me
7-12God Bless The Child
7-13Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
7-14I Love My Man
7-15All Of Me
7-16Willow Weep For Me
7-17All Of Me
7-18Ain’t Nobody’s Bizz-Ness If I Do
7-19Lover, Come Back To Me
7-20My Man
7-21Them There Eyes
7-22Lover Man
7-23My Man
7-24Them There Eyes
7-25Lover Man
7-26Stormy Weather
8-1I Got It Bad
8-2Just Friends
8-3I’m Walking Through Heaven With You
8-4A Ghost Of A Chance
8-5Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
8-6I’m Restless
8-7Moonlight In Vermont
8-8Everything Happens To Me
8-9Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
8-10I Don’t Want To Cry Anymore
8-11Prelude To A Kiss
8-12I Must Have That Man
8-13Jeepers Creepers
8-14Rappin’ About Jimmy Rowles
8-15Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
8-16A Ghost Of A Chance
9-1God Bless The Child
9-3Strange Fruit
9-4Beer Barrel Polka
9-5Some Of These Days
9-6My Yiddishe Mama
9-7Lady’s Back In Town
9-8Willow Weep For Me
9-9I Only Have Eyes For You
9-10My Man
9-11Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
9-12Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
9-13I Love My Man
9-14My Man
9-15Nice Work If You Can Get It
9-16God Bless The Child
9-17Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
9-18Don’t Explain
9-19You’re Changed
9-20My Man
10-3I Loves You, Porgy
10-4Lady Sings The Blues
10-5Ain’t Nobody’s Bizz-Ness If I Do
10-6I Love My Man
10-7Body And Soul
10-8Don’t Explain
10-10Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
10-11I’ll Be Seeing You
10-12My Man
10-13I Cried For You
10-14Fine And Mellow
10-15I Cover The Waterfront
10-16What A Little Moonlight Can Do
11-1You Better Go Now
11-2Them There Eyes
11-3Nice Work If You Can Get It
11-4Willow Weep For Me
11-5My Man
11-6Lover, Come Back To Me
11-7Lady Sings The Blues
11-8What A Little Moonlight Can Do
11-9Fine And Mellow
11-10Fine And Mellow
11-11You’ve Changed
11-12I Love My Man
11-13When Your Lover Has Gone
12-1What A Little Moonlight Can Do
12-2Foolin’ Myself
12-3It’s Easy To Remember
12-4Moanin’ Low
12-5Don’t Explain
12-6When Your Lover Has Gone
12-7When Your Lover Has Gone
12-8Don’t Explain
12-9I Wished On The Moon
12-10Lover Man
12-11O Love My Man
12-12I Loves You, Porgy
12-13Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
12-14Strange Fruit
12-15Nice Work If You Can Get It
12-16Willow Weep For Me
12-17When Your Lover Has Gone
12-18I Love My Man
12-19Too Marvelous For Words
12-20Lover, Come Back To Me


This luxury bounded box (13x13x2″) contain 12 CD for a total of 236 tracks, almost all the live tracks recorded by BH along her career.

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  • Barcode (EAN_13 Format): 4940603080060



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