Jahari (3) - Fire & Desire as reviewed by -sheez-

February 14, 2016
edited over 5 years ago

33 yeah.

This record is emmense.

Abso-fucking-lutely HUGE,

Dwight Sykes is the man.

The rising bridge part is not present on the 2 versions included here.

Jahari (3) - Fire & Desire Scrivs

March 25, 2015
Yes, I know the labels say 45rpm, but isn't this record just supposed to be played at 33 on both sides? As it sounds utterly ridiculous when played at 45...

Jahari (3) - Fire & Desire -sheez-

February 29, 2016
You will come across hundreds of records with incorrect technical info on labels. More common is the labels being on the wrong sides. Welcome to the world of vinyl!

Jahari (3) - Fire & Desire toeachisown

April 20, 2015
yes.. I'm 100% sure it is supposed to be played at 33rpm