Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. Dav_76

September 10, 2020
HO yes HO yes !!!!! THANK YOU MISTER CARL COX ........FACT ONE AFTER 25 YEARS !!!! VERY GOOD !!!!!!!

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. bell-end

July 17, 2016
FACT changed my life.previously I had been listening to hardcore and it was only when coxy changed his style that I took notice.initially he started to slip in stuff like aurora borealis' milky way (lunatic acid mix) to his hardcore sets and generally stuff that had a bit more depth.through FACT he introduced me to labels like platipus,union Jack's 'cactus' of course featuring on this compilation.Also,I felt bound to revisit labels like R&S,having only previously known about a select few.I was also introduced to EYE-Q,surely the greatest trance/ambient label of the time.From there I progressed to investigate the pioneers such as Jarre,Schultz etc
Nowadays I listen to mostly 'ambient' stuff and modern classical as well as nostalgia material such as The Caretaker and the Ghost Box label.
I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to coxy for releasing this as it set me on a path of exploration and experimentalism,without which I would not be myself.
1993-1995 was such and exciting time for dance music,I often like to revisit it and remember the optimism I had back then.

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. redblooded

February 21, 2015

The good old days right here. Classic Carl.

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. lostculture

December 31, 2013
Nice one boys ! Please ? Just where do I find this track ?

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. lostculture

October 25, 2012
Motorway by Carl Cox can not be found by me anywhere on Discogs? Was this a digital format or does it excist on a 12"?

What release? As it sould have been released as it is stated by the title and artist?

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. norepetitivebeats

April 20, 2020
edited 7 months ago
Unreleased tune, and like Poinydexter says, there was no digital back then, not really even CDs were mixed, it was all vinyl, so I assume Carl Cox must have just had a personal pressing or acetate of this track for himself.

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. Pointdexter

December 30, 2013
There were no mp3s in 1995... If you wanted the tune, you had to buy the record... if you could find it. Those were the days!

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. as reviewed by Katalyst303

July 20, 2012
edited over 8 years ago
daniel, the timings on the cd (and the tracklist) are kinda messed up, Elektra is a very long tune and is most of 'track 3'. You can hear it coming in at 13.30, it drops around 14.00 and plays until 21.00 when Phat Man drops.

Have to write some more while I'm here. The first CD would be a worthy album in its own right, with Secrets Of Meditation, Fuzz, Hot On the Heels and of course Ego Acid, but the second CD is just on another level.

Classics like the Orange Theme & Amphetamine are very appropriate for the intro, but for me Amphetamine is all about the Misjah & Groovehead mix, and the original just doesn't scramble my brain the same way.

The spiky Psychotrip (I love this track with it's big drum fill at the end) and the epic Elektra are where the mix gets going, with total hi-hat chaos. Phat Man & Like That complete the stomping section of the mix, and the Lesamis tune (actually 'Eternal Sleep', not 'No More Worry' as listed) is the perfect choice to come out of the darkness into the light.

The Aloof's "Drum" is such an amazing tune and a high point of the CD, yes the mix into "Symmetry C" goes a bit wrong but as others have said, this is a result of Carl Cox's style of wringing the absolute maximum out of every mix that makes the set what it is, and in any case the mixing is perfect for the most part especially considering the ambitiousness of the mixes chosen.

The set peaks with the trio of Kosmos, Raz and Coda Back Again. Raz is one of those unique tunes that is capable of silencing a room full of people - once you have heard it you never forget it, and the beautiful Coda Back Again makes you wish that Cox and M-Zone had collaborated together more often.

Everyone should hear this album, there are no others like it and never will be again. So it's just as well that it has stood the test of time and sounds as great today as it ever did.

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. norepetitivebeats

October 5, 2012
Ah, right, thanks. Basically the track I have been after for years is actually Elektra. I bought the Robert Gorl track about 16 years ago thinking it would be Elektra due to the erroneous track-listing on my F.A.C.T CD.

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. norepetitivebeats

May 25, 2012
Track number 3 on the 2nd CD (Robert Gorl – Psychotrip (Richie's Remix)) has always bothered me, as it sounds like 2 tracks mixed together and not just one track, as listed on the cover. When you listen to the actual track on the 'Robert Gorl - Psycho (Remixes) E.P.' the track 'Psychotrip' is listed as running for 6 minutes, whereas the track on this CD runs for over 10 minutes and sounds completely different to the track on the original vinyl release. Anyone know whether this is a mistake or not? Would love to know after all these years.

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. Mourato

May 31, 2018
isnt that just the beauty of mixing?! usually when i mix..i love to mix 2 tunes together, just creates a whole new world :D

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. as reviewed by F_A_F

July 25, 2009
Possibly the greatest mix CD set of the mid-to-late nineties, if not of all time. At a time when this form of techno/trance was taking off, Carl managed to find a set of tunes which,while all being particularly unique, sum up the genres. The track selection is perfect, the mixing faultless, the journey well laid out.

Standouts for me must be the best 4/4 mix of all time; CD2 'The Orange Theme' into 'Amphetamine'. Not to mention the perfect pitch altering on 'Drum' and 'Like That!'.

Decent mix CDs come and go, but FACT will live forever.

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. as reviewed by Baricus

July 27, 2007
edited over 13 years ago
12 years after release, this mix still never fails to impress. The masterstroke of playing from all genres adds to the quality and love put into the mixing itself by Carl Cox. I have bought this album 3 times now, one was played to death and one was permanently borrowed by a mate.

If you can listen to the whole 2 disc mix and say you don't rate it, you will never get dance music and mixing.

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. as reviewed by djides

June 5, 2007
edited over 13 years ago
I only have the second disc of this set, but I have to say that it is absolutely sublime. First of all, this is no pro-tools folly-- this sounds exactly like it was mixed how it should be, live on Technics 1200s. And is it mixed! A definite highlight is where Cox mixes DJ Hell's "Like This" intermittently throughout 4 seperate tracks... The entire disc flows incredibly, and will drive your mind wild with the variance of styles, ebbing from techno, into trance, and back at ya with a few acid breaks. Carl Cox, we salute you!

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. as reviewed by Not-forgotten

December 6, 2005
edited over 15 years ago

OK, I'll hold my hands up, I am biased when it comes to this era of house music. It was an age when comps were released with some thought rather than the way the market is swamped today.

Cracking Techno and trance from Cox, so good it actually sold bundles and probably pushed Techno into a more mainstream market.

Loved it then......and still love it today!

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. as reviewed by Makara

April 1, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
Some of the mixing is less than perfect, but fans of Coxy will know that this isn't what he's about - the first CD in particular is brilliantly constructed. From the way Jeff Mills "Late Night" gently fades into "Meet My Modem" to Stone Circle "Deep in You" giving way for the thumping and squelching of Thomas Heckmanns "Phosphene". CD 2 is a more trancey affair, showcasing some of the finest Euro trance/ techno labels, including Eye Q, R&S, Trope, Suck Me Plasma and F-Communications.

A classic mix and a true snapshot of what Cox was playing at the time.

File under 'must have'.

Carl Cox - F.A.C.T. as reviewed by Pseventeen

December 1, 2004
edited over 16 years ago
Carl has released a lot of cd's over the past decade, but nothing can compare to this blinder. As a result, I've never been able to buy any of his other cd's because it all falls by the wayside when I hold it up to the standard that was set with F.A.C.T Vol.1. A great collection of trance, hard as nails techno and some real dancefloor destroyers that has the knack of taking your ears someplace special.
If you've only recently been introduced to the mixing/music of Carl Cox, do yourself a favour and seek this one out. If the mixing doesn't impress you, than sure as hell the tracklisting will.