Theo Parrish - American Intelligence juho

May 19, 2016
Took a while to get into this but it's a real grower, not a shower..

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence ConstantinK

April 17, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
Kinda sad that it's missing almost half the tracks, but it's still a great album, that guy doesn't know bad sound.
"Life Spice" and "I Enjoy Watching You" should atleast have been on this.

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence as reviewed by JonasFJ

January 31, 2016
I usually love everything from Theo Parrish and I have really tried to love this... But it's bad, like really really bad.

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence systemD22

July 18, 2016
I'll take it off your hands for 20 bucks if you want

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence freakandelle

May 2, 2016
Wholeheartedly agreed. What happened to you? Where's your drive, Theo?! :(

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence pgspecialagent

November 27, 2015
Now year has nearly past and I think this has grown to be on my TOP albums of 2015

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence rmcc

September 17, 2015
Jesus, probably the thinnest slab of wax I've ever held; how much does this cost again?!

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence MJH1964

September 5, 2015
Juno have been selling the vinyl for $25.00 for a while now. Amazing deal.

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence vog

August 27, 2015
Love this album for the most part, but there are problems with both the cd and vinyl release. If you have to choose one, go with the cd. Some of the best tracks are missing from the vinyl and others ("Drive" and "Footwork") appear in weird, truncated edits. I'm glad to have both, but the vinyl was kind of a missed opportunity.

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence thathat

October 21, 2015
agreed - footwork was already on the 12 - pointless putting it on again.

big shame life spice isn't on the vinyl album.

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence MJH1964

January 29, 2015
detthreads on Ebay have a signed, white label test pressing with a personal message from Theo for $99.99 in their buy it now selections. Seems like a deal relative to the regular issue?

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence isma.

January 17, 2015
edited over 6 years ago
To the people complaining about the price, i just wanted to say that i've seen Theo live last summer (worldwide festival), he does his show with maybe 8-10 artists, dancers, musicians… If Theo was after money, he could earn almost the same amount, alone for a DJ set. At that festival, I was wondering, does the guy make good money??? I mean being in the underground scene he isn't paid as much as these crap super star DJ's. There was 4 dancers on the scene!! I usually don't really care about dancers when i go listen to a live show, but i ended up by enjoying it, it was really old school, and i felt like it was a big family on the scene.
He is giving work to all his crew, if you buy the record, you support not only him but many artists.
Regarding this album, i didn't like it that much, i'm not buying it, it's not a matter of price, i won't buy it for 20€ neither.

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence jbuckf50

July 5, 2017
I'd like to hear you expand on this comment. Are you saying this simply because the internet (and social media) eliminates any sense of 'underground?' Theo Parrish is definitely not a mainstream, money-raking artist, which I think was the point of the original post.

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence rocky_peeters

February 22, 2016
The 'underground scene' doesn't exist. (please enter 5 more words)

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence DiscoJoints

January 10, 2015
edited over 6 years ago
Retails for $50 and already on the 2nd pressing and selling out everywhere. Is that a reflection of the Music or something else?

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence as reviewed by poshvibes

December 15, 2014
It's crap, and he's taking the piss out of vinyl fans. Love affair with Theo is done. Took a chance on the price thinking I don't mind paying for great music,never been so disappointed.

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence Pistachios

October 6, 2018
it's a bargain bin record at time of writing. £15 at redeye

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence DiscoJoints

January 10, 2015
It sold out and now already on the second press, go figure........

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence poshvibes

December 23, 2014
Exactly. Some other poor deluded fan can take the hit. Been with Theo from the beginning, never second guessing; even when he was taking other peoples music and selling it for £14+ (Ugly Edits), but we are done. He no longer gets the by that he got. There is so much good music out there from people not trying to rip of their fans.

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence DiscoJoints

December 21, 2014
Sell it for $100 in a months time....

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence niponjean

December 13, 2014
edited over 6 years ago
thankfully the 2 bangers "Fallen funk" "cypher delight" are on the vinyl version, dj's are happy !!