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The Michigan Box (1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels) (Compilation) album cover

VariousThe Michigan Box (1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels)

Be! Sharp Records – 6068-77
10 x CD, Compilation
Box Set, Compilation


1-1The Blue Echoes (4)O'Misery
1-2The Blue Echoes (4)Rebel Train
1-3The Blue Echoes (4)Tossin' And Turnin'
1-4Rufus Shoffner & Joyce SongerOrbit Twist
1-5Kelly Rogers & Joyce SingoRaindrops
1-6Frank HammacWorld Of Pleasure
1-7The Atlantics (5)Heartburn
1-8The Atlantics (5)Monkey Tree
1-9Kathy HawkRocket To The Moon
1-10Lenny & The Thundertones*Homicidal
1-11Dwight Douglas & The JayhawkersInterstate 45
1-12Dick ArmstrongI Wanta Go Steady With You
1-13Lafayette Yarbrough*Cool Cool Baby
1-14Lafayette Yarbrough*Livin' Doll
1-15The Chantells (4)Long Tall Sally
1-16The Chantells (4)Rockin' Revelie
1-17The Princetons FiveGoin' Nowhere
1-18The Princetons FiveDeadman
1-19Bobby Good (2)Crawl Back
1-20The Flamethrowers*Intensity
1-21The Flamethrowers*Whippy Wow
1-22Max CullerMr. Johnson
1-23Clarence Walton & Walton Brother BandThe Cat
1-24Chubby MartinSoul Salesman
1-25Bob & The Rockbillies*Baby Why Did You Have To Go
1-26Bob & The Rockbillies*Your Kind Of Love
1-27The Blue Echoes (5)Cool Guitar
1-28The Blue Echoes (5)It's Witchcraft
1-29Danny Jorden With The Fortuneaires*You'll Be Lonely
1-30Leon James With Walter Atkins & His Homotone'sBaby Let's Rock
1-31Leon James With Walter Atkins & His Homotone'sRide That Train
1-32The Millionaires (16)Arkansas Jane
1-33Eddie Jackson (10)Blues I Can't Hide
2-1Don Allers & His Rhythm MastersHeartless Woman
2-2Bob & His NeptunesNight Street
2-3The EgyptiansTwin Spin
2-4The Flamethrowers*Suzette
2-5The Flamethrowers*The Knights Caper
2-6Jimmy Lee (13)Baby Baby Baby
2-7Jimmy Lee (13)She's Gone
2-8Palford BradyL-O-V-E
2-9Ray Taylor & Alabama Pals*Clocking My Card
2-10Ray Taylor & Alabama Pals*Connie Lou
2-11Ray Taylor & Alabama Pals*My Hamtramck Baby
2-12Ray Taylor & Alabama Pals*I'll Never Let You Weary My Mind Any More
2-13Hugh Friar And Virginia VagabondsI Can't Stay Mad At You
2-14Hugh Friar And Virginia VagabondsEmpty Arms
2-15Ford Nix & MoonshinersAin't No Sign I Wouldn't If I Could
2-16Ford Nix & MoonshinersNine Times Out Of Ten
2-17Curly Dan & Jim Maynard (2) With The Danville Mountain TrioI Flubbed My Dub
2-18Curly Dan & Jim Maynard (2) With The Danville Mountain TrioYou'll Be The One To Cry
2-19Bill SwainRenfro Valley Home
2-20Paul & LarryJust A Cheater
2-21Lenny And The ThundertonesThunder Express
2-22Johnny Guitar & The Rhythm-Aires*Zaragoza
2-23Pal Brady*More Lovin'
2-24The Country MisfitsHello There Mister
2-25Johnny Buckett & His Cumberland River BoysHippie In A Blunder
2-26Jimmy Wayne & The GalaxiesYou Shake Me
2-27The CimbalasCrazy Tom
2-28Bobby Blond & The Bandits*Sweet Love
2-29Curly Dan & Wilma Ann And The Danville Mountain Boys*Mixed Up Life
2-30Danny & The GalaxiesAd lib
2-31Danny & The GalaxiesIf You Want To Be My Baby
2-32Chuck Dockery & The Four BuddiesNashville Tennessee
2-33Tino & The RevlonsRave On
2-34Chuck Dockery & The Four BuddiesRock While We Ride
3-1The DeltronsTonya
3-2Danny Zella And His Zell RocksSapphire
3-3The Sabres (7)Bounty Hunter
3-4Connie DycusI Could Shoot Myself (If I Wasn't Afraid Of A Gun)
3-5Frank Zolton With Town And Country Boys*Cats Eyes
3-6The D&S WildcatsWildcaten
3-7The Royal PlayboysGoodbye Bo
3-9Bobby Dee & The CrestlinersGraveyard Twist
3-10Bobby Dee & The CrestlinersJerry's Twist
3-11Chuck King (3)I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
3-12Jimmy Williams & The DriftersIf You Could Love Me
3-13Jimmy Williams & The DriftersTeardrops And Memories
3-14Barry RayeTwilight Zone
3-15The Hesitations (2)Wild Little Willie
3-16The Fugitives (10)On Trial
3-17Renegades VWine Wine Wine
3-18Bob Harris & The Kings FourBertha Lou
3-19The E'LitesWhat Are We Gonna Call It? You Got Me!
3-20Hank WintersHoneymoon Express
3-21Roy Moss With Cliff Allen's BandWiggle Walkin' Baby
3-22Roy Moss With Cliff Allen's BandYes Juanita's Mine
3-23The Mysterions (2)Amnesia
3-24The Mysterions (2)Transylvania
3-25The Lincoln TrioShake Down
3-26The Mysterions (2)Down Hill
3-27Jimmy Carroll (2)Big Green Car
3-28The Scavengers (9)Curfue
3-29Flat Top's Rabble Rousers*Coverup
3-30The FlintalesFlintales Rock
3-31The Vulcans (5)Jambo
3-32The Vulcans (5)Shimmy Shuffle
3-33The FlintalesD-Rail
4-1Earl Songer & His Rocky Road RamblersMother-In-Law Boogie
4-2Hubert Friar And His Hillbilly HicksJoe's Mandolin Boogie
4-3Jimmy Myers & His Happy Highway GangDrunk Man's Wiggle
4-4Jimmy Myers & His Happy Highway GangDing Dong Mama From Tennessee
4-5Forest RyeWildcat Boogie
4-6Boots Gilbert & Bob SykesTake It Or Leave It
4-7Boots Gilbert With Chuck Hatfield & The Treble-Aires*Man! Turn Me Loose
4-8Cal Davis & His Tennessee KingsPartnership Love Affair
4-9Eddie Jackson & His Swingsters*Rock And Roll Baby
4-10Buster Turner & His Pinnacle Mt. BoysThat Old Heartbreak Express
4-11Bill Hicks And The SoutherneersBlue Flame
4-12Bill Hicks And The SoutherneersShe's Done Good
4-13Roy Rector & Slim BradfordI Didn't Know I Loved You
4-14Jimmy Lee (13)You Ain't No Good For Me
4-15Pete De Bree And The WanderersMy Bucket's Got A Hole In It
4-16Roy RectorHeard The Back Door Slam
4-17Pete De Bree And The WanderersHey, Mr. Presley
4-18Pete De Bree And The WanderersLong Tall Lou
4-19The Whirl Wind EvangelistsNo Grave
4-20Dell Vaughn* With The Fortune AiresRock The Universe
4-21Ron RaderRock And Roll Grandpap
4-22Terrigan Brothers* With The Sterlings (5)Hi Ho Little Girl
4-23Ellis Kirk (2) & The Town And Country BoysFlamingo Rock
4-24Ellis Kirk (2) & The Town And Country BoysSweetie Pie
4-25The Tennessee Harmony BoysI'm A Millionaire
4-26Hunt Sisters* & Mark (213) With Roy Hall & His BoysElvis Is Rocking Again
4-27Jim Myers* & Tex ReganPretty Baby Rock
4-28Jim Myers & His GemsJ & D Hop
4-29Jim Myers & His GemsOh! Baby Baby
4-30The Hunt SistersI'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore
4-31Danny Richards & The Country Rhythm BoysYou Can't Stop Me From Loving You
4-32Danny Richards & The Country Rhythm BoysOne Way Tickets To Tennessee
4-33Curly Dan & Wilma Ann And The Danville Mountain Boys*North On 23
5-1Nolan Strong & The DiablosTry Me One More Time
5-2George Young, His Guitar & Band*Buggin' Baby
5-3George Young, His Guitar & Band*Shakin' Shelly
5-4The Catalinas (11)Destruction
5-5The Catalinas (11)Long Walk
5-6Floyd Smith (10) With The Montclairs (9)Granpa's Gully Rock
5-7The Nite SoundsCheese Cake
5-8Butch Vaden & The Nite SoundsThe Roll
5-9Eddie StapletonWell I'm Weak
5-10The Royal Jokers (2)I Don't Like You That Much
5-11Little Ernest Tucker*Gonna Get Me A Satellite
5-12Little Ernest Tucker*Too Small To Dance
5-13Earl ChatmanLoving You Baby
5-14Earl ChatmanTake Two Steps Back
5-15Andre (Bacon Fat) Williams*I Still Love You
5-16The LapelsBad Luck
5-17The Continental FourJack The Ripper
5-18The Continental FourScramble
5-19Johnny BuckettGriddle Greasin' Daddy
5-20Johnny BuckettLet Me Play With Your Poodle
5-21Jimmy Kirkland With Stan Getz & Tom CatsCome On Baby
5-22Jimmy Kirkland With Stan Getz & Tom CatsI Wonder If You Wonder
5-23Danny Zella And His Zell RocksBlack Saxs
5-24Danny Zella And His Zell RocksWicked Ruby
5-25Bobby Smith (4)Bevy Mae
5-26Bobby Smith (4)She's Gone From Me
5-27The Sabres (7)Bomp Bomp
5-28The Sabres (7)Rustler
5-29B.Goode and BandHo Key Po Key Rock
5-30B.Goode and BandSabotage
5-31Keith O'MalleyTurned Out (Alvera)
5-32Neutrons (2)Cut-Out
6-1Vic GallonI'm Gone
6-2Howard PerkinsDouble Clutchin' Man
6-3Howard PerkinsMy Maw Didn't Raise No Fool
6-4The Torquays*Busting Point
6-5The Torquays*The Other Side
6-6The Huron Valley BoysWhen It's Judgement Day
6-7George Brady & The Kingsman*Tell Me! Why?
6-8Pete Goble & Billy Gill with The Kentucky RebelsCherokee
6-9Pete Goble & Billy Gill with The Kentucky RebelsColumbus
6-10Harold L. & The OffbeatsConnie
6-11Harold L. & The OffbeatsThree Years
6-12Jim Bagley & The Country FourCome On In
6-13Glynn Archer & The Bowman'sSooner
6-14The Rim ShotsThe Native Dance
6-15Curly Dan & Wilma Ann And The Danville Mountain Boys*South On No. 23
6-16Jimmy Hayes (3) With The Camey Ridge RamblersTom Cat Boogie
6-17Rick Roll & The AurorasTo The Dancing Party
6-18Al Burnette & His Southern Swingsters*Humpty Dumpty
6-19Al Burnette & His Southern Swingsters*Lookie Here, Baby
6-20Thomas Green (2) With Tennessee Tom & His Rhythm BoysI'd Rather Make Love
6-21Bill Hicks And The SoutherneersSugar Coated Lies
6-22Farris Wilder & His BandIt's All Your Fault
6-23Shorty Frog & His Space Cats*I'm Glad We Didn't Say Goodbye
6-24Shorty Frog & His Space Cats*Sheddin' Tears Over You
6-25Jimmy Gartin With The Highlanders (8)Gonna Ride That Satelite
6-26Rufus Shoffner & Joyce SongerIt Always Happens To Me
6-27Rufus Shoffner & Joyce SongerEvery Little Raindrop
6-28Cherokee Chief & His Oaklahoma Rockers*Little Mama Twist
6-29Rufus Shoffner & Speedy RodgersLovelight
6-30Bobby BernellMove Over Big Dog (Let A Little Dog In)
6-31Cherokee Chief (2)Mean And Evil Blues
6-32Patti Lynn (2)Same Old Blues
7-1Jimmie ClickPolecat Hollow
7-2The Gardenias (4)I'm Laughing At You
7-3The Ferros With Nick & His Jaguars*Tough Cat
7-4Phaetons (2)Fling
7-5Dave Hamilton & His PeppersCooter Bug
7-6Dave Kirk & The Candy MenOh! Baby
7-7Kenny LayneJoann
7-8The Hound Dogs (3)Hound Dog Boogie
7-9Big Daddy GBig Berry (Boss Man Guitar)
7-10Howard PerkinsUnder Control
7-11Lum HatcherWhite Lightning 'n Excess
7-12Carl Martin TrioAin't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
7-13Gospel Travelers (2)Spiritual Ladder
7-14Wade & The NationalsButterfly
7-15Eddy Janson & The Van DellsWhat I Say
7-16Jimmy Jackson (10)Never Tell A Lie
7-17Wayne Roberts & The CountrymenStomping Ground
7-18The LyonairesWhy You Been Gone So Long
7-19Barbara Tennant & The Band Of Hindle Butt*Rock, Baby, Rock
7-20Briant HollandShock
7-21Billy Sharpe & His SharptonesHippitty Hop
7-22Chuck MannLittle Miss Muffett
7-23The Dynamite'sDynamite
7-24The Dynamite'sRosie Lee
7-25Little Mac & The BravadoesCinderella
7-26Little Mac & The BravadoesDance Baby (With Me)
7-27Bob & The Bandits*I'm Gonna Stop Cryin'
7-28Chuck Slaughter With Buddy Ray & The Shamrocks*Lucky 11 Rock
7-29Roxie Williams With Buddy Ray & The Shamrocks*Fifteen Seconds
7-30The BossmenHelp Me Baby
7-31The EgyptiansInkster Boogie
7-32The EgyptiansThe Party Stomp
7-33Roy Kelly (2)Rock And Roll Rock
8-1Johnny & The DriftersRimshot
8-2Mel Smith (8)They Call Me Shadrach
8-3Dennis Bice & The Rhythm RidersJogger
8-4Jimmie MurphyThere's No Use In Me Loving You
8-5Frank Monday & The Steppers*Stepping
8-6The Medallions (4)Blowin' Through Yokahama (Part 1)
8-7The Medallions (4)Blowin' Through Yokahama (Part 2)
8-8Danny & The Nitro-Notes*International Whirl
8-9EpitonesEpitone Twist
8-10EpitonesThe Mighty Rumble
8-11Rusty Dunn With Wayne Roberts & The CountrymenProduction Line
8-12Jim Hall & His Radio PalsSeventh Heaven
8-13Billy Lee & The RamblersTrav'lin
8-14Tom Carter (2) & The Ramrods (8)Flyin' Saucer Twist
8-15Tom Carter (2) & The Ramrods (8)Twistin' Boogie
8-16Sandy SalyersExtra Boyfriend
8-17Tom & The Tornadoes*Long Pony Tail
8-18Nick Harris & The SoundbarriersBig Nick
8-19Dean-O-Delray And His DelraysBallad Of Billy The Kid
8-20Dean-O-Delray And His DelraysLucky Star
8-21Zookie And The PotentatesBachelors Got It Made
8-22Zookie And The PotentatesTelephony
8-23The Rhythm Rockers (7)Thinkin' About You
8-24The Tempos (9)It's Tough
8-25The Tempos (9)Sham-Rock
8-26Norm Allen & The RenegadesBaby, What's A Matter With You
8-27Norm Allen & The RenegadesJust One Womans Man
8-28The Three RamblersIf You Call That Love
8-29The Three RamblersWalking Talking Babydoll
8-30Carl & Evert & The Golden Strings QuartetI Have Found The Way
8-31The Pleasant Valley BoysHighway To Heaven
8-32John WackerHallelujah Side
8-33Judy Leonard With Arnold Patton & Jack MolletteAct Like A Man
8-34The Princetons FiveRoll Over Beethoven
9-1The Wildwood PlayboysWildlife
9-2B. Sisco & The Melo-DairesI'll Find You
9-3The Starlighters (11)Cindy Lee
9-4The Starlighters (11)Wicked Ruby
9-5Pete Cummins & The Redeemers Four*In The Middle (Of The Night)
9-6Pete Cummins & The Redeemers Four*The Surfin' Freeze
9-7Virgil BakerOohee Wee Your Sweet
9-8Forrest Green & The RangersPoverty
9-9John JShotgun Weddin'
9-10Grant DoomSee How Ya Are
9-11Freeman KeithUgly Duckling
9-12Johnny BuckettGriddle Greasin' Daddy
9-13Gene Nitz & The W.Va. RamblersI Don't Kow What I'm Looking For
9-14Thunder RocksJohnny Sax
9-15Thunder RocksWhat's The Word
9-16The Blazers (16)Graveyard
9-17Kenny OwensCome Back Baby
9-18Kenny OwensFrog Man Hop
9-19Loyd HowellFroggy
9-20Loyd HowellFroggy
9-21Low RocksSnooker
9-22Quintet Plus*Grits 'n Grease
9-23Thunder RocksWarpath
9-24Fred Farrah With The Hitch-Hikers*Settle Down
9-25The Valiants (2)Wild Party
9-26Thunder RocksOh, My Linda
9-27Aubrey Bradford With Brad's OrchestraGet Your Feet On The Floor
9-28Eddie Jackson's SwingstersBaby Doll
9-29Danny Zella's Rockers*Youngster Meets Monster
9-30The Youngsters (7)Zebra
9-31The Falcons & Orchestra*Sent Up
9-32Ron OuderkirkMy Kind Of Woman
9-33Teen TonesJumping
9-34Frankie & The Teen-TonesTold You Little Baby
10-1Finetones Inc.Short Circuit
10-2Finetones Inc.The Big "G"
10-3The Treblemakers (2)Spartan Stomp
10-4The Society (5)Nicotine Fit
10-5Jackie Carbone With Eddie Bartel & Orchestra*Jam-Up
10-6Johnny Frazer* & The Regal-Aires*Rock With The Mambo
10-7The Regal-Aires*It
10-8Richard Brothers (2)Drunk Driver's Coming
10-9Richard Brothers (2)Stolen Property
10-10Don Rader & The Five StarsRockin' The Blues
10-11Jimmy Gartin & His Bad CatsHoney Won't You Love Me
10-12Kenny Lane & His Bull DogsColumbus Stockade Blues
10-13Kenny Lane & His Bull DogsFroggy Went A-Courtin'
10-14Ramblers*Buzzin' Bee
10-15Nick & The Jaguars*Cool And Crazy
10-16Nick & The Jaguars*Ich-I-Bon #1
10-17Don Richards (2)Traffic Jam
10-18The Swing Kings (4)Just Fooling Around
10-19The Swing Kings (4)The Bug
10-20Ken McWilliams And The Twi-LightersDevil On death Highway
10-21The SaharasThey Play It Wild
10-22Mr. Big & The LittlemenSomething Else
10-23Nino (52)Rabby Baby
10-24The Tikis (8)Rock'n Robin
10-25Jack & Jill (4)It's All Over Now
10-26D-Notes (2)Ballin' Wire
10-27Jerry Schafer & The Jack And JillsSlave Driver
10-28Barry Ray*Something From The Twilight Zone
10-29Jimmy & Russ WilliamsHigh On The Hog
10-30Max Culler & The Carolina TroubadoursSaturday Night At Purser's Bar
10-31Jim BullingtonLove Bug Crawl
10-32Angie & The MonocosSad As I Can Be
10-33Dick Barron & The Jumping Jacks*Miss Ann
10-34The TremolonsWhole Lot Of Shaking Going On


331 tracks on 10 CDs, newly remastered, plus a 208-page hardcover book (12" x 12") with pictures of the original 7" labels, information about the artists, producers and record companies, and a collector's guide for every song (market value, matrix numbers, different pressings and reissues). Also included in the book are special essays about Michigan studios, pressing plants and famed legends like Joe Von Battle, Johnny Powers and Dr. Ross.

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