Hypetraxx - The Darkside SLAWEK.PL

May 29, 2014
something unreal. one of the best track in history of hardtrance . 1999 (was very good year!) year,but for me quality like in 2001-2004

Hypetraxx - The Darkside as reviewed by Project_One_DJ_Team

December 12, 2005
edited over 12 years ago

Extremely bouncy and, if played in a club with a good set of speakers, a really monsterously stompin track. This one is probably best for starting a set, especially at 21+ parties, because people who come there all remember this tune from the big clubs in Spain from their first holidays apart from their parents, and will go mad when they hear the creepy vocal and the bouncy triplets which makes up the base rhythm.

Hypetraxx - The Darkside chinomoreno

November 25, 2010

Way overdue on a reply here, but was going thru some old tracks and remembered this monster! Hypetraxx was 1 of the big ones to look for back in the day when Overdose was THE LABEL. Their remixes and productions were one of a kind. The Darkside is an unreal track, and in my opinion, one of the pioneers to pave the way for hard trance. This track is from '99!!! Are you kidding me?!?! Just love to pull out the ol' 12" and dust her off to hear this track. Serious hard trance from the day. The synths, the vocals, and the classic Hypetraxx slammin bass line, chugging, chugging, chugging............"the darkside" =-D