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Led ZeppelinUntitled

Label:Atlantic – 8122-79657-7, Atlantic – 8122796577
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo, Gatefold, 180g
Style:Hard Rock, Blues Rock


A1Black Dog
Written-ByPage*, Jones*, Plant*
A2Rock And Roll
Written-ByPage*, Bonham*, Jones*, Plant*
A3The Battle Of Evermore
Written-ByPage*, Plant*
A4Stairway To Heaven
Written-ByPage*, Plant*
B1Misty Mountain Hop
Written-ByPage*, Jones*, Plant*
B2Four Sticks
Written-ByPage*, Plant*
B3Going To California
Written-ByPage*, Plant*
B4When The Levee Breaks
Written-ByPage*, Bonham*, Jones*, Memphis Minnie, Plant*

Companies, etc.



Release doesn't feature an explicit title, as with the original issues. It is, however, referred to as "Led Zeppelin IV" in online retailers and such.

180gr vinyl in gatefold sleeve with insert.

Printed on front cover sticker:
Includes Stairway To Heaven,
Black Dog & Rock And Roll
Remastered & Produced by Jimmy Page
[barcode image
0 81227 96577 8]

Cat# on labels 8122-79657-7
Cat# on sticker on front cover : 8122769577

Manufactured in Germany. (on label)
Made in the EU (inside the sleeve)

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Scanned - sticker): 081227965778
  • Barcode (Text - Sticker): 0 81227 96577 8
  • Barcode (EAN): 081227965778
  • Matrix / Runout (Side one run-out, hand-etched, variant 1): BD 16359-01 A1 A1 JD
  • Matrix / Runout (Side two run-out, hand-etched, variant 1): BD 16359-01 B1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side one run-out, hand-etched, variant 2): BD 16359-01 A1 A1 JD XIE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side two run-out, hand-etched, variant 2): BD 16359-01 B1 1-A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side one run-out, hand-etched, variant 3): BD 16359-01 A1 3=V A1 JD
  • Matrix / Runout (Side two run-out, hand-etched, variant 3): BD 16359-01 B1 V ∇ +
  • Matrix / Runout (Side one run-out, hand-etched, variant 4): BD 16359-01 A1 V=Λ A1 JD
  • Matrix / Runout (Side two run-out, hand-etched, variant 4): BD 16359-01 B1 V+V
  • Matrix / Runout (Side one run-out, hand-etched, variant 5): BD 16359-01 A1 A1 JD
  • Matrix / Runout (Side two run-out, hand-etched, variant 5): BD 16359-01 B1 ∆=V
  • Matrix / Runout (Side one run-out, hand-etched, variant 6): BD 16359-01 A1 V=Λ X A1 JD
  • Matrix / Runout (Side two run-out, hand-etched, variant 6): BD 16359-01 B1 + X

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Untitled (LP, Album, Version 5, Gatefold Sleeve)Atlantic2401 012UK1971
Untitled (LP, Album)Atlantic, AtlanticN° 50.008, 50 008France1971
Untitled (LP, Album, Gatefold)AtlanticSD 7208Canada1971
New Submission
Untitled (LP, Album)AtlanticATL 50 008Scandinavia1971
Untitled (LP, Album, Club Edition, Richmond Pressing)AtlanticSD 7208US1971
kurts.ear.candy's profile picture
So I just pulled it out again to play with the latest upgrades of my playback system. An AT20SLa cart, Wayne's periphery ring and a FURUTECH destat III anti static weapon. The TT is a modified SL1200 MK3. Holy moly !!!

Like many others, I have various copies including a 1971 US 1st. This is hands down the best for clarity and overall listenability. As mentioned below by JT998 , zero listener fatigue. I pretty much agree with his assessment of this album. Pressing quality is outstanding, dead quiet and tick free after a couple of turns on the VPI Cyclone.

I hear reasonable bass throughout, but a Shibata stylus plays differently than most others. Adjust your VTA , makes all the difference in the world between awesome and mediocre. The annoying Hi Hat hits in the right channel on this version of When The Levee Breaks have been somewhat tamed.

With a properly set up rig I cannot imagine this album sounding any better than what is on this pressing. That is with having listened to this album for 50 years ...

Cheers !

rickdrake's profile picture
I heard the unusual bleed through beat on Rock & Roll as noted by others. I also have an original 1971 Club pressing in excellent shape that I just played to verify and it is definitely not present on that copy. I bought a set of LZ 1-4 LPs as my originals of 1 and 2 are a little worse for the wear and I only had 3 on CD so I have 2 NM copies of 4. One other difference I noticed is the Club version is louder using identical settings on my system. After checking each pressing back and forth the club album is 3.5 to 4 dB louder on each song. When the volume is equalized both copies sound very close to each other with maybe the slightest nod to the Club version. Another difference is the lyric/track listing that is just a page on the 2014 copy while it is the actual LP inner sleeve on the Club version and they are different colors. The colors on the LP jacket on the Club release are more intense.
jara.ignacio87's profile picture
Is I don't know if is my idea, or cover looks pixelated??? Please confirm this, I never see this álbum cover in og vinyl, only on CDs and this 2014 remaster
bigchezzy's profile picture
Seeing lots of people complaining about this version but to my ears its one of the best sounding pressings i own.
JT998's profile picture
Comparison Review- Led Zeppelin iV
Classic Records 200gram
US 1st Press (Porky)
2014 Remaster

OK guys. If the Steve Hoffman forum was still alive I would blow it up with this review. All those proclaimed analogue - hi-fi snobs out there would rip me apart. Why? Cause I think this 2014 remaster is the winner. I don't have a 6 figure setup but I do have a very nice setup and I know what sounds good and what doesn't. I'm running a audio-technica vm540ml cart on a rega planar 2 going through a pioneer elite sx-s30, out to klipsch rp-500m w/a 10inch klipsch sub. I own many audiophile records that sound amazing. Including a NM copy of Physical Graffiti 200gram that easily beats any other pressing I've herd. Which is the first Canadian and 1st US. I have Mofi releases and analogue productions records. So I'm not a hater of 200gram releases or audiophile labels. So hear me out.

Let's begin with the fact that Led Zeppelins 4th album was a horrible recording. Whatever they were doing at headly grange with the stones mobile recording studio, and page behind the board, it was bad. For one of the best rock albums of all time is sad this is the best it gets. Who doesn't like a bottom end in their rock music? The rhythm section is so important. It's what makes it boogie right. We this album, besides 4 sticks has no bottom end. Barely. Someone in their management should have told them upon handing in these tapes "this is horrible, we need to redo this in studio... I hand it to them that the drums on levee is a cool idea. But this album overall doesn't have alot of tracks to have bass. But the ones that could still doesn't. With that said.

US PORKY- My first purchase. Was very bright, no bottom end and gave me listener fatigue. And I had a NM copy and even after a ultrasonic clean was still noisy. Just way to bright to enjoy. So I thought the 200gram has to be the way to go.

Classic Records 200gram - Dished out 400 dollars for a NM copy and it arrived like new. Not a mark and maybe played twice.... The sound? Way to bright. Even with my cart. A tiny bit more bottom end but man what a let down. Talk about extreme listener fatigue. So bad I couldn't wait to turn it off. Dynamics? Of course. Amazing dynamics. And wide sound stage. But it still doesn't sound good. Say compared to my copy of PG. I was so disappointed and thought "why the hell not, I'll try the 2014. I have a copy of II that sounds amazing so.

2014 Remaster -
Great highs. Such a shine to the symbols and not harsh at all. And more lower end then any other press. Creating a much warmer listening experience with 0 listening fatigue. Flat press. And probably the quietest vinyl I've ever herd. My copy is the made in the EU, pressed in Germany copy. I really feel this copy is the best sounding. It's not compressed ok. I have some digitally sourced albums that sound bad and some that sound stellar. Examples? Pink floyd DSOTM and led zeppelin 2. Both are out of this world amazing. Not all the Zeppelin remasters are great. PG I thought was horrible. But for iv you can't go wrong
Z0M81E's profile picture
Low surface noise, clear sound but a bit of inner groove distorsion on both sides. Nice gatefold cover with hype sticker stupidly glued to the cover instead on wrapper.
DW1970's profile picture
Edited 7 months ago
I just bought this record and it's awesome. It doesn't sound flat or compressed to me--no surface noise either.
Brado49's profile picture
My copy is absolutely flawless. No pops, no cracks. Fantastic breadth and depth to the sound. This is the quality I'm after when it comes to adding essential albums to my collection.
muchorelaxo's profile picture
Sounds good to me, all you vinyl experts just put the needle down and turn it up loud and rock!!!
mic4268's profile picture
ok so my copy has a strange thing on it the last snare hit on rock and roll there is a softer repeat like tape bleed through it sounds like delay/echo... I know that is not right but it is there...