No ArtistSymphonies Of The Planets (NASA Voyager Recordings)

Label:LaserLight Digital – 15 925
Series:Symphonies Of The Planets
5 x CD, Stereo
Box Set, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Abstract, Experimental, Ambient, Field Recording


1-1Symphonies Of The Planets 130:52
2-1Symphonies Of The Planets 230:38
3-1Symphonies Of The Planets 330:46
4-1Symphonies Of The Planets 430:15
5-1Symphonies Of The Planets 531:08

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5-CD set of audio recordings of the electromagnetic "voices" of the outer Solar System, as recorded by instruments on board the Voyager I and II spacecraft.

These recordings are processed using complex computer digital sampling techniques. 3-d surround sound processing with B.A.S.E. (Bedini Audio Spacial Environment) and B/MR Processing.
Licensed from and © 1990 Brain/Mind Research

® 1993 Delta Music Inc. [On Box]
℗ 1992 Delta Music Inc. [On Label]

Made In USA

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text, Box): 0 18111 59252 9
  • Barcode (Scanned, Box): 0018111592529
  • Barcode (Disc 1): 0 18111 21232 8
  • Barcode (Disc 2): 0 18111 21242 7
  • Barcode (Disc 3): 0 18111 21252 6
  • Barcode (Disc 4): 0 18111 21262 5
  • Barcode (DIsc 5): 0 18111 21272 4
  • Other (Cat# Disc 1): 12 123
  • Other (Cat# Disc 2): 12 124
  • Other (Cat# Disc 3): 12 125
  • Other (Cat# Disc 4): 12 126
  • Other (Cat# Disc 5): 12 127


  • giullare's avatar
    FANTASTIC BOX SET!I hope in a reissue remastered with a NEW artwork !
    • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
      Wait a minute I can see a flag fluttering in the wind.. And the earth is flat too! What the hell is going on eh?
      • Nostradamus7's avatar
        Great ambiance, but the high end is completely missing.
        • VoyagerPWS's avatar
          The Brain/Mind Research recordings are very loosely based on Voyager PWS waveform data, but if the two were compared side-by-side they would be unrecognizable. These are essentially a creative interpretation of the actual plasma waves (space audio) but not an even remotely accurate reproduction. The actual unmodified space audio is not nearly so soothing and not nearly so marketable.
          • Cycad's avatar
            Edited 12 years ago
            This is a fantastic recording and hints at the hidden musical complexity surrounding us all the time. Hearing true space music makes me re-think the need to compose ambient music at all, but rather to devise new ways of recording what is here already.

            It sounds like "abstract" ambient electronic music, but is actually data that NASA captured during the Voyager missions. Amazing.


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