VariousThe Rubble Collection Volumes 1 - 20

Label:Fallout – RUBCDBOX1
Series:The Rubble Collection – Volumes 1 - 20
Box Set, Compilation, Unofficial Release
20 x CD, Compilation
Style:Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock, Pop Rock


CD One: The Psychedelic Snarl
1-1Wimple WinchAtmospheres4:21
1-2The MirrorFaster Than Light2:08
1-3Caleb*Woman Of Distinction2:33
1-4Martin Cure & Peeps*It's All Over Now2:39
1-5The Living Daylights (4)Always With Him2:39
1-6The MisunderstoodNever Had A Girl Like You Before3:04
1-7Open Mind*Cast A Spell2:10
1-8The DakotasSpider & The Fly3:11
1-9Wimple WinchRumble On Mersey Square South4:27
1-10Open Mind*Magic Potion3:31
1-11The Living Daylights (4)Let's Live For Today2:49
1-12The Craig*I Must Be Mad2:44
1-13Unit Four Plus TwoI Will2:38
1-14The Hush (3)Grey2:28
1-15Wimple WinchSave My Soul3:02
1-16The MindbendersMorning After2:08
CD Two: Pop-Sike Pipe Dreams
2-1The ModeEastern Music2:21
2-2Wimple WinchMarmalade Hair2:54
2-3The Parking LotWorld Spinning Sadly2:58
2-4The Pretty ThingsDefecting Grey4:21
2-5Keith WestKid Was A Killer2:26
2-6Shotgun Express*Indian Thing2:57
2-7The Executive*Tracey Took A Trip2:46
2-8Wimple WinchLollipop Minds3:06
2-9The Talismen (9)You Break My Heart2:04
2-10The Pretty ThingsWalking Through My Dreams3:30
2-11Bo Street RunnersLove2:54
2-12Sons Of FredSweet Love2:51
2-13Wimple WinchBluebell Wood3:27
2-14Idle Race*Knocking Nails Into My House2:21
2-15The Spencer Davis GroupAfter Tea3:13
2-16Gordon WallerRosecrans Blvd.2:44
CD Three: Nightmares In Wonderland
3-1The Brain (9)Nightmares In Red2:17
3-2Focus Three10,000 Years Behind My Mind2:14
3-3The Pretty ThingsTalkin' About The Good Times3:37
3-4Bamboo ShootThe Fox Has Gone To Ground2:49
3-5Wild SilkVisions In A Plaster Sky2:25
3-6Mark WirtzHe's Our Dear Old Weatherman3:54
3-7The Lemon TreeWilliam Chalker's Time Machine2:31
3-8The KoobasBarricades4:59
3-9Aquarian Age10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box3:41
3-10The Pretty ThingsMr Evasion3:20
3-11The Executive*Gardena Dreamer3:07
3-12The Chances AreFragile Child2:25
3-13IpsissimusHold On3:31
3-14Edwick RumboldShades Of Grey2:31
3-15The Penny PeepsModel Village2:49
3-16Tomorrow (2)Revolution3:43
CD Four: The 49 Minute Technicolour Dream
4-1Jason CrestBlack Mass4:50
4-2The MirageThe Wedding Of Ramona Blair2:17
4-3Caleb*Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad3:18
4-4Kaleidoscope (2)Flight From Ashlya2:41
4-5The CymbalineMatramonial Fears3:46
4-6Finders KeepersOn The Beach2:49
4-7The CaliforniansThe Cooks Of Cake & Kindness2:41
4-8Rings & ThingsStrange Things Are Happening2:32
4-9The Fox (4)Butterfly3:29
4-10Unit Four Plus Two3.30 A.M.3:09
4-11Kaleidoscope (2)A Dream For Julie2:48
4-12Tempus Fugit (2)Come Alive2:43
4-13The MisunderstoodGolden Glass7:43
4-14The Magic MixtureMoon Beams3:58
CD Five: The Electric Crayon Set
5-1The Poets (2)That's The Way It's Gotta Be
5-2The Attack (2)Anymore Than I Do
5-3The FliesI'm Not Your Stepping Stone
5-4The Game (4)Gotta Wait
5-5The ScorePlease Please Me
5-6Mark Four*I'm Leaving
5-7Fire (6)Father's Name Is Dad
5-8Gene LatterMothers Little Helper
5-9The Game (4)Gonna Get Me Someone
5-10The FliesHouse Of LOve
5-11Keith ShieldsHey Gyp
5-12The Attack (2)Try It
5-13The Poets (2)I Love Her Still
5-14Dream PoliceLiving Is Easy
5-15The FairytaleRun & Hide
5-16Mark Four*Hurt Me If You Will
CD Six: The Clouds Have Groovy Faces
6-1The FairytaleLovely People
6-2The Kinsmen*Glasshouse Green Splinter Red
6-3The Poets (2)I Am So Blue
6-4Ice (8)Anniversary Of Love
6-5The End*Shades Of Orange
6-6Turquoise (3)Tales Of Flossie Fillet
6-7Pudding*The Magic Bus
6-8The Attack (2)Neville Thumbcatch
6-9The AccentRed Sky At Night
6-10The Elastic Band (3)8 1/2 Hours To Paradise
6-11The Attack (2)Created By Clive
6-12Two & A Half*Surburban Early Morning Station
6-13Life N' Soul*Peacefully Asleep
6-14The Poets (2)I'll Cry With The Moon
6-15Falling Leaves*Beggars Parade
6-16Tinkerbells Fairydust20-10
CD Seven: Pictures In The Sky
7-1The Orange SeaweedPictures In The Sky
7-2The Glass MenagerieYou Didn't Have To Be So Nice
7-3Orange Machine*Real Life Permanent Dream
7-4Carnaby*Jump And Dance
7-5New FormulaHairy Krishna
7-6The OnyxSo Sad Inside
7-7The Flying MachineThe Flying Machine
7-8The Primitives (2)You Said
7-9The OnyxYou Gotta Be With Me
7-10The Ivy LeagueMy World Fell Down
7-11The EpicsBlue Turns To Grey
7-13Koobas*Better Make Up Your Mind
7-14Erky Grant & The Earwigs*I'm A Hog For You
7-15The Primitives (2)Help Me
7-16Velvett FoggWithin The Night
CD Eight: All The Colours Of Darkness
8-1Yellow (5)Living A Lie
8-2Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys*Hold On
Bass GuitarGordon Haskell
DrumsKeith Guster
Electric GuitarBryn Haworth
Lead VocalsSharon Tandy
Written-ByHaskell*, Condor*, Lynton*
8-3Eyes Of BlueProdigal Son
8-4Jason CrestHere We Go 'Round The Lemon Tree
8-5Rick Price (4) & Sheridan*Lamp Lighter Man
8-6Jigsaw (3)Tumblin'
8-7Skip BiffertyOn Love
8-8Methusalah*High In The Tower Of Coombe
8-9Norman ConquestUpside Down
ProducerEddie Tre-Vett
VocalsPaul Puig
Written-By, KeyboardsJohn Pantry
8-10Jason CrestA Place In The Sun
8-11Dantalian's ChariotThe Madman Running Through The Fields
8-12Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys*Daughter Of The Moon
Bass GuitarGordon Haskell
DrumsKeith Guster
Electric GuitarBryn Haworth
Lead VocalsSharon Tandy
Written-ByPotter*, Dee*
8-13MashmakhanDays When We Are Free
8-14Mike Stuart SpanChildren Of Tomorrow
8-15Serendipity (3)I'm Flying
8-16Second HandThe World Will End Yesterday
CD Nine: Plastic Wilderness
9-1Dragonfly (6)Celestial Empire
9-2Peter And The BlizzardsYou Know That I'll Be There
9-3Groep 1850*Mother No-Head
9-4The TowerSlow Motion Mind
9-5The Outsiders (5)Do You Feel Alright?
9-6Sharks & MeBuses
9-7Short '66Good Weekend
9-8The MotionsWedding Of 100 Brides
9-9Sandy CoastBack To The City
9-10The ZippsLotus Love
9-11The Bumble BeesGirl Of My Kind
9-12The Young Ones (7)Mini Minnie
9-13St. Giles's SystemSwedish Tears
9-14Q65So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall
9-15Super Sister*A Girl Named You
9-16Les BaroquesSuch A Cad
9-17The Golden Ear-Rings*That Day
9-18The Golden Ear-Rings*Things Go Better (With Coca Cola)
CD Ten: Professor Jordan's Magic Sound Show
10-1The OnyxTamaris Khan
10-2The Glass MenagerieFrederick Jordan
10-3The Clique (2)We Didn't Kiss Didn't Love But Now We Do
10-4MontanasA Step In The Right Direction
10-5The Floribunda RoseLinda Loves Linda
10-6Velvett FoggLady Caroline
10-7The TurnstyleRiding On A Wave
10-8The KytesFrosted Panes
10-9Fresh AirRunning Wild
10-10The Orange SeaweedStay A While
10-115 AM EventHungry
10-12The Game (4)Gotta Keep On Moving Baby
10-13The Glass MenagerieShe's A Rainbow
10-14New FormulaStay Indoors
10-15Writing On The WallBuffalo
10-16The Orange MachineYou Can All Join In
CD Eleven: Adventures In The Mist
11-1The AccentWind Of Change
11-2The Poets (2)Wooden Spoon
11-3Felius AndromedaCheadle Heath Delusions
11-4The Plague (2)Looking For The Sun
11-5The FairytaleListen To Mary Cry
11-6Fire (6)Treacle Toffee World
11-7The Attack (2)Colour Of My Mind
11-8The CaliforniansFollow Me
11-9The FairytaleGuess I Was Dreaming
11-10Felius AndromedaMeditations
11-11The Sauterelles*Dream Machine
11-12The Attack (2)Lady Orange Peel
11-13The Poets (2)In Your Tower
11-14Turquoise (3)Woodstock
11-15Cherry SmashFade Away Maureen
11-16The Ice*Iceman
CD Twelve: Staircase To Nowhere
12-1Bulldog BreedPortcullis Gate
12-2Virgin Sleep*Secret
12-3Tintern AbbeyVacuum Cleaner
12-423rd Turnoff*Michaelangelo
12-5Human Instinct*A Day In My Minds Mind
12-6East Of Eden (2)Northern Hemisphere
12-7World Of Oz*Peter's Birthday (Black & White Rainbows)
12-8Denny LaineCatherine's Wheel
12-9Tintern AbbeyBeeside
12-10Human Instinct*Pink Dawn
12-11TimeboxGone Is The Sad Man
12-12People (10)Glastonbury
12-13The Outer LimitsHelp Me Please
12-14World Of Oz*Like A Tear
12-15Warm SoundsNite-Is-A-Comin' / Smeta Murgaty
CD Thirteen: Freak Beat Fantoms
13-1The Buzz (2)You're Holding Me Down
13-2Les Fleur De LysGong With A Luminous Nose
Bass GuitarGordon Haskell
DrumsKeith Guster
GuitarBryn Haworth
13-3The Boys BlueTake A Heart
13-4The DeejaysBlackeyed Woman
13-5Southern SoundJust The Same As You
13-6The Act (3)Just A Little Bit
13-7Force Five (2)Yeah, I'm Waiting
13-8The AnswersJust A Fear
13-9The French Revolution*9 'Til 5
13-10Arizona Swamp CompanyTrain Keeps Rollin'
13-11Southern SoundI Don't Wanna Go
13-12The AttractionShe's A Girl
13-13The Game (4)Help Me Mummy's Gone
13-14The Boys BlueYou Got What I Want
13-15The Peep ShowMazy
13-16George Gallagher* & The Pathfinders (2)Dawn
CD Fourteen: The Magic Rocking Horse
14-1Esprit De CorpsIf (Would It Turn Out Wrong)
14-2The Truth (5)Sueno
14-3Our Plastic DreamA Little Bit Of Shangri-La
14-4Rupert's PeopleI Can Show You
GuitarDai Jenkins
KeyboardsJohn Tout
ProducerHoward Conder
Written-By, Vocals, GuitarRod Lynton
14-5The Groove (3)The Wind
14-6Curiosity ShoppeBaby I Need You
14-7The Ghost (2)The Castle Has Fallen
14-8Nirvana (2)June
14-9Pinkerton's Colours*Magic Rocking Horse
14-10Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup*Jabberwock
14-11Rupert's PeopleDream On My Mind
14-12Strawberry ChildrenLove Years Coming
14-13Science PoptionYou Got Me High
14-14Our Plastic DreamEncapsulated Marygold
14-15The SynGrounded
14-16The SubMa-Mari-Huana
CD Fifteen: 5000 Seconds Over Toyland
15-1Noah's ArkPaper Man
15-2The State Of Mickey & Tommy*Nobody Knows Where You've Been
15-3The ZippsWhen You Tell It, Tell It Well
15-4The Pretty ThingsEagles Son
15-5House Of Lords (5)In The Land Of Dreams
15-6John Fitch & AssociatesRomantic Attitude
15-7Tuesdays Children*Strange Light From The East
15-8Jason CrestTurquoise Tandem Cycle
15-9The Pretty ThingsAlexander
15-10The JackpotsJack In The Box
15-11Sound Barrier (2)Groovin' Slow
15-12Rupert's PeopleI've Got The Love
15-13Wallace CollectionMy Way Of Loving You
15-14The State Of Mickey & Tommy*With Love From 1 To 5
15-15Wonderland (8)Moscow
15-16The Pretty ThingsBlow Your Mind
CD Sixteen: Glass Orchid Aftermath
16-1Gary Walker & The RainFrancis
16-2John Bromley & Fleur De Lys*So Many Things
Bass GuitarGordon Haskell
DrumsKeith Guster
GuitarBryn Haworth
ProducerGraham Dee
VocalsJohn Bromley
16-3The Lovin'All You've Lost
16-4The Chasers (2)Inspiration
16-5St. Valentines Day Massacre*Brother Can You Spend A Dime
16-6The Sea-DersUndecidedly
16-7Dreams (2)Softly, Softly
16-8Ace Kefford Stand*Gravy Booby Jamm
16-9The Remo FourLive Like A Lady
16-10Eyes Of BlueQIII
16-11The Sea-DersThanks A Lot
16-12The Lovin'Keep In Believin'
16-13The Pretty ThingsGrey Skies
16-14Caarriage Company*Feel Right
16-15Staccatos*Butchers & Bakers
16-16Mint (15)Love By Numbers
CD Seventeen: A Trip In A Painted World
17-1The Fox (3)Seek And You Find
17-2The BarrierSpot The Lights
17-3The CaliforniansGolden Apples
17-4The Oscar Bicycles*The Room Revolves Around Me
17-5Gentle InfluenceEasy To Know
17-6Andwella's Dream*Sunday
17-7A New GenerationShe's A Soldier Boy
17-8Christopher ColtVirgin Sunrise
17-9The Lion TamersLight
17-10The Act (3)The Remedies Of Doctor Brohnicoy
17-11The Fox (3)Hey Mr. Carpenter
17-12Philamore LincolnRunning By The River
17-13The AfexShe's Got The Time
17-14Spice (15)In Love
17-15Nicky JamesSilver Butterfly
17-16Wild SilkToymaker
CD Eighteen: Rainbow Thyme Wynders
18-1Acid GalleryDance 'Round The Maypole
18-3Calum BryceLove-Maker
18-4Lyons & MaloneDr. Gentle
18-5The Fruit MachineThe Wall
18-6Andy ForrayDream With Me
18-7Pregnant InsomniaWallapaper
18-8Russell MorrisThe Real Thing (Parts 1 & 2)
18-9Octopus (9)The River
18-10Doomsday Machine (2)Ain't Nobody Else
18-11Infantes JubilateExploding Galaxy
18-12Still Life (29)My Kingdom Cannot Lose
18-13Dee & The Quotum*Someday You'll Need Someone
18-14St. David's RoadStrange Loves Of Gwyneth
18-15Octopus (9)The Thief
18-16Time Machine (9)Turn Back Time / Bird On The Wind
CD Nineteen: Eiderdown Mindfog
19-1Rameses & Selket*(In My) Mind's Eye
19-2The Lions Of Judah*Katja
19-3Lyons & MaloneShe's Alright
19-4The Moving FingerPain Of My Misfortune
19-5The BarrierDawn Breaks Through
19-6Cinnamon QuillCandy
19-7The Scots Of St. JamesTimothy
19-8Icarus (9)The Devil Rides Out
19-9The Fourmyula*Honey Chile
19-10Portebello ExplosionWe Can Fly
19-11Rameses & Selket*Crazy One
19-12Hayden WoodThe House Beside The Mine
19-13The Scots Of St. JamesElderdown Clown
19-14Together (13)Memories Of Melinda
19-15Sheridan* - Price*Tracey Smith
19-16The Cymbeline*Fire
CD Twenty: Thrice Upon A Time (Nothing Is Real)
20-1Blossom ToesWhat On Earth
20-2The Apple*Buffalo Billy Can
20-3Soft MachineLove Makes Sweet Music
20-4Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup*Which Dreamed It
20-5The David*Light Of Your Mind
20-6Kate (14)Don't Make A Sound
20-7ArgosyMr. Boyd
20-8The Bump*Winston Built A Bridge
20-9Adjeef The PoetIEEK! I'm A Freak
20-10Pandemonium*The Sun Shines From His Eyes
20-11Chapter FourIn My Life
20-12Fleur De Lys*Mud In Your Eye
Drums, VocalsKeith Guster
Electric Bass, VocalsGordon Haskell
Written-By, Lead Guitar, VocalsPhil Sawyer
Written-By, Lead VocalsChris Andrews (7)
20-13Crazy World Of Arther Brown*Devil's Grip
20-14The Beautiful*Walter's Dream
20-15Art (2)Supernatural Fairytales
20-16The BeatstalkersSilver Tree Top Scholl For Boys


20 CD collection with over 300 tracks and two full colour booklets of 86 pages and 96 pages respectively; detailed bios and full discography.

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  • Barcode: 5059179000231


  • Bradx's avatar
    When you play right through this 20 cd set (if you have the stamina) you realise that it contains a good amount of fairly bland beat/pop.
    The first two volumes of Rubble that came out on record in 1984 are probably the best and most consistent volumes (CDs 1 and 4 here).
    After that - despite all subsequent volumes conaining great tracks - the quality seemed to tumble. Perhaps there just isn't that much mid-late '60s premier league major label psychedelia out there. Having said that - the Uk is a small island and we're talking about a minscule times-span so maybe it's incredible that there is so much (that's the other way of looking at it).
    Ah, what am I talking about. The best thing to do is make your own 'best of' playlist or Cdr. There's easily 10cds worth of good stuff on the 20cd set.
    • saxonman1's avatar
      this was probably one of the best uk 60s psyche box sets you can get on cd ever released, there is also a volume two................. i got both
      • buckwheat13's avatar
        Why are there only 10 CD's listed on a 20 CD box set?


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