VariousTraxbox - Trax Records (Remastered)

Various - Traxbox - Trax Records (Remastered) album cover
Label:Trax Records – none, Harmless – none
226 x File, AAC, Compilation, Remastered, 256 kbps
Style:House, Acid House, Electro, Freestyle, Latin, Disco, Synth-pop


1-1Le' NoizWanna Dance? (Original 12 Inch Version)6:22
1-2Jesse VelezGirls Out On The Floor (Original 12 Inch Version)6:46
1-3Le' NoizI'm Scared (Original 12 Inch Version)5:31
1-4Jack Master Funk*Jack The Bass (Original 12 Inch Version)6:37
1-5Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Remix)7:03
1-6Farley Jackmaster Funk*Jack'n The House 5:17
1-7Farley Jackmaster Funk*Jack'n The Trax4:54
1-8Farley Jackmaster Funk*Clap'n The Pella2:25
1-9Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled A1)2:01
1-10Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled A2)2:00
1-11Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled A3)1:53
1-12Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled A4)2:00
1-13Jesse VelezGirls Out On The Floor (Original 12 Inch Version)4:38
1-14Jesse VelezFire 121 (Original 12 Inch Version)6:20
1-15Jesse VelezDo It To The Beat (Original 12 Inch Version)5:35
1-16Ron HardySensation (Long)6:40
1-17Ron HardySensation (Short)3:31
1-18Screamin' RachaelMy Main Man (Original 12 Inch Version)6:03
1-19Screamin' RachaelMy Main Man (My Main Vocal) 2:58
1-20Jackmaster Dick’s Revenge*Sensuous Woman Goes Disco (Original 12 Inch Version)8:10
1-21AdonisNo Way Back (Vocal)4:57
1-22Sleezy D.I’ve Lost Control (Space Side)9:43
1-23VirgoFree Yourself (Original 12 Inch Version)6:56
1-24VirgoUnder You (Original 12 Inch Version)9:40
1-25Fresh (2)Dum Dum Part Two 7:13
1-26Rude Boy Himself Farley Farley Farley*Give Your Self To Me (Original 12 Inch Version)4:14
1-27Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)7:48
1-28Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (Dub Your Body)7:33
1-29Master C & JWhen You Hold Me (Original 12 Inch Version)6:43
1-30Sweet DThank Ya (Original 12 Inch Version)8:40
1-31AdonisWe’re Rocking Down The House (Original 12 Inch Version)8:06
1-32On The House With Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Mixed By Ron Hardy)
Mixed ByRon Hardy
1-33Willie WonkaWhat Is House? (Original 12 Inch Version)7:19
1-34Radio FashionWhat You Deserve (Original 12 Inch Version)5:45
1-35Farm BoyJackin’ Me Around (Farm Mix)6:52
1-36Fat AlbertBeat Me Till I Jack (Original 12 Inch Version)5:45
1-37Santos (3)Work Me Trax (Original 12 Inch Version)1:48
1-38Santos (3)Work The Box (Vocals)4:30
1-39Mr. FingersWashing Machine (Original 12 Inch Version)4:19
1-40Mr. FingersCan You Feel It (Original 12 Inch Version)5:45
1-41Sampson "Butch" MooreHouse Beat Box (Original 12 Inch Version)6:20
1-42Jungle WonzThe Jungle (Original 12 Inch Version)6:05
1-43Boris BadenoughHey Rocky! (Extended)6:49
1-44Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (House Mix)7:21
1-45Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (Dub)1:05
1-46Robert OwensBring Down The Walls (Original 12 Inch Version)5:37
1-47Terry BaldwinHousemaster (Original 12 Inch Version)6:54
1-482 House People* Featuring Cynthia MMove My Body (Original 12 Inch Version)6:10
1-49Jungle WonzTime Marches On (Vocal) 6:55
1-50On The HouseGive Me Back The Love (Club Mix) 7:33
1-51On The HouseGive Me Back The Love (Radio Mix)4:35
1-52Mr. LeeI Can’t Forget (Vocal) 4:40
1-53MysteryMystery Girl (Original 12 Inch Version)5:50
1-54Eric BellYour Love (Instrumental Mix) 7:24
1-55Mr Lee*Come To House (Original 12 Inch Version)5:00
1-56William S*I’ll Never Let You Go (Vocal Mix)6:09
1-57PhutureAcid Tracks (Original 12 Inch Version)11:48
1-58DalisRock Steady (Original 12 Inch Version)5:48
1-59DalisRock Steady (Edit) 3:00
1-60Kevin IrvingChildren Of The Night (Original 12 Inch Version)5:42
1-61Kevin IrvingChildren Of The Night (Radio)3:56
1-62Two Of A Kind Featuring James EarlSomewhere In West Hell (Original 12 Inch Version)6:33
1-63Pleasure ZoneFuck Charley (Original 12 Inch Version)5:23
1-64Pleasure ZoneHouse Nation (Original 12 Inch Version)5:27
1-65Doctor Derilict*Dance Doctor (Inst) 6:14
1-66Dean AndersonDon’t Stop (Original 12 Inch Version)5:11
1-67Frankie KnucklesBaby Wants To Ride (Original 12 Inch Version)8:37
1-68Frankie KnucklesIt’s A Cold World (Original 12 Inch Version)5:22
1-69Marshall Jefferson Presents HerculesLost In The Groove (Vocal) 8:25
1-70DancerBoom-Boom (Original 12 Inch Version)7:43
1-71EvieJust Stay The Night (Original 12 Inch Version)4:47
1-72EvieJust Stay The Night (Radio Edit)4:09
1-73Rich MartinezAre You Ready (Original 12 Inch Version)4:54
1-74Mr. LeeHouse This House (Vocal) 5:06
1-75Pierre's Pfantasy ClubG. T. B. Got The Bug (Original 12 Inch Version)7:52
1-76Lidell TownsellGet The Hole (Original 12 Inch Version)3:58
1-77Lidell TownsellAcid Hole (Original 12 Inch Version)5:41
1-78Curtis Mc Claine* And On The HouseLets Get Busy (Original 12 Inch Version)5:49
1-79Curtis Mc Claine* And On The HouseLet’s Get Busy (Radio Mix)3:07
1-80DancerNumber Nine (Original 12 Inch Version)3:32
1-81DancerNumber Nine (Bedroom Mix)3:39
1-82Pleasure ZoneFantasy (Original 12 Inch Version)4:26
1-83PhutureWe Are Phuture (Original 12 Inch Version)8:32
1-84Mr. LeePump Up Chicago (Original 12 Inch Version)3:51
1-85Mr. LeePump Up Chicago (Acid Mix)4:52
1-86Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Original 12 Inch Version)5:29
1-87Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Edit)3:41
1-88The House GangCool J Track (RX) 5:55
1-89Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula*Gotta Big Dick (Original 12 Inch Version)6:19
1-90Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula*Gotta Big Dick (Instrumental Mix) 5:21
1-91Lidell TownsellJack The House (Original 12 Inch Version)5:01
1-92Lidell TownsellAs Acid Turns (Original 12 Inch Version)5:10
1-93Lidell TownsellThe Groove (Original 12 Inch Version)5:06
1-94Acid Fantaslee Mr. Lee*Art Of Acid (Original 12 Inch Version)8:36
1-95Acid Fantaslee Mr. Lee*Feels Good (Original 12 Inch Version)5:43
1-96Farley "Jackmaster" Funk Presents Ricky DillardAs Always (Original 12 Inch Version)6:26
1-97Farley "Jackmaster" Funk Presents Ricky DillardAs Always (Acid As) 4:50
1-98K.G.B.Respect (Rap Radio Edit) 2:54
1-99K.G.B.Respect (Rap Scratch Mix) 2:21
1-100K.G.B.Respect (Rap Brads Club Mix)3:49
1-101Kool Rock SteadyPower Move (Original 12 Inch Version)8:19
1-102Kool Rock SteadyPower Move (Fresh Mix)5:29
1-103Virgo FourDo You Know Who You Are? (Original 12 Inch Version)4:41
1-104Virgo FourIn A Vision (Original 12 Inch Version)4:44
1-105M. E.Ride (Original 12 Inch Version)4:25
1-106M. E.School Hall (Original 12 Inch Version)4:25
1-107Grant And Dezz*You're Too Good (Original 12 Inch Version)4:36
1-108Grant And Dezz*You're Too Good (Dezz-A-Dub)4:30
1-109ScamaraKisses Never Lie (Club Edit)5:49
1-110J.R. S House Co*It's About House (Original 12 Inch Version)6:00
1-111Le' NoizCertainly (Original 12 Inch Version)6:22
1-112Jesse VelezGirls Out On The Floor (Dub)7:07
1-113Le' NoizGet Out (Original 12 Inch Version)5:08
2-1Jack Master Dick*Jack The Dick (S.M.M.F.D.)7:08
2-2Jack Master Dick*Jack The Dick (Dickapella)1:10
2-3Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Remix Instrumental) 7:25
2-4Farley Jackmaster Funk*Oh My God (Original 12 Inch Version)4:05
2-5Farley Jackmaster Funk*Farley Knows House (Original 12 Inch Version)4:22
2-6Farley Jackmaster Funk*Farley Farley (Original 12 Inch Version)4:56
2-7Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled B1) 2:00
2-8Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled B2) 2:00
2-9Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled B3) 1:52
2-10Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled B4) 2:36
2-11Jesse VelezWe Don’t Need No Music (Original 12 Inch Version)3:51
2-12Jesse VelezLaugh The Night Away (Original 12 Inch Version)4:16
2-13Jesse VelezIntro (Do It To The Beat) (Original 12 Inch Version)0:48
2-14Jesse VelezRocko Laugh (Original 12 Inch Version)0:13
2-15Ron HardySensation (Dub) 9:26
2-16Screamin Rachael*My Main Man (My Main Dub) 6:35
2-17Screamin Rachael*My Main Man (My Main Beat)3:48
2-18Jackmaster Dick's Revenge*Sensuous Man Goes Disco (Original 12 Inch Version)3:32
2-19AdonisNo Way Back (Instrumental) 4:56
2-20Sleezy D.I’ve Lost Control (House Side)9:42
2-21VirgoMy Space (Original 12 Inch Version)4:26
2-22VirgoR U Hot Enough (Original 12 Inch Version)7:39
2-23Fresh (2)Dum Dum Part Two (Instrumental) 7:16
2-24Rude Boy Himself Farley Farley Farley*Give Your House To Me (Original 12 Inch Version)3:59
2-25Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (Drum Your Body)7:30
2-26Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (House Your Body)7:43
2-27Master C & JDub Love (Original 12 Inch Version)6:55
2-28Sweet DDo Do It (Original 12 Inch Version)6:39
2-29Sweet DTurn It (Original 12 Inch Version)6:34
2-30Sweet DDig I Da-Dig I Da (Original 12 Inch Version)2:22
2-31AdonisWe're Rocking Down The House (Down Break)6:04
2-32AdonisWe're Rocking Down The House (Instrumental)2:55
2-33On The House With Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Mixed By Frankie Knuckles)
Mixed ByFrankie Knuckles
2-34Willie WonkaIt’s Now Or Never (Original 12 Inch Version)4:35
2-35Willie WonkaBlow (Original 12 Inch Version)4:05
2-36Radio FashionWhat You Deserve (Mistake Mix) 6:10
2-37Farm BoyJackin’ Me Around (House Mix) 6:03
2-38Farm BoyJackin’ Me Around (Dub Mix) 6:34
2-39Fat AlbertGo Go (Original 12 Inch Version)3:57
2-40Fat AlbertGo Go Again (Original 12 Inch Version)3:25
2-41Santos (3)Space The Box (Original 12 Inch Version)6:22
2-42Santos (3)Beat The Knuckles (Original 12 Inch Version)6:25
2-43Mr. FingersBeyond The Clouds (Original 12 Inch Version)7:55
2-44Sampson "Butch" MooreHouse Beat Box (Instrumental) 6:56
2-45Jungle WonzThe Jungle (Jungle Mix)5:56
2-46Boris BadenoughHey Rocky (Instrumental) 6:23
2-47Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (Club Mix)7:04
2-48Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (House Mix Radio Edit)3:25
2-49Robert OwensBring Down The Walls (Dub) 4:09
2-50Robert OwensBring Down The Walls (Inst.)2:06
2-51Terry BaldwinHouse Master (Radio Mix) 5:00
2-52Terry BaldwinHouse Master (Club Mix) 6:40
2-532 House People* Featuring Cynthia MHouse My Body (Original 12 Inch Version)6:44
2-542 House People* Featuring Cynthia MTrax My Body (Original 12 Inch Version)7:06
2-55Jungle WonzTime Marches On (Club Mix) 8:13
2-56On The HouseGive Me Back The Love (Dub Mix) 8:23
2-57Mr. LeeI Can’t Forget (Club) 5:39
2-58MysteryMystery Girl (Dub)5:08
2-59MysteryMystery Girl (Club)4:28
2-60Eric BellYour Love (Vocal Mix) 5:53
2-61Mr. LeeCome To House (Club) 5:04
2-62William S*I’ll Never Let You Go (Instrumental Mix) 6:18
2-63PhuturePhuture Jacks (Original 12 Inch Version)7:43
2-64PhutureYour Only Friend (Original 12 Inch Version)4:53
2-65DalisRock Steady (Inst) 7:11
2-66Kevin IrvingChildren Of The Night (Dub) 6:52
2-67Two Of A Kind Featuring James EarlSomewhere In West Hell (Inst.) 5:52
2-68Pleasure ZoneJana (Original 12 Inch Version)4:59
2-69Pleasure ZoneHold These Nuts (Original 12 Inch Version)5:06
2-70Doctor Derilict*Dance Doctor (Original 12 Inch Version)6:23
2-71Dean AndersonDon’t Dub (Original 12 Inch Version)4:11
2-72Frankie KnucklesYour Love (Original 12 Inch Version)6:43
2-73Frankie KnucklesBad Boy (Original 12 Inch Version)6:18
2-74Marshall Jefferson Presents HerculesLost In The Groove (Lost In House Mix) 8:37
2-75Marshall Jefferson Presents HerculesLost In House (Groove Apella) 6:36
2-76DancerAm A Dog (Original 12 Inch Version)5:08
2-77EvieJust Stay The Night (Dub) 4:31
2-78Rich MartinezAre You Ready (Dub) 4:54
2-79Rich MartinezAre You Ready (Rub A Dub) 4:54
2-80Mr. LeeHouse This House (Dub) 4:59
2-81Pierre's Pfantasy ClubGot The Bug (Dub) 4:56
2-82Pierre's Pfantasy ClubGot The Bug (Instrumental) 6:57
2-83Lidell TownsellUnder Control (Original 12 Inch Version)6:35
2-84Lidell TownsellDub Control (Original 12 Inch Version)6:23
2-85Curtis Mc Claine* And On The HouseLets Get Busy (Dub Mix) 6:37
2-86DancerStars On Number Nine (Original 12 Inch Version)7:32
2-87DancerNumber Nine (S&F Mix) 2:29
2-88Pleasure ZoneI Can’t Understand (Original 12 Inch Version)5:26
2-89PhutureSlam! (Original 12 Inch Version)5:40
2-90PhutureSpank-Spank (Original 12 Inch Version)5:01
2-91Mr. LeePump Up London (Original 12 Inch Version)7:02
2-92Mr. LeePump Up New York (Original 12 Inch Version)4:47
2-93Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Dub) 8:56
2-94Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Wall Of Sound Mix)4:00
2-95The House GangHangover Trax (Original 12 Inch Version)3:35
2-96The House GangBango Acid (Original 12 Inch Version)4:24
2-97Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula*This Is Acid (Original 12 Inch Version)4:51
2-98Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula*Feel The Mood (Original 12 Inch Version)4:08
2-99Lidell TownsellJack N’ Tall (Instrumental) 5:18
2-100Lidell TownsellJack N’ Tall (Vocal) 5:25
2-101Acid Fantaslee Mr. Lee*Acid Pump Up London (Original 12 Inch Version)7:53
2-102Farley "Jackmaster Funk"* Presents Ricky DillardAs Always (Lovin’ House Mix) 14:08
2-103K.G.B.Respect Rap (Extended Version) 5:43
2-104K.G.B.Respect Rap (Instrumental) 3:31
2-105Kool Rock SteadyI’ll Make You Dance (Original 12 Inch Version)4:35
2-106Virgo FourGoing Thru Life (Original 12 Inch Version)4:36
2-107Virgo FourTake Me Higher (Original 12 Inch Version)4:37
2-108M. E.Never (Want To Lose You)4:40
2-109M. E.All The Time4:20
2-110Grant & DezzYou're Too Good (Raz Mix)7:19
2-111Grant & DezzYou're Too Good (Tone Def Mix)4:11
2-112ScamaraKisses Never Lie (Dub Mix)5:13
2-113J.R. S House Co.*It's About House (Off Beat Acid Mix)6:36


Includes a digital booklet.

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