Global Communication - The Way / The Deep as reviewed by DJNORTHENER

July 4, 2017
Hands down, 2 of the greatest house tracks every made. If you love deep house, tech house or just beautiful dance music in general then you should know these tracks. If you are a house DJ and you aren't aware of Global Communication aka Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard then shame on you, sort it out!! haha.
Beautiful, timeless, classic music.

Global Communication - The Way / The Deep DJNORTHENER

December 14, 2017
Our pleasure! Please enjoy it and spread the love of this beautiful record.

Global Communication - The Way / The Deep djmiked9876

December 12, 2017
I have known about the remix ( harry the bastard) I just stumbled across this tonight! Thanks!

Global Communication - The Way / The Deep mellow_mellow

February 10, 2017
The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix) fits perfectly to Global Communications - Space Jazz Mix of Azymuth's "Jazz Carnival".
It was a standard of my set in the end of 90s!

Global Communication - The Way / The Deep hschijndel

April 10, 2017
Haha, me to! DJ Marcello played the same combination on Chemistry live on radio 3fm.....

Global Communication - The Way / The Deep john_juan_jean

December 1, 2014
yeah at the risk of being a crowdpleaser i couldn't agree more with these posts... i love all genres of electronic music that i starting getting exposed to (and later addicted lol) starting in about 89 with 808 state, klf, the orb and all the rest... was blown away by 73:14 and their other stuff (reload etc.)... then in 96 when this came out i bought it cuz it was GC and i was like ' is this? i love it'... well, i was told it was deep house and i wanted more of it but could never seem to find it... thankfully these days there is more like this but yeah... if i played out, i'd play this track in every deep house set without question... it still sounds that good... oh and btw... deep house is probably my fave genre lol... thanks tom and mark :)

Global Communication - The Way / The Deep Lyot76

November 19, 2013

This is the record that got me hooked madly on Deephouse..

Global Communication - The Way / The Deep Pistachios

June 11, 2011
Much has been said about this tune - so apologies in advance but I'm gonna say some more. Prior to this Global Communication released some of the finest ambient electronic music you could hope to hear. (Splurge some cash on their re-interpretation of Chapterhouse's indie rock album - you won't be disappointed.) If you've followed Mark Pritchard, you'll be aware that he is one of the finest producers alive - not only taking in every dance movement going, but also giving beautiful music for heads to listen to. This track is a perfect example of how sampling can be a truly positive force in music. One well worked vocal loop of Dexter Wansel's 'The Sweetest Pain' is spun out so carefully that when the record ends and you want to hear it again. Pritchard and Middleton didn't collaborate on many house tracks (in fact, of the two, Middleton went on to make more music in this style) and when you've achieved this highly, I can understand why. Mesmeric, danceable, headphone-friendly genius. 'The way' is a staple for deep-house lovers and electronic music fans in general. And I haven't even touched on the flip (check the deep dish remix). Got my copy when it was new priced £1.99 coz it was 'record of the week' in my local independent. Days gone by.

Global Communication - The Way / The Deep as reviewed by RobertoDimero

January 13, 2008
When the Groovejet crew (spiller) spinned this track to open his set, he opened my mind as well. A whole new perspective grew inside me to define deep house music. It still surpices me, that a simplistic and monotone tune, like the 'the Way, secret ingedrients remix' is, can lie so far in front of his time, that now 10 years later, this vinyl still earns the crown of deep house. It was years later when Arnold Jarvis and Chris Gray picked up what Global Communication invinted. A classic for all those experienced deep house lovers who enjoyed it before the millineum.


Global Communication - The Way / The Deep MrJoy

August 9, 2010

One of the best deep house tracks ever. Still in my bag after 14 years!