Fridge - EPH Reissue as reviewed by scoundrel

May 11, 2004

Now the post-rock has basically lost all its meaning, how would one describe Fridge’s <I>Eph</I> album? This reissue includes an additional disc with the EPs and singles that were associated with the original release on Go! Beat. The album itself, however, is a stunning combination of electronics and guitar music. It was fusion before fusion was the norm. “Ark” layers the sounds underneath the main guitar line, while “Of” drifts with a summery melody -- summer in Norway, that is. “Aphelion” adds in some strings for an orchestra feel. On the second disc, “Terasaka” has a quiet house beat underneath the electronic squelches, guitar plucking, and horns. Herbert puts an abstract house spin on “Ark” -- a very typical mix for him, with the cut-ups and layers of sound. Meanwhile, Patrick Pulsinger, makes “Bad Ischl” downtempo, with plenty of sounds to keep your ears happy. This re-release has definitely been overdue.