VariousBNE - The Definitive Archive: Brisbane Independent Electronic Music Production 1979-2014


2David CorazzaThe Great Savior7:13
4Pork (6)The View From A Ridiculous Motorboat6:51
5ismISM123 Wiretap1:58
6HeadcutForm And Function4:05
7David CorazzaFalklands3:42
8John-e Xero*Stunde Hinte Mitternacht4:22
9Tim Gruchy, Terry Murphy (5)Once Removed3:45
10Xero (2)Beirut5:36
11The Megamen (2)Hyperspace4:02
12The Dobie Gillis ExperienceGallery3:44
13Pork (6)Forcible Aggression6:05
14Matt MawsonLoose Talk1:50
15Irena Xero*Degenerate Mould8:14
16The Dobie Gillis ExperienceWhen The Memory Is Gone3:24
17John-e Xero*Pink Legs, Tender Joy0:56
19The Megamen (2)Designed For Living3:43
20David Corazza, Colin GrimmerThese Days4:05
21Dance TheatreFinetime5:32
22David Corazza, Colin GrimmerClubbing2:20
23Tim Gruchy, Terry Murphy (5)We All Know2:41
24Matt MawsonFallout2:05
25Atomic DiseaseThe Real Sword2:09
26Peter Charles Macpherson*Maintain The Rage4:51
27Ironing MusicNot Ashamed3:54
28Vertigo (37)Wayney3:44
29Crib SexThe Most Innocent Person I Know3:40
30Parade (15)No Pity3:25
31Hans FreymadlTheme For Corporate Domination2:20
32Tim GruchyJungles9:08
33He Dark Age*Repent5:04
34Dance Theatre1000 Miles3:49
35Ironing MusicShopping Bag Women4:31
36Vertigo (37)Headphones3:04
37CLOUT (3)CLOUT7:45
38Crib SexSmacks Of Love3:51
39Paramour (3)Imagination4:36
40Carl HeatonLie By My Side3:38
41BoxcarBrainshot (Music Systems Mix)3:29
42He Dark Age*I Have Come Back Deborah4:03
43Helium3 (2)Joke (Postcard)4:11
44Peter Charles Macpherson*Plastic Money Pt 24:54
45CLOUT (3)Just Is2:37
46Paramour (3)Power People5:11
47Helium3 (2)Light3:08
48Airborne Toxic EventLithuanian Song2:49
49Airborne Toxic EventCoffins3:21
50Tainted VioletsFragile Moments4:23
51Ash In OctoberGreater Crime3:56
52House GuestsOdyssey II4:05
53BoxcarVertigo (Sony Studio Session)4:31
54Sek-Shun 426Les Menteurs3:41
55Tainted VioletsPhantom3:13
56Ash In OctoberWindmill (Dub Mix)4:47
57House GuestsAutostate8:54
58John WatermannThe Denial Of Cricket5:09
59The Kilgore Trout CombustionWiggle3:19
60Get The Girl (2)Send Me Kisses3:44
61Crash MachineThe Opiate Age5:02
62Atomic Beat SquadHurt4:40
63BoxcarInsect (Unreleased Racic Mix)3:31
64Dream Circle (2)Reasons To Be Free5:14
65John WatermannMild Sheep Mambo (Throat Dryness Remover)3:11
66The Kilgore Trout CombustionMessiahs, Or Just Pretending?4:03
67Aeroplastic Voice*Mental Violence2:57
68Get The Girl (2)House Of Faith4:22
69Benedict*Mountains And Gorges6:37
70Crash MachineHaunted4:51
71Dream Circle (2)Victim Of Fashion4:00
72Vision Four 5Cyberphobia7:35
73Gridlock (4)Waxman4:22
74Sexing The CherrySteppin' On5:33
75Mister MorrowYou On My Mind4:32
76Gridlock (4)Rocket Trip4:27
77Aeroplastic Voice*Scrape5:49
78in sync*Heaven3:50
80Vision Four 5Everything You Need (Tragic Rave Mix)7:21
81Base-XTeddy Bears' Panic9:38
82AapogeEThe Force (Come To The Darkside Mix)7:22
838E38BB Diopse4:10
84The Blood Party*Mud Pool Goddess3:56
85The IslePolitically Incorrect6:09
86Column 3-571st Campaign5:26
87Glitch (4)Drowning (Nostalgia) - (BNE Edit)3:31
88Dan Hack*The Music Of Erich Zann5:16
89Pepe LaraMore Pain No Gain5:25
90Ostia (2)Everyday Devils & Angels (Navigator Mix)4:51
91Sphere (5)Don't Die Wondering (3-Way Death Mix)3:51
92The BINDHypertranscience5:43
93Ande FosterJessup5:06
96Pure BunkMachometer4:15
97The Blood Party*Special Thanks To...
98in sync*In Sync V5:04
99The BINDMorphogenesis (Creature Mix)8:03
102Ande FosterInto7:06
103Jandy RainbowTravellers8:02
105Pepe LaraSugar Girl4:47
106Sphere (5)Throwaway Fashion4:41
107StormboyPolar Bear7:57
108Jen-E, Spellbound & MikeyAttention4:17
109Sek-Shun 426Yakuza (Happy Snappy Mix)7:27
111Dharma BufferMusic For Black Orchids4:48
112Ostia (2)Seasilk5:00
113Squelch (3)Plainly See3:30
116Column 3-57Utopia 4974:56
117replikant*Rise And Fall4:29
118Ryddum AnimalA Week Of Heavy Cloud7:54
120Jen-E, beXtaClose Encounters6:26
121AlphanautAbduction (Acid 303 Mix)5:52
122Neon CactusLight In Shining Karma (alanrock Mix)7:59
123low key operations*Sem 34:57
124Mekanoid*Neurophase n Vortice5:09
126replikant*Anaesthetic Is Good4:25
127Pure BunkCellulicious5:08
128PootaTattwa Meditation31:31
129Benedict*10,000 Streams7:52
130low key operations*Cloud Cover6:38
131Squelch (3)In Space (Pure Bunk Mix)
RemixPure Bunk
132lowkey+nudeExcerpt From A Dream6:27
134Eggo (2), Hot PocketCities That Are Downlaid4:22
135beXtaMake It Phunkee5:47
136Zippy (3)Aurax6:28
137Ryddum AnimalLiquid Silver8:00
138Dharma BufferEnchant4:57
139Taiyo (3)Ming + Ding5:29
140V.I.S.I*Juggernaught (Live)8:08
141FiShHeaD*Henry The Snail2:26
142Mirko*Part 59:33
143DiasporaThe All Seeing Eye12:14
144V.I.S.I*Cellulicious (Live)6:26
145Vario AirKook Emission3:03
146Zephyr TimbreAwe5:25
147Tycho BraheEnemy (Single Edit)4:26
148T-RageFashion Zombie7:47
149Ching*Edge Of The Desert7:08
150Vario AirSpiders5:49
151Benedict Roff-Marsh*Tiger Eyes In The Jungle4:46
152Biffplex2 Dots15:49
153KettleThe First Storm Of Summer3:43
154PonyloafAdam (Edit)3:16
156Zephyr TimbreAbstrakt Fusion4:49
157Tycho BraheDelos (Parts I And II)5:25
159GenshenNothing Quite Like This3:59
160Soma RasaFlow5:34
162KuntThe Anointment2:19
163PinkenbaThe Old Alright2:48
164HydatidNegative Space7:09
165AlieonixDetuned Tears6:33
167Soma RasaSomething Wicked3:38
168nAM-sHUB oF eNKI*Kitsotta4:56
169PonyloafHit Pik5:31
170Loveless (2)I Can Dance3:35
171Eugene CarchesioAre We 106:03
172BfffthFour Phases Of Emanation Of Light1:10:49
173Kunt (3)What's Up Kunt?3:06
176ScozborLike A Boy And His Pup5:28
177Superfluid Vs. Vectrex (2)Veritech Defender 20493:23
178Team PlastiqueFaux Foe3:24
179Loveless (2)Air Traffic Controller6:23
180My Ninja Lover2 X 25:45
181Statler And Waldorf*I Am 10 Ninjas5:19
182House Of JoyTropadelica4:14
183Spook (12)Predator3:17
184D-KoForever Away
BassBen Retschlag
Drums, Programmed ByKris Swales
Guitar, EffectsSimon Dennes
Lead Vocals, KeyboardsEvelyn Golding
Producer, Mixed By, Mastered By, Programmed ByLuke O'Sullivan (2), Tane Matheson
Programmed BySimon Lilley
185Eugene CarchesioFilm Score 52:14
186HydatidThe Gravitronic Age6:20
187DiasporaRequiem For Monsters8:55
188DizzygothecaI [Heart] Robots4:38
189Monster Zoku Onsomb!Valentines3:07
190Team PlastiqueMercy BJ4:55
191Reality PixiePhloem of TLSG6:37
192Statler And Waldorf*Sub Through The Floor5:05
193D-KoTribal Gathering8:58
194My Ninja LoverTin Cat4:41
195illuminati inc.*Liar7:56
196Victor XrayDark Arts Of Dub4:10
197Deepvivid*Journey Of The Swamp Creatures To The River Shallows5:57
198Retarded MouseEverybody Take Drugs5:29
199illuminati inc.*Blue Run Red7:25
200Alternate Parallel RealityGoodbye Cruel World (Live)4:37
201Silent ShadowOrion
DrumsKris Swales
ProducerCam Swales
202Odd HarmonicPsy Psuckers4:55
204Hot2Go*Flog The Dog3:52
205Retarded MouseFeel Safe Now4:30
206DizzygothecaSky Over Israel3:39
207Jandy RainbowRandom Focus14:46
208Lawrence EnglishOrgans Lost At Sea4:59
209Leighton CraigThe Last Easy Piece2:59
210HunzDraw The Line3:38
211Hot2Go*Australian Kiss3:39
213Elroy 4.0Laser Storm3:09
214Soundhive*Friday Night Minimuroo6:50
215Silent ShadowCobra Funk
DrumsKris Swales
ProducerCam Swales
217Victor XrayFucker4:41
218mote.Dust Particle6:29
219Lawrence EnglishWatching It Unfold5:49
222Arundel* Featuring Simon Crossley & Kate JacobsonA Deep Freeze5:02
223HunzI Get Chills3:54
224OperonMoon Jungle5:43
225Elroy 4.0Nemo's New Shimmery Coat4:21
226Brainbeau50c CARIO rave2:27
227Dot.AYVampire Nosebleed3:43
228Soundhive*Aacid Train Jam5:16
229Discount Adult ZoneBlack Rubber4:35
231Rose CarrouselFeathers2:59
232Alternate Parallel RealitySparkle Motion4:43
233Integer*Knife & Spoon Dub7:11
235Odd HarmonicMiss Shop6:45
236nAM-sHUB oF eNKI*Spiders & Ravens6:21
237Mega Drive CartridgeDub Cookies8:14
238Blunt Instrument (4)Face Plant5:07
239Face InvadaMagnum Ti3:30
240DatapartySteve Reich vs. Google2:17
241Village ElephantChant Of The Chase5:29
242Benedict Roff-Marsh*NuChinan5:05
243Leighton CraigSan Souci3:37
245Browning MummeryWireless Home Movement5:40
246Andrew TuttleFallen Powerlines1:28
247ScozborThe Expensive Tissue Hypothesis5:30
248MolligerI'll Kick You2:03
249Andrew TuttleBrisbane1:50
250Browning MummeryHistory Of Electricity4:41
251Village ElephantQuickly4:32
252Dust Storm JoggerWe Do Not Want To Destroy1:13
253Dan Hack*Byzantine Tattoo3:56
254The IsleUnion5:48
255Mega Drive CartridgeMinor Alarm7:05
256Michelle XenLose My Cool2:49
257Jandy RainbowYokubou Ai3:39
258Monster Zoku Onsomb!Higher3:17
259Blunt Instrument (4)Twilight Council4:37
261Face InvadaAmazon5:09



Two years' research into Brisbane’s independent electronic music scene, from its beginnings circa 1979 to the present day, culminated in the release of "BNE" - a beautifully packaged coffee table-style book and companion music archive (on a custom USB device) featuring 140 bands and over 260 tracks.

Combined, the book and music archive provides a complete exploration of 35 years of Brisbane-based independent electronic music performance and production. The BNE book includes comprehensive band histories, photos, cover art, event flyers, and scene insights. It is the most definitive archive of a city’s independent electronic music scene ever produced anywhere in the world.

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  • Other (ISBN): 9780646921501

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