The Go-BetweensG Stands For Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology Volume 1

Label:Domino – REWIG89X
Series:The Go-Betweens Anthology – Volume 1
Box Set, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition
Vinyl, LP, Compilation
3 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
4 x CD, Album, Compilation
Style:Pop Rock, Indie Rock


First Five Singles
LP1-A1Lee Remick
LP1-A2People Say
LP1-A3I Need Two Heads
LP1-A4Your Turn, My Turn
LP1-A5Hammer The Hammer
LP1-B2Don't Let Him Come Back
LP1-B3Stop Before You Say It
LP1-B4World Weary
LP1-B5By Chance
Send Me A Lullaby
LP2-A1Your Turn, My Turn
LP2-A2One Thing Can Hold Us
LP2-A3People Know
LP2-A4The Girls Have Moved
LP2-A5Midnight To Neon
LP2-A6Eight Pictures
LP2-B2All About Strength
LP2-B4Hold Your Horses
LP2-B5Arrow In A Bow
LP2-B6It Could Be Anyone
Before Hollywood
LP3-A1A Bad Debt Follows You
LP3-A2Two Steps, Steps Out
LP3-A3Before Hollywood
LP3-A4Dusty In Here
LP3-B1Cattle And Cane
LP3-B2By Chance
LP3-B3As Long As That
LP3-B4On My Block
LP3-B5That Way
Spring Hill Fair
LP4-A1Bachelor Kisses
LP4-A2Five Words
LP4-A3The Old Way Out
LP4-A4You've Never Lived
LP4-A5Part Company
LP4-B1Slow Slow Music
LP4-B2Draining The Pool For You
LP4-B3River Of Money
LP4-B4Unkind & Unwise
LP4-B5Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea
Life As Sweet As Lemonade: Rarities Volume 1 : 1978–79
CD1-1I Want To Be Today
CD1-2The Sound Of Rain
CD1-3People Say
CD1-4Don't Let Him Come Back
CD1-5Long Lonely Day
CD1-6Day For Night
CD1-7Love Wasn't Made For You And Me
CD1-8Just Hang On
CD1-9Summer's Melting My Mind
CD1-10Obsession With You
CD1-11The Night
CD1-12Rare Victory
CD1-13Big Sleeping City
CD1-15The Missing One
CD1-16I Am An Architect
CD1-178 Pictures
CD1-18The Green Light Don't Mean Go
CD1-19Cold Flame (It Burns)
CD1-20Help Or Something
CD1-21Only Sinners Care
Skeletons That Cry: Rarities Volume 2 : 1980–81
CD2-1Don't Let Him Come Back
CD2-2The Clowns Are In Town
CD2-3Serenade Sound
CD2-4Sunday Night
CD2-6It Took You A Week
CD2-7Day Before Tomorrow
CD2-8I Know Why
CD2-9Circle You
CD2-10I Need Two Heads
CD2-11All About Strength
CD2-12One Word
CD2-13Red Epaulettes
Live 82: Rarities Volume 3
CD3-1Metal And Shells
CD3-2Your Turn, My Turn
CD3-4Distant Hands
CD3-5Hammer The Hammer
CD3-6People Know
CD3-7I Need Two Heads
CD3-8One Thing Can Hold Us
CD3-9Near The Chimney
CD3-10Undo What You Did
CD3-11By Chance
CD3-12It Could Be Anyone
A Suicide Note To Satan: Rarities Volume 4 : 1982–84
CD4-1A Peaceful Wreck
CD4-2Heaven Says
CD4-3On My Block
CD4-4Cattle And Cane
CD4-5Hammer The Hammer
CD4-6Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea
CD4-7Newton Told Me
CD4-8Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea
CD4-9This Girl, Black Girl
CD4-10Emperor's Courtesan
CD4-12Marco Polo Jr.
CD4-13Sweet Tasting Hours
CD4-14Part Company
CD4-15Bachelor Kisses
CD4-16The Old Way Out
CD4-17Unkind And Unwise
CD4-18Just A King In Mirrors
CD4-19Rare Breed
CD4-20Secondhand Furniture
CD4-21The Power That I Now Have
CD4-22Five Words
CD4-23For Him

Companies, etc.



Limited edition deluxe box set compiling remastered and repressed versions of the first three Go-Betweens LPs; a fourth LP compiling the band's first five non-LP singles; and four CDs of rarities, outtakes, and live performances from 1978–1984. The box set also contains a large-format 112-page book of liner notes, historical reminiscences by member Robert Forster, and archival photos, a silkscreen reproduction of the promo poster for the ‘Lee Remick’ single, and a reproduction of the band's first press-release. Boxed in heavy weight card in cloth wrap with marbled liner papers. Also includes a card with a unique download code for the entire box (first pressing), or a 16-track sampler, G Is For Go-Betweens (second pressing, due to the label losing most of the digital rights), in both MP3 & WAV formats.

The first 600 box sets ordered directly also came with a book from Grant McLennan's personal library and a bookmark signed by Robert Forster.

US Street Date: February 3, 2015

2014 is the copyright year.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Stickered): 887830008938



  • yamface's avatar
    Reissue confirmed by Robert coming along with vol 3. Don't pay these dumb prices!
    • swithers's avatar
      I'm reading 'Grant and I' which makes me yearn for this box set but even on discogs its eye watering expensive
      Surely a reissue would be the right thing to do for all those folk still discovering the genius of the Go betweens
      • lajones's avatar
        Reissue this goddamn thing already, we’re Go-Betweens fans not millionaires! I’ve got two dogs to feed!
        • retuow's avatar
          The download code situation is not exactly as is described in the notes. I have this box, the first edition. I have downloaded the entire set, but in MP3 format. I tried downloading it again to get access to the WAV files. The code still worked, but all I could download was the 16 track sampler. So even if you have a first pressing box set and download code, all you can download now with it is the 16 track sampler.
          • jimcooke's avatar
            I'd like to see a scan of each of the pages in the booklet.
            I took many photos of the band and sent a bunch to Robert, he promised a copy of the boxset which never happened (thanks). "Gold" he said, "these are gold Jim."
            I can see there are a few used on what I presume are the CD covers, but would like to see what was in the booklet, so if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
            For anyone who wants to see some early photo of them look on Instagram @jimsmusicphotos they are right at the beginning of my account, so you will have to scroll back aways.
            • StardustAnomie's avatar
              According to the band’s Facebook page, they may be considering a repress of this box, so I would hold off on paying too much in the meantime. I certainly hope they do. I missed out the first time around, and my Volume 2 box is looking awfully lonely up there on the shelf.
              • pobbard's avatar
                I would love it if someone could update the source of each track on the Rarities discs (like someone has graciously done for Vol 2!)
                • aponzoni27's avatar
                  When are they going to release this on CD only? I hate it when they do a fish-mash of CD/LP that leaves no one happy.
                  • homintern's avatar
                    Edited 6 years ago
                    on the first run of box sets, enclosed download cards are for 24-bit WAV or 320 kbps MP3 files of the entire box (lps and cds). on the second run, domino no longer held the digital rights and the enclosed download card is for a 16-track sampler. edit: seems like this was wrong info!
                    • rockpunkernickel's avatar
                      Limited pre-order repress now available from Domino and Domino USA, minus Grant McLennan book.


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