Babe Ruth - First Base mattcymru

January 6, 2021
edited 18 days ago
I thank Liam Howlett of the PRODIGY for introducing me to these... he included the mexican on a mix cd he made..
Some good stuff on this, which i had to order from the usa unfortunately. shame their second album wasnt quite as good..

Babe Ruth - First Base SquigglySnazz

January 15, 2020
I suppose "Wells Fargo" may be one of the first female-led hard rock tunes out there.

Babe Ruth - First Base eboharris64

October 24, 2019
Did this ever come with a poster as in the pictures above?

Babe Ruth - First Base anthemrecordsredux

October 24, 2019
More likely an In store P.O.P. Item. Three more words.