Skream - Skreamizm Vol: 1 as reviewed by obamasinladen

October 13, 2014

1. Hag is a pretty good track, with a nice synth and sub. A pretty decent track from Skream here.

2. Lightning is a typical Skream track and has nice vibes, gritty bassline and drums. Overall a very good track from Skream on this one.

3. Rottan is pretty good, however I don't like listening to it, due to it is inferior in every way to Skream's later release, Rutten.

4. Smiley Face is a great track, with amazing vibes and awesome bassline, definitely the best track on this release, definitely has a lot of dub elements to it. Absolutely incredible track from Skream here.

5. Untitled is pretty good, however it is a bit too slow for me, making it a bit boring for me. Up the tempo and this track would be amazing with it's awesome sub bass and drums and vibes.

6. Glamma is a very good track, with amazing sub bass, but with good drums and synths.

Overall, this is a good release from Skream on this one.

Skream - Skreamizm Vol: 1 maxkirk

January 6, 2016
B1 is only a couple BPM slower than the others so the difference is negligible