Space Opera - Call It Techno 13thwaterman

September 27, 2020

Question : I just bought a copy and is it normal that the needle on the B-side has a sweeping motion from left to right because the print of the grooves are not wel centered, was wondering if that is on every copy or not ?

Space Opera - Call It Techno BANGacidBANG

March 4, 2018
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It sounds so much like lil louis "french kiss" lol, was this some kind of techno beef going on? But "space opera theme" is a beautiful and introspective little jam

Space Opera - Call It Techno as reviewed by Raymanta98

April 1, 2011
I must say that the dj played Frankie Bones version earlier in the welknown Boccaccio Life(Ghent)around june 89.The version of Space opera came later(around september 89)

Space Opera - Call It Techno as reviewed by BomberOne

May 15, 2006
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More details on this anthemic release : the remixes/versions produced by the R&S team (Straight Mix and Extended Version), introduced an additional French Kiss-like lead synth line, that made the track even more lively. The voice was redone, but also very cool even if (slightly) different from the original.
The Underground Mix is the original mix from Frankie Bones.
Finally, the Space Opera theme is one more beautiful new beat track, slow growing and heavily influenced by New Wave (quite logically, as it is written by the Degraeve/Biot/Holdenberg trio).

Space Opera - Call It Techno as reviewed by BomberOne

May 26, 2004
Most european discovered "Call it techno" with this EP! In fact, the original was from Frankie bones (on his own label Breaking Bones Records), and according to him, he discovered the existence of it in a record shop! One more in the evergrowing list of people ripped off by R&S. So bad they did it, because they really had an incredible nose to detect great tracks, just like this one, that stayed as a milestone.
At that time, D. Biot, P. Degraeve & D. Holdenberg where collaborating a lot with R&S, but also later became famous as The Mackenzie (Chicago trip, Party people, to name a few essential tracks...)

Space Opera - Call It Techno clownkiller

September 22, 2012
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Music industry = rip off. Then, now, tomorrow. Nothing changes.

Space Opera - Call It Techno as reviewed by Robbie_Kamper

December 22, 2002

Mind "Space Opera theme" one of the first serious atempts by europeans to produce a techno track. This belgian gem is the last track on an allmost forgotten old R&S release.