The Todd Terry Project - Just Wanna Dance / Weekend 8892sales

May 22, 2017

Although the main mix of Weekend was probably a much bigger club track and quite an anthem compared to Just Wanna Dance, I've always felt it was too handbag for my liking.

However, with anything truly special, it needs to be mentioned last... In this case it's all about those strange, trippy, pitch bent hypnotic synths of Just Wanna Dance. Slowed down Bambaataa vocal chants, edits and skippy beats, stabs, syncopated latino style keyboard riffs and basslines for me. An all time, absolutely essential, underground warehouse classic which reminds me how awesome underground clubbing and raving was back in 1988/1989 with tracks like this one.

The Todd Terry Project - Just Wanna Dance / Weekend jonarmst

September 14, 2018
Yeah man, you nailed it -- I cued up "Just Wanna Dance" along with Swan Lake "In The Name of Love" and was struck by how good both of them still sounded: eclectic, somewhere between NY garage and "rave" (I can't really call these "acid house" since there's no discernible 303 in there) with Todd's trademark "skippy" (as you put it) beats. Like the Swan Lake track, it has a certain "darkness" to it that we all know and love, somewhere between paranoia and euphoria at 4 in the morning.

And all that being said: man, where did the years go? When I first heard this in 1991, this track seemed "ancient" to my teenage self at a whopping 3 years old, now you can add a zero at the end of that 3 and it's probably safe to say I'll be listening to this periodically in another 30 years if I'm still alive.