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    Shuttle358Can You Prove I Was Born

    Label:12k – 12k2033
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
    Style:Ambient, Experimental


    A1Can You Prove I Was Born5:37
    A2Imaginary Other6:45
    A3Meteor Heart5:53
    A4Paper Wings6:10
    B1Burrowed Vows3:49
    B2Bent, And Swallowed, And Opened Again3:36
    B3Dirty Sunkiss4:50
    B5A Ground Without A Figure4:02
    B6Years Later4:52

    Companies, etc.

    • Phonographic Copyright ℗12k
    • Copyright ©12k



    Limited to 500 copies on 180g vinyl.

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode: 881626976821

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    Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
    New Submission
    Can You Prove I Was Born (10×File, FLAC, Album)12k12k2033US2015
    New Submission
    Can You Prove I Was Born (10×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps)12k12k2033US2015


    Sorry_Mom's avatar
    Years ago I chatted with Dan online about the future of Shuttle. He seemed unsure of where "ambient" was going and positive that the music industry for this kind of music was going to fade away. Now, years later with plenty of successful "ambient" musicians and labels putting out beautiful releases, here is CYPIWB. In short, a let down. It's obvious he has been influenced by Irissari, Hecker, English etc... but is lacking the heart to capture the heart, if you will. I too had hoped for another masterpiece from a mysterious figure in the minimal click world. CYPIWB is pretty plain, and unable to create any catchy memories for me. I asked Dan about issuing some of the old classics on vinyl, to which he replied "What would be the point of that?" To answer the question of Can You Prove I Was Born? No, not with this release.
    zizolizlzioloozlziz's avatar
    Edited 6 years ago
    After 10 years, Shuttle358 is back. Or is he?

    When I heard Shuttle358 was releasing a new album, I could not have guessed that it would sound something like this - and maybe that is exactly what Dan Abrams wants! CYPIWB brings you little satisfaction if you came from the previous beautifully rhythmic, clicky, energetic and lush soundscapes Dan explored on Frame, Understanding Wildlife and Chessa. The tracks on CYPIWB are drony, Tim Hecker-esque, repetitive and most significantly missing those beautifully textured click beats and overall weird sounds of what I always imagined must be what insects snacking on a circuit board under a blue sky sounds like. This is, coupled with gorgeous ambient sound backdrops, at least for me, what made Shuttle358 albums so damn good. On CYPIWB there is a "fullness" to the tracks that make them all sound...samey. The sound just doesn't get really quiet anywhere. I read in a review that some of the songs on CYPIWB sound like BoC album "fillers" and I feel ashamed that I have to at least partly agree. They sort of just go on and on without goal. The sound isn't too far off of BoC's ambient either. And if you like that, for the love of god stop reading this review! This is only my opinion. I mean...the concept for this album may well be something I as a conservative listener am all too stupid to grasp. I mean probably. Maybe Dan even underwent a mysterious transition? That may very well be the case, and I am actually intelligent enough to understand that there is often a need for artists to develop their style.

    But...then again, to what price? When listening to this, my brain just isn't as entertained as it was 10 years ago and not very entertained at all if I am going to be honest. The drone passes my ears like the clouds on a grey sky outside leaving little impression. I miss the clicky bloopy beats, the beautiful short circuits and overall intricate minimal soundscapes of Shuttle358. I hate to say this, but I am sorry Dan, your drone is boring me. I never thought it would come to this, not with Shuttle358! But it did. But then again, maybe I don't get it? I mean I want to like this, being a die hard Shuttle358 fan and all. But when I hear CYPIWB I hear what I have heard on numerous other ambient albums - mindless "beautiful" drone that goes nowhere without any interesting structure to capture your ears or leaving any real impression. But! If you are into that stuff, I would recommend this album. There are some beautiful moments if you are into droning lofi ambient. And like I said, if you are a fan of Tim Hecker this probably works well for you. The production quality is top notch too. Just the music, if you come from previous Shuttle358 albums is lacking any real individuality and those beautiful intricate Shuttle358 structures.

    I wanted to give this 5/5 before it came out, knowing Shuttle358. But, being that his previous efforts set the bar so high, I can only see it justified with a 3/5 after having heard it now over and over again. Yes, maybe I don't get it. Maybe I am not a drone head, but at least when it comes to Shuttle358 I don't want to be! And that third star is for the overall sound and production quality of this album. The music does not impress me very much on CYPIWB honestly. If you are out there Dan, please revisit your old Shuttle358 mind. There are those of us who miss it. Who need it. I'll go back now to replaying Frame, Understanding Wildlife and Chessa for the zillionth time. They are that good. Sorry but I want to hear those insects snacking again.
    Spiderland77's avatar
    Album of the year (so far)
    adam01's avatar
    Edited 5 years ago
    An anthemic and cathedral like album.
    Other than that, it's hard to put into words, but I will say that I miss the signature sound that he defined on his earlier releases.

    This LP is very different from his other work and demands a different mind space from the listener.