Cocteau TwinsTreasure

Label:4AD – CAD 412
Vinyl, LP, Album
Style:Ethereal, New Wave, Post-Punk


A5Pandora (For Cindy)5:34

Companies, etc.



Recorded during August and September, 1984 at Palladium
Studios, Edinburgh and Rooster, West London.

Thanks to Yvonne and Pierrot for sleeve props.

[Label side A]
Beggars Banquet Music
℗ 1984 4•A•D

[Label side B]
Recorded during August and September, 1984
at Palladium Studios, Edinburgh
and Rooster, West London.

Issued in a matte outer sleeve and heavy gloss printed inner sleeve.

Track durations are not printed on this release.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched, variant 1): CAD 412 A TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched, variant 1): CAD 412 B TOWNHOUSE MPO TA MATE
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched, variant 2): CAD 412 A1 TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched, variant 2): CAD 412 B1 TA MATE TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched, variant 3): CAD 412 A1 TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched, variant 3): CAD 412 B1X TA MATE TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched, variant 4): CAD 412 A1X TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched, variant 4): CAD 412 B1X TA MATE TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched, variant 5): CAD 412 A¹ ˣ TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched, variant 5): CAD 412 B¹ TA MATE TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched, variant 6): CAD 412 A¹ TOWNHOUSE MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched, variant 6): CAD 412 B¹ TA MATE TOWNHOUSE MPO

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Treasure (Cassette, Album, Black)4ADCADC 412UK1984
Treasure (LP, Album)4AD, 4AD, 4AD206 699, 206 699-620, 206 699-8Europe1984
Treasure (LP, Album)4AD, Virgin70297France1984
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Treasure (LP, Album)4ADCAD 412Italy1984
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Treasure (LP, Album)4ADCAD 412Israel1984



  • hughmorales's avatar
    Fantastic. Don’t know about the reissues, but this sounds great.
    • Alexandria_Librarian's avatar
      A great rendering of an old favorite. I'm actually quite taken with this mastering. Having grown up first with the CD, then with a used early pressing, I've got no complaints at all with the clarity and presence of the sound. If anything, there's an immediate distinctness to the vocals and instrumentation like I've never heard before. The pressing quality of my copy is great too, no surface noise. From a record store I trust. Not at all bad for the price.

      Mine has a sticker on the back that says "made in Czech Republic" on the shrink.

      Regarding the mastering itself, 4AD's description on an archived version of their site is: "Using new masters created from high definition files transferred from the original analogue tapes"
      • manul202's avatar
        Such a wondeful album, Ivo is unique. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
        • empanadilla's avatar
          Edited one year ago
          Had been listening to the original CD since the late 80s and have been buying the LP counterparts because they have a sheen and depth that the CDs just don't have. I just got the original UK LP pressing and was flabbergasted, it SHINES!!!! yourself a favor and get these on LP ...of course, get the best stylus you can afford; I have a $300 Ortofon OMP 30 on my Linear Tracking Technics SL-QL1 and it's vinyl heaven; especially because of the non existent Inner Groove Distortion (look it up). And I ain't just talking out of my A**, I am a pro sound engineer, have a few entries here in Discogs... PEACE!
          • ludelubbock's avatar
            it’s bonkers that john bonham plays drums (in an indirect fashion) on this record, seems so obvious once you know that
            • SeansRecords's avatar
              sounds amazing

              great dreamy album and one of the best albums for hearing the ambience and reverb really clear ... makes me want to find more albums with a similar soundscape

              love it
              • kennybaird61's avatar
                One the best albums of the 80s. Mine version has two side one labels, anyone know if this affects value...not that i'm selling it. :)
                • hamishmcelnea3's avatar
                  Dream like and super relaxing. Each track fresh and unique. Cant get enough of it. Drums are shit tho.
                  • Kraftwerker1967's avatar
                    Still got my original vinyl pressing of this. In excellent condition, as is the inlay sleeve. Sell it? No bloody chance!!! One of my favourite albums of all-time. Liz's voice is unreal, and the music is exceptional. What a classic!!!???
                    • maxal's avatar
                      [I wrote this because of Garlands, but as I mention TREASURE I copy it here too.]

                      Garlands is such a strange album. I have written a few bits here on Discogs, but have not yet brought myself to chain this album to words . . .

                      I love all of Cocteau Twins' releases, but Garlands definitely has a place of its own in my heart. Many 'fans' don't like Garlands. Others say Cocteau Twins albums get better, one after the other until Heaven and Las Vegas (the professed pinnacle). Obviously personal taste affects assessment of how to rank a Cocteau Twins album. It is hard to 'pick a favourite', kicking the others off the pedestal.

                      I'd say the best CT albums are the first three and between the first three there is a kind of odd journey - emerging a primordial state (Garlands); raw, seeing for the first time, all is a dazzle and there is little difference between blindness and sight. The journey continues in Limbo (Head over Heels); and finally there is arrival, or transcendance (Treasure). Of course I love the CT albums succeeding these three as the gems are all undoubtedly still present. (Alice is a wonderful track - and Dif Juz's Love Insane with Elizabeth Fraser's vocals is one of my favourite tracks . . .). But for those first three albums there seems to be something more complete / completely perfect.

                      Treasure is certainly a beauty, and with the track titles - godly, with a small G. It is a finely polished gem. Donimo is like arriving at the pearly gates, wings aflutter. Lorelei evokes the feeling of having been in heaven and passed straight through it. What else is there? Listen to Lorelei from 2 minutes twenty secs onwards: 'de dow de dow de dow de dow de dowwww . . . wwwwwop!' this part of the song effortlessly conveys a past yearning for heaven, twiddling thumbs to the turned face of beauty.

                      Head over Heels is also a beauty with its extraordinary position between two other perfect albums. "When Mama Was queer, I broke down in my womb" . . . this first track has the raw, vital sound of the album it is leaving, Garlands, but there is a new twinkling of purity, the future sound of CT: listen to this track, you'll hear what I mean. My Love Paramour - can you imagine if a piece of music like this were to emerge again today? And then the final track, Musette and Drums - insinuating the fusion of hard and soft, the delicate musette and the beating of drums.

                      To get back to the feeling of Garlands as a Cocteau Twins album in a territory of its own, part of the reason for this is the different line-up, having Will Heggie's bass. But also, Garlands has a rawer sound, almost grating - this gets to the magic of the album. Garlands seems to fuse the beauty of sound with its discordant opposite better than I have heard in other music. This fusion reveals a kind of pure light as it first emerges from its partner, darkness. It's difficult to put into words, once put in words they seem too small: sacred / profane, a religious feeling of being shown something secret, a lot of people have spoken like this to me of this album.

                      Blind Dumb Deaf seems to evoke some kind of fated, unrelenting, inescapable entrance into reality, "by the method of faith, I'll swear that I'm part of it." Swearing into a reality which could be both horrific and wonderful - the only reality. And then the title track itself, Garlands. I do love the opening track of Blood Bitch, it's supremely powerful with it's bass. However, if Blood Bitch weren't there, then Garlands could be. Garlands starts off with a strange build up of discordant screeches (very much like the sound of Gordon Sharpe's Cindytalk at that time). It's a bit like a train approaching. The music then hits you like a train. Garlands therefore is the perfect beginning album for the CT journey.

                      By the way, most of the Cocteau Twins' lyrics are words. I really wish Elizabeth would publish them - she obviously worked on them very hard and they do contribute to the beauty of the sound.

                      I mentioned Gordon Sharpe of Cindytalk. He appears with vocals in some of the extra tracks of Garlands. I wish there were more of these collaborations: his voice with Elizabeth's would be the perfect accompaniment. Camoufalge Heart is a stunning Cindytalk album (along with Wappinschaw and In This World.) Cindytalk is the best group 4AD didn't release - Gordon Sharpe did some work with This Mortal Coil.


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