Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup type

January 23, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
What is the context here - who produced what and when?
As a known fact Ron Hardy did not ever produce anything, but hs's name is all over. Would be interesting to know if this some gem from the past or something newly produced to sound 'old' - the actual sound here is suscpciously modern.

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup Osmiumfunk

March 28, 2019
It's true - Ron Hardy was not a musician, but he was a producer. He was the guy who had a sense of rhythm, and knew what would work on a track and what not. His remixes and productions were created with the help of studio engineers. His edits, now those he did himself with a reel to reel splicer. I think the closest he ever came creative control and producing himself was 'Sensation' - but even that track was put together and engineered by Vince Lawrence (Jesse Saunders studio partner & engineer). What I read from an Marcus Mixx article, was that he hanged out with Ron Hardy in the late 80s and early 90s, and Ron Hardy would come to his house, and sat there and listened to Marcus Mixx tracks, then supervising Marcus how to mix the tracks together 'take the bass out for 16 seconds, then put it back in'. Marcus asked if he could release these studio sessions as 'Ron Hardy Mixes' and Hardy said 'yes, go ahead'. So Hardy had a hand on these mixes, but they're essentially still Marcus Mixx productions. I don't know how much Marcus produced his early tracks himself and how much work was put in by his engineer Gitano Camero aka L.I.A.M. I do know that newer Marcus Mixx tracks are done by himself with a computer. I do think these tracks really might be from 1988... it's really hard to put together tracks sounding like this with the DAW Marcus uses nowadays

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup P_X

June 3, 2018
Nearly 2000 want this record...

Surely LPP should repress, especially considering Marcus' current situation. Seems like he could do with the cash.

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup strucnjak

May 23, 2018

Good record and piece of house music heritage but nothing extraordinary. Seriously overpriced at the moment, imho. Who played it in the Boiler Room?

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup dougiewelsh

January 26, 2018
Without Makeup is one of the best tracks Ive heard in a long long time :)

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup chant_down_babylon

January 25, 2018
Hey LPP! repress this already!!! Let the music play!!!!! :)

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup magiceye

December 4, 2015
C'mon LPP, repress this already

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup judee

January 15, 2014
lets pet puppies seem to repress all releases except this one.. c'mon guys, music's there to be heard not to vanish in some record collectors' basements... do us all a favor and do a repress. thanks in advance.............

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup IPM_AUS

November 2, 2016
jmc When I emailed the label, they said there was no repress planned for this (though it may be appearing on a comp). Perhaps that was that Acid Rain CD someone else posted?

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup magiceye

December 9, 2015
Why are early supporters more important than those that find out about a record a little later? 'Early supporters' generally equal vinyl flippers anyway and few record labels worth their salt still adopt this daft approach to not fulfilling demand. It's far more ethical not to line the pockets of opportunists and share the music with those that really want it.

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup alain_andreina

February 27, 2014
edited over 7 years ago
there will be no repress. As apreciation for the early supporters. quote from lpp itself

Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup metro-nome

December 13, 2013

this is pretty much a perfect record.