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    VariousThe Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 3: 1972-1975

    Stax – STX-35991-02, Universal Music Group International – 888072359918
    10 x CD, Compilation, Remastered
    Box Set, Reissue


    1-1Eddie FloydYum Yum Yum (I Want Some)2:49
    1-2Jean KnightCarry On2:53
    1-3Isaac HayesBe Your Thing3:16
    1-4Frederick KnightI've Been Lonely For So Long3:18
    1-5Annette Thomas*Nothing Is Everlasting2:57
    1-6The Soul Children*Hearsay3:20
    1-7Albert KingAngel Of Mercy4:15
    1-8The DramaticsIn The Rain3:15
    1-9Lee SainShe's My Old Lady Too2:47
    1-10The TempreesExplain It To Her Mama2:57
    1-11Sons Of SlumRight On3:26
    1-12Johnnie Taylor (The Soul Philosopher)*Doing My Own Thing (Part 1)3:30
    1-13The EmotionsMy Honey And Me3:30
    1-14Isaac HayesLet's Stay Together (Instrumental)3:42
    1-15Hot Sauce (2)Bring It Home (And Give It To Me)3:15
    1-16Black SocietyLook Around You2:30
    1-17The Nightingales (3)Don't Do It / I'm With You3:29
    1-18The Staple SingersI'll Take You There3:16
    1-19The Leaders (12)Which Way2:23
    1-20Veda BrownLiving A Life Without Love2:58
    1-21Harvey ScalesWhat's Good For You (Don't Have To Be Good To You)2:23
    1-22The Mad LadsLet Me Repair Your Heart3:55
    1-23Eric MercuryWhat's Usual Seems Natur'l3:20
    1-24Major LanceI Wanna Make Up (Before We Break Up)3:55
    2-1Isaac Hayes & David Porter*Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)4:28
    2-2Little MiltonWalking The Back Streets And Crying5:00
    2-3William BellSave Us3:17
    2-4Rufus Thomas6-3-82:37
    2-5Mel & TimStarting All Over Again3:55
    2-6Stefan (7)Keep On Loving Me2:48
    2-7David PorterI'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over4:35
    2-8Little SonnyGoin' Down Slow (Parts 1 & 2)5:32
    2-9The EmotionsI Could Never Be Happy3:26
    2-10The Soul Children*Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness3:00
    2-11Albert KingI'll Play The Blues For You (Part 1)3:35
    2-12Roger HatcherI Dedicate My Life To You2:30
    2-13March WindDo The Sweetback3:00
    2-14Black NastyGettin' Funky 'Round Here2:43
    2-15David PorterWhen The Chips Are Down3:20
    2-16Carla ThomasSugar4:12
    2-17Eddie FloydYou're Good Enough (To Be My Baby)3:16
    2-18The Staple SingersThis World3:39
    2-19Jean KnightHelping Man2:53
    2-20John KaSandra*Ain't I Good?3:00
    3-1The Bar-Kays*Dance, Dance, Dance (Part 1)2:58
    3-2The TempreesDedicated To The One I Love3:32
    3-3The DramaticsToast To The Fool4:13
    3-4Johnnie TaylorStop Doggin' Me3:58
    3-5Frederick KnightTrouble3:10
    3-6Little MiltonI'm Gonna Cry Me A River3:41
    3-7Rufus ThomasItch And Scratch (Part 1)3:12
    3-8Ernie HinesWhat Would I Do3:35
    3-9Veda BrownI Know It's Not Right (To Be In Love With A Married Man)3:27
    3-10Stefan (7)Holy Cow2:59
    3-11Sons Of SlumWhat Goes Around (Must Come Around)3:11
    3-12Isaac HayesTheme From The Men (Instrumental)4:00
    3-13Mavis StaplesEndlessly3:08
    3-14Inez FoxxYou Hurt Me For The Last Time3:03
    3-15John Gary WilliamsMy Sweet Lord3:15
    3-16Albert KingBreaking Up Somebody's Home3:35
    3-17Katie LoveHow Can You Mistreat The One You Love2:44
    3-18The EmotionsFrom Toys To Boys2:30
    3-19Roy Lee Johnson & The VillagersThe Dryer (Vocal) (Part 1)2:18
    3-20Carla ThomasI May Not Be All You Want (But I'm All You Got)3:49
    3-21Major LanceAin't No Sweat3:20
    3-22Jean KnightDo Me2:49
    3-23Little MiltonRainy Day3:13
    4-1The Soul Children*It Ain't Always What You Do (It's Who You Let See You Do It)3:34
    4-2Mel & TimI May Not Be What You Want2:57
    4-3Rufus ThomasFunky Robot (Part 1)2:43
    4-4Johnnie TaylorDon't You Fool With My Soul (Part 1)2:52
    4-5The Staple SingersOh La De Da3:34
    4-6Hot Sauce (2)What Do You See In Her?2:43
    4-7The TempreesA Thousand Miles Away3:18
    4-8The DramaticsHey You! Get Off My Mountain3:29
    4-9Isaac HayesRolling Down A Mountainside4:20
    4-10The Bar-Kays*You're Still My Brother3:32
    4-11Jimmy LewisStop Half Loving These Women2:54
    4-12William BellLovin' On Borrowed Time3:59
    4-13Eddie FloydLay Your Loving On Me3:05
    4-14Inez FoxxThe Time3:56
    4-15Mel & TimHeaven Knows3:50
    4-16Johnnie TaylorI Believe In You (You Believe In Me)4:32
    4-17Veda BrownShort Stopping2:22
    4-18The Staple SingersBe What You Are4:58
    4-19Stefan (7)I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby2:59
    4-20Albert KingPlaying On Me3:44
    4-21David PorterLong As You're The One Somebody Ine The World2:38
    5-1Frederick KnightThis Is My Song Of Love To You3:13
    5-2The MGs*Sugarcane3:09
    5-3The Soul Children*Love Is A Hurtin' Thing3:15
    5-4Eddie FloydBaby, Lay Your Head Down (Gently On My Bed)3:43
    5-5Eddie FloydCheck Me Out3:39
    5-6The EmotionsRunnin' Back (And Forth)2:31
    5-7Inez FoxxCrossing Over The Bridge2:55
    5-8The TempreesLove's Maze3:30
    5-9The Bar-Kays*It Ain't Easy3:20
    5-10Carla ThomasLove Among People3:59
    5-11Little MiltonWhat It Is3:22
    5-12William BellI've Got To Go On Without You3:48
    5-13Eric MercuryLove Is Taking Over3:52
    5-14Joe HicksRuby Dean3:17
    5-15The Mad LadsI'm So Glad I Fell In Love With You2:11
    5-16The DramaticsFell For You3:15
    5-17Johnnie TaylorCheaper To Keep Her3:27
    5-18Rufus ThomasI Know You Don't Want Me No More2:59
    5-19The Staple SingersIf You're Ready (Come Go With Me)3:19
    5-20The Sweet InspirationsSlipped And Tripped2:56
    5-21The EmotionsPeace Be Still2:57
    5-22The Soul Children*I'll Be The Other Woman3:33
    6-1The NewcomersThe Martian Hop2:54
    6-2Inez FoxxI Had A Talk With My Man3:56
    6-3The TempreesAt Last2:57
    6-4Isaac HayesJoy (Part 1)4:35
    6-5Hot Sauce (2)Good Woman Turning Bad2:48
    6-6John KaSandra*Mose (Part 3)5:35
    6-7Rufus ThomasI'll Be Your Santa Baby3:34
    6-8Eddie FloydI Wanna Do Things For You3:27
    6-9Albert KingThat's What The Blues Is All About3:45
    6-10Carolyn HurleyOne Way Love Affair4:17
    6-11Little MiltonTin Pan Alley3:33
    6-12Rufus ThomasThe Funky Bird3:26
    6-13Johnnie TaylorWe're Getting Careless With Our Love4:01
    6-14The EmotionsWhat Do The Lonely Do At Christmas3:24
    6-15Cix BitsSeason's Greetings3:21
    6-16Eric MercuryDon't Lose Faith In Me Lord3:30
    6-17Veda BrownDon't Start Loving Me (If You're Gonna Stop)3:49
    6-18The Staple SingersTouch A Hand, Make A Friend3:26
    6-19The DramaticsAnd I Panicked3:34
    6-20Joy FlemingChange It All3:21
    7-1William BellGettin' What You Want (Losin' What You Got)3:29
    7-2Jacqui Verdell*He's Mine3:43
    7-3Little SonnyMy Woman Is Good To Me2:50
    7-4David PorterI Got You And I'm Glad3:08
    7-5The EmotionsPut A Little Love Away3:10
    7-6Frederick KnightSuzy3:31
    7-7Mel & TimThe Same Folks3:10
    7-8The TempreesYou Make The Sunshine3:28
    7-9John Gary WilliamsThe Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy3:12
    7-10Inez FoxxCircuit's Overloaded3:46
    7-11Isaac HayesWonderful3:37
    7-12Little MiltonBehind Closed Doors3:57
    7-13Eddie FloydGuess Who3:20
    7-14The Sweet InspirationsDirty Tricks3:03
    7-15Roebuck "Pops" Staples*Whicha Way Did It Go3:10
    7-16Black NastyTalking To The People2:43
    7-17Johnnie TaylorI've Been Born Again3:18
    7-18The MGs*Neckbone2:58
    7-19Sandra WrightWounded Woman2:31
    7-20Hot Sauce (2)Stop Doggin' Me3:45
    7-21Kim WestonGoodness Gracious2:53
    8-1The Staple SingersCity In The Sky3:40
    8-2Isaac HayesTitle Theme2:32
    8-3Eddie FloydSoul Street3:25
    8-4Albert KingFlat Tire4:18
    8-5The Soul Children*Love Makes It Right3:12
    8-6The TempreesMr. Cool That Ain't Cool2:53
    8-7Rufus ThomasBoogie Ain't Nuttin' (But Gettin' Down) (Part 1)2:55
    8-8Ron Banks & The DramaticsHighway To Heaven3:55
    8-9William BellGet It While It's Hot3:13
    8-10Frederick KnightPassing Thru3:12
    8-11The NewcomersKeep An Eye On Your Close Friends3:08
    8-12The Staple SingersMy Main Man / There Is A God5:05
    8-13Mel & TimThat's The Way I Want To Live My Life4:42
    8-14Mel & TimForever And A Day3:44
    8-15The EmotionsBaby, I'm Through3:10
    8-16Johnnie TaylorIt's September3:54
    8-17Shirley BrownWoman To Woman3:21
    8-18Randy Brown & Company*Did You Hear Yourself (Part 1)2:54
    8-19Annette Thomas*You Need A Friend Like Mine2:54
    8-20The TempreesI Love, I Love3:30
    8-21Little MiltonLet Me Back In3:00
    9-1Albert KingCrosscut Saw2:48
    9-2The Bar-Kays*Coldblooded3:09
    9-3Sir Mack RiceBump Meat2:41
    9-4The Newcomers(Too Little In Common To Be Lovers) Too Much Going To Say Goodbye3:31
    9-5The Wrecking CrewBump And Boogie (Part 1)2:53
    9-6The Soul Children*What's Happening Baby (Part 1)2:48
    9-7The Staple SingersWho Made The Man4:10
    9-8Brook BentonI Keep Thinking To Myself3:14
    9-9Eddie FloydI Got A Reason To Smile (Cause I Got You)3:15
    9-10Bessie BanksTry To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet You Can't Do It)4:32
    9-11Willie SingletonBurning On Both Ends2:52
    9-12The EmotionsThere Are More Questions Than Answers3:30
    9-13Albert KingSanta Claus Wants Some Lovin'3:01
    9-14Hot Sauce (2)I Can't Let You Go3:10
    9-15Frederick KnightI Betcha Didn't Know That2:59
    9-16Sandra WrightLovin' You, Lovin' Me3:30
    9-17Rufus ThomasDo The Double Bump3:07
    9-18The TempreesCome And Get Your Love3:15
    9-19Sir Mack RiceDark Skin Woman (Part 1)3:05
    9-20Shirley BrownIt Ain't No Fun5:24
    9-21Little MiltonIf You Talk In Your Sleep2:40
    9-22Eddie FloydTalk To The Man2:58
    10-1Barbara & JoeYou're Astounding3:01
    10-2The Green Brothers (2)Dy-No-Mite (Did You Say My Love)2:59
    10-3The Dynamic Soul Machine*Boom-A-Rang3:32
    10-4John Gary WilliamsCome What May3:25
    10-5Johnnie TaylorTry Me Tonight3:20
    10-6Freddie WatersGroovin' On My Baby's Love2:40
    10-7The FiestasI Can't Shake Your Love (Can't Shake You Loose)3:43
    10-8Frederick KnightI Wanna Play With You2:43
    10-9Albert KingI'm Doing Fine3:25
    10-10Teresa Davis*No Way (I Can Live Without You)3:12
    10-11The Staple SingersBack Road Into Town4:13
    10-12Eddie FloydI'm So Glad I Met You3:19
    10-13Little MiltonPacked Up And Took My Mind3:44
    10-14Johnnie TaylorJust Keep On Loving Me2:59
    10-15R.B. HudmonHow Can I Be A Witness3:04
    10-16Rufus ThomasJump Back '75 (Part 1)3:30
    10-17The Staple SingersI Got To Be Myself3:41
    10-18Shirley BrownIt's Worth A Whippin'3:35
    10-19The Bar-Kays*Holy Ghost (Part 1)2:45

    Companies, etc.


    Release comes in a in a rigid lift-off lid box and includes a full colour booklet.

    This 2nd Edition Reissue ℗ 1994 © 1994, 2014 Concord Music Group, Inc.
    Made in the EU.

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode: 8 88072 35991 8
    • Label Code: LC15025
    • Rights Society: BIEM/SDRM

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