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    VariousOriginal American Folksongs

    Documents – 233311, The Intense Media – 233311
    10 x CD, Compilation, Stereo, Mono


    On The Banks Of The Ohio
    1-1Joan BaezOn The Banks Of The Ohio2:33
    1-2Jimmie Driftwood*The Battle Of New Orleans3:54
    1-3LeadbellyMidnight Special2:07
    1-4Woody GuthrieThis Land Is Your Land2:17
    1-5The Union BoysU.A.W.-C.I.O2:08
    1-6The WeaversThe Wreck Of The John B.2:24
    1-7Burl IvesBig Rock Candy Mountain2:41
    1-8Pete SeegerCindy2:32
    1-9Dock BoggsDown South2:10
    1-10The TarriersTom Dooley2:33
    1-11The Almanac SingersLiza Jane2:41
    1-12Burl IvesSolidarity Forever2:55
    1-13Elizabeth Cotton*Freight Train2:45
    1-14Woody Guthrie900 Miles2:32
    1-15Pete SeegerThe Erie Canal1:34
    1-16The Happiness Boys (2)Does The Spearmint Lose It's Flavor2:48
    John Hardy
    2-1Jimmie Driftwood*I'm Too Young To Marry2:05
    2-2OdettaJack O' Diamonds3:14
    2-3Pete SeegerCasey Jones1:55
    2-4Burl IvesThe Foggy, Foggy Dew2:35
    2-5Woody GuthriePastures Of Plenty2:25
    2-6Josh WhiteIn My Time Of Dying3:15
    2-7The WeaversTzena, Tzena, Tzena2:44
    2-8Josh WhiteStrange Fruit3:07
    2-9Joan BaezO What A Beautiful Day3:14
    2-10LeadbellyJohn Hardy4:19
    2-11Cisco HoustonWhat Did The Deep Blue Sea Say2:39
    2-12Dick JusticeHenry Lee3:28
    2-13Woody GuthrieOregon Trail2:45
    2-14Pete SeegerListen, Mister Bilbo2:41
    2-15Burl IvesBlue Tail Fly2:47
    2-16The TarriersDrill, Ye Tarriers, Drill2:22
    On Top Of Old Smokey
    3-1The TarriersThe Banana Boat Song3:04
    3-2Woody GuthrieRamblin' Round2:16
    3-3Bascom Lamar LunsfordDry Bones2:59
    3-4Pete SeegerRoll The Union On2:43
    3-5Burl IvesAunt Rhody1:16
    3-6The WeaversOn Top Of Old Smokey2:43
    3-7The Carter FamilyKeep On The Sunny Side2:51
    3-8Joan BaezSail Away Ladies2:41
    3-9Jimmie Driftwood*Old Joe Clark1:37
    3-10Charlie PooleWhite House Blues3:28
    3-11Ramblin' Jack ElliottOld Blue2:48
    3-12Pete SeegerDevilish Mary1:22
    3-13Brownie McGheeBlack, Brown And White2:37
    3-14LeadbellyPick A Bale Of Cotton3:01
    3-15Burl IvesI'm Sad And I'm Lonely2:32
    3-16Woody GuthrieNew Found Land2:08
    Rock Island Line
    4-1Woody GuthrieGypsy Davy2:51
    4-2Cisco HoustonEzekiel Saw The Wheel2:14
    4-3Joan BaezBlack Is The Colour2:36
    4-4The TarriersRock Island Line2:22
    4-5Burl IvesThe Cowboy's Lament2:22
    4-6Pete SeegerDanville Girl1:33
    4-7The Carter FamilyWill The Circle Be Unbroken3:07
    4-8Jimmie Driftwood*Pretty Mary2:26
    4-9Blind Willie McTellDelia2:32
    4-10Burl IvesOn Top Of Old Smokey2:17
    4-11The WeaversKisses Sweeter Than Wine2:59
    4-12Everly BrothersWho's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet2:41
    4-13Woody GuthrieCumberland Gap2:22
    4-14Burl IvesOn The Grand Canyon Line2:27
    4-15Pete SeegerI Had A Wife0:40
    4-16LeadbellySee See Rider2:56
    The Hammer Song
    5-1Joan BaezHouse Of The Rising Sun2:56
    5-2Woody GuthrieColumbus Stockade2:28
    5-3The Carter FamilyWorried Man Blues2:45
    5-4LeadbellyShorty George3:06
    5-5Burl IvesDown In The Valley3:11
    5-6Pete SeegerDarling Corey2:44
    5-7Helen* & June CarterPolly Wolly Doodle1:01
    5-8The Sons Of The PioneersTumbling Tumbleweeds2:42
    5-9Everly BrothersThat Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine3:11
    5-10Jo StaffordOld Joe Clark1:43
    5-11Jimmie Driftwood*Country Boy2:08
    5-12The Carter FamilyLonesome Valley2:40
    5-13Burl IvesDiesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves2:29
    5-14Woody GuthrieOld Time Religion2:34
    5-15Pete SeegerThe Hammer Song2:01
    5-16The WeaversThe Roving Kind2:46
    House Of The Rising Sun
    6-1The WeaversWhen The Saints Go Marching In2:41
    6-2Jo StaffordCriple Creek1:30
    6-3Woody GuthrieSong Of The Coulee Dam4:53
    6-4Jimmie Driftwood*The Land Where The Blue Grass Grows1:52
    6-5Burl IvesGoober Peas2:28
    6-6Pete SeegerBanks Of The Marble2:56
    6-7OdettaSanty Anno1:55
    6-8LeadbellyAlabama Bound3:03
    6-9The Carter FamilyMy Dixie Darling2:59
    6-10Joan BaezFare The Well3:21
    6-11Bill And Belle ReedThe Old Lady And The Devil3:05
    6-12Pete SeegerHouse Of The Rising Sun2:53
    6-13Burl IvesThe Wayfaring Stranger1:39
    6-14Woody GuthrieEnd Of My Line2:52
    6-15June CarterOh Susannah0:43
    6-16Jimmie Driftwood*Song Of The Cowboys2:20
    Goodnight Irene
    7-1LeadbellyOn A Monday1:51
    7-2The Carter FamilyAre You Lonesome Tonight2:57
    7-3Burl IvesGit Along Little Dogies1:51
    7-4Woody GuthrieSourwood Mountain2:59
    7-5The WeaversAround The Corner2:28
    7-6Buell KazeeThe Wagoner's Lad3:05
    7-7June CarterThe New Streamliner1:35
    7-8Jimmie Driftwood*Billy The Kid1:43
    7-9Chubby ParkerKing Kong Kitchie3:09
    7-10Pete SeegerThe Golden Vanity3:05
    7-11Uncle Eck DunfordOld Shoes And Leggins3:01
    7-12LeadbellyLittle Sally Walker2:35
    7-13Burl IvesWild Side Of Life3:02
    7-14Joan BaezWildwood Flower2:37
    7-15The WeaversGoodnight Irene3:20
    7-16Woody GuthrieRangers Command2:58
    Cool Water
    8-1Burl IvesBarbara Allen4:24
    8-2Pete SeegerBilly Boy2:21
    8-3The WeaversHard, Ain't It Hard3:05
    8-4Woody GuthrieBury Me Beneath The Willow2:49
    8-5The Sons Of The PioneersCool Water2:55
    8-6The Carter FamilyRambling Boy2:56
    8-7The Carolina Tar HeelsPeg And Awl2:59
    8-8LeadbellyRock Island Line2:53
    8-9Kelly HarrellMy Name Is John Johanna3:13
    8-10Burl IvesMolly Malone3:03
    8-11Joan BaezDonna, Donna3:14
    8-12Frank HutchisonStackalee3:01
    8-13Woody GuthrieHard Travelin'2:14
    8-14Jimmie Driftwood*Jesse James1:52
    8-15The Carter FamilyRiver Of Jordan2:38
    8-16Jilson SettersThe Wild Wagoner3:17
    Red River Valley
    9-1The Carter FamilyJimmie Brown The Newsboy2:35
    9-2Woody GuthrieMore That Girls Than One2:21
    9-3The Sons Of The PioneersRed River Valley2:29
    9-4Jimmie Driftwood*The Battle Of San Juan Hill2:29
    9-5Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers*Wake Up Jakob2:55
    9-6Burl IvesHey Lully Lully Lo2:16
    9-7Elders McIntorsh & Edward's Sanctified Singers*Since I Laid My Burden Down3:19
    9-8Joan BaezRake And Rambling Boy1:59
    9-9Cannon's Jug StompersMinglewood Blues3:44
    9-10LeadbellyTake This Hammer1:35
    9-11The Sons Of The PioneersCigareetes, Whuskey And Wild Wild Women2:53
    9-12Woody GuthriePretty Boy Floyd3:08
    9-13Hoyt Ming & His Pep Steppers*Indian War Hop3:13
    9-14The WeaversThe Bay Of Mexico2:44
    9-15The Carter FamilyChewing Gum3:04
    9-16Burl IvesThe Devil's Nine Questions3:07
    Riders In The Sky
    10-1The Sons Of The PioneersRiders In The Sky3:18
    10-2Burl IvesHound Dog1:55
    10-3Woody GuthrieSo Long It's Been Good To Ya3:06
    10-4The Carter FamilyWildwood Flower3:11
    10-5LeadbellyThere's A Man Goin' Round Takin' Names1:26
    10-6Ernest & Hattie Stoneman*Mountaneer's Courtship2:44
    10-7Jimmie Driftwood*The Marshall Of Silver City2:22
    10-8The Memphis Jug Band*K. C. Moan2:33
    10-9Cannon's Jug StompersFeather Bed3:16
    10-10Joan BaezLittle Moses3:31
    10-11The Stoneman FamilyThe Spanish Merchant's Daughter3:18
    10-12Burl IvesRoving Gambler1:43
    10-13The Sons Of The PioneersHome On The Range2:39
    10-14Woody GuthrieJohn Henry2:44
    10-15The Carter FamilyWabash Cannonball2:57
    10-16LeadbellyIrene Goodnight1:50


    10 CDs in cardstock wallets, housed in clamshell box.

    Several tracks have the titles scrambled, misspelled, or missing words. The following tracks should properly be given as:
    6-2 Cripple Creek
    6-6 Banks of Marble
    9-2 More Pretty Girls Than One
    9-5 Wake Up Jacob
    9-13 Indian War Whoop
    10-3 So Long It's Been Good To Know Ya
    10-6 Mountaineer's Courtship

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode: 8 85150 33311 2
    • Label Code: LC 12281