Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 dready_mercury

November 13, 2020
If anyone has a spare side q/r for this and wants to sell let me know. I lost mine

Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 Korekuta

March 1, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
Well, I have mixed feelings about that box. Okay, the musical content is definitely worth all the vinyls. And yes, the heat sensitivity is a nice gimmick, which - however - will fade over the time. But what is really bad finally, is the cheaply manufactured surface of the box. However careful you place it on any shelf: the covering will sort of be scrubbed of, especially due to the fact the box is quite heavy. Some more money should’ve been invested for the packaging, I think!!!

Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 Pheenixx

October 19, 2019
Have kept mine in the original plastic with the bottom cut out. Utterly pristine.

Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 Korekuta

February 12, 2019
So you're a kind of box action hero ;0) ...

Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 gamera87

February 10, 2019
My box has been out and displayed for 20 years, and it looks new.

Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 as reviewed by dark_azrael

April 5, 2017

Probably my Favorite boxsets, the heat sensitive pakaging is pretty sweet.
Containing pretty much all Massive Attacks early singles + remixes on 12" vinyl.
Happy with it when I purchased it years ago, still happy with it now :)

Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 RoyalKurt

April 1, 2010
Still wondering after all those years why the original version of Unfinished Sympathy is missing on this box .....

Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 EpicForever

July 19, 2018
Could you please link to original version that you are talking about?

Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 laigool

July 17, 2018
all original versions are missing in each 12" single, not only Unfinished Sympathy

Massive Attack - Singles 90/98 EpicForever

December 4, 2017
edited over 3 years ago
Could you please elaborate more? Is it available on any other Unfinished Sympathy singles? If yes - which one?