LoessWind And Water

Label:n5MD – CATMD138
CD, Album
Style:IDM, Ambient



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℗ n5music 2006

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  • Barcode: 702224113824
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Wind And Water (12×File, WAV, Album, Reissue)n5MDnoneUS2020


  • tony879's avatar
    This is such a brilliant album, why the fuck is it not on vinyl? It deserves a bigger audience. Someone please get this pressed up because I’d be there like a flash.
    It’s kind of unique and imo should be up there with the likes of Metamatics first and BOC ‘music..’ gentle but strange, engaging but ambient. Get it fuckin pressed up!!!!!
    • Georgetown5000's avatar
      This album uses a very cohesive sound palette, that appropriately evokes nature: wind, water...trees, clouds, rain, stones. It puts me in mind of a walk through rainy countryside, perhaps quite barren terrain with a few trees but lots of open space and no people or animals: peaceful but also melancholic and quite bleak at times. Even though it features a very individual and distinctive sound, it's not an album I listen to often, because of this bleakness and sparsity that it makes me feel.
      • Cardia1's avatar
        Edited 9 years ago
        One of my favourite Electronic music Albums, in 2012 i listened to this Album countless times, it was for me the album of 2012. This is the best production by Loess, This Album gives fine exquisite musics with very beautiful melodies, very emotinal, its sounds evoke alot elements of Nature, such as hoods, Mountains, rivers, wind, rain, and historical stone buildings. The sounds seem so natural that they look like they came from Nature and not from electronic devices.From the first to the last track this album provides a lovely relaxing and emotial experience, makes me wish wander in the hoods with a beautiful Girl. My favourite tracks are "Creshiem" wich ends with a breathtaking wind music, "copse" that hits my heart with huge strengh, "Sonde" makes me move like a crazy druid around a fireplace, "sororal" very melancholic and smooth,also a nice track to make love by the riverside.
        "Dasein" evokes a sky with massive clouds releasing a soft rain as the wind blows in the trees."Lll6" is definetly the best Music for me in this Album, very toutching, relaxing, hypnotizing, when i listen to this music i close my eyes and i find myself in a beautiful Florest surrounded by my beautiful wife and my two kids, and the sounds of this music slows down the time so i can admire the happy expressions of my beloved ones. I can´t get tired of listening to this album, it is simply Amazing!!!
        I pray that Loess are working on a new Album, they are definetly two genius artists.
        • aamir's avatar
          Overwhelmingly impressive!

          Pure melancholic and ruminative music. I've listened to this album for like 100 times, but I can't seem to get bored by it. A beautiful and dreamy trip that takes you to a glamorous and foggy place, making you want to forget about EVERYTHING and just hang loose. It's like floating in the water, free of all the tensions. A very unique and quintessential IDM goodness.

          This album will always have a place in my top five albums of all time. A must have for any IDM lover.

          • EndingMirage's avatar
            Edited 16 years ago
            The less active a music, the more impressive it is when it has to be described as invigorating and full of vim. Wind and Water achieves this dichotomy, and does so amidst a time inundated with experimental soundscape that fails to compel and IDM that has become all-too formulaic. Enter Loess with their own unique take on ambient and IDM genres to create a piece that is simultaneously melancholy and uplifting, active and pensive, harmonious and discordant, organic and quantized. It creates a scape not of land, but of time. This album creates not an idyllic image of a phlegmatic Sunday afternoon, but rather transforms the listener into an eternal observer watching aeons of time fly past; the listener compelled to watch the coming and going of seasons, the growth and flagging of foliation, the rise and fall of mountains. From there, it is up to the observer to determine what it all means.
            • wfkroll's avatar
              Edited 16 years ago
              The sound of Loess has progressed nicely since the release of the self titled album in 2002 and compared to the magnificent 3D concepts 12", the sound of Wind and Water is much more organic. The record seems to utilize many samples or manipulated synths to create a flowing stream like sound mixed with what really does sound like wind blowing through trees on a breezy afternoon. The reverse sample effect used throughout also adds a nice psychedelic element to the material, which makes it ideal listening for the a lazy morning after. The mood overall sits well with the Loess back catalogue; melancholic, dreamy, and thought provoking. I'm very pleased with this album and have found Loess climbing their way into my top favorites list. Essential purchase for 2006.
              • pinkspace's avatar
                Edited 17 years ago
                Always progressively growing but still keeping a common thread to trace through all their projects, Loess have proven themselves to be one of the most underrated names in the genre. After a long wait, Wind And Water is a brilliant step forward for Loess. Much more ambient than their previous works (in some ways closer to their Codec Scovill output) and very intricate, slowly-evolving drum programming that sounds, well, wet with rain and eroded by wind. Imagine the droney soundscapes of 3d Concepts Part 2 meets the slicker production stylings of their more recent 12BC single. No big surprise, another stunning album by Emerson/Pullman.



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