Tocayo - Shake Your Body as reviewed by geogan

March 9, 2016
"everybody shake your body... shake your body... everybody..." classic track... still love it... extremely rare much sought after vinyl 12" release made famous from The House Collection album

Tocayo - Shake Your Body therealoldskoolposse

March 31, 2013
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Tocayo - Shake Your Body as reviewed by profiler

December 16, 2010

The orbit klub mix is so different to the cheesy flip side, it is a deep trancey affair with a superb driving dance floor orientated vibe and for me is the highlight on Mike C's mix on Fantazia The House Collection Vol.1, forget the track uploaded onto youtube, the Orbit Klub mix is what it's all about and its why it is so sought after.

Tocayo - Shake Your Body profiler

July 23, 2014
edited over 4 years ago

4 Year edit, it's the x-udation mix which is the good one, my copy is labelled the other way round, anyway its the one without the pianos.

Tocayo - Shake Your Body as reviewed by vinylparadise

February 4, 2010
edited over 9 years ago

Shake Your Body (X-udation Mix)

Well I can see why its pretty sort after.

A nice funky reverbed synth bassline accompanies good percussion and a typical fall to the floor house kickdrum.

Its got some pretty trancey elements bubbling away throughout the track which I like.

We hit the 1st breakdown and in comes the 'shake your body' vocal and it kicks back in with that bassline again, soon in comes the organ giving it a more uplifting vibe, the track progreses nicely from there.

The B-side (Orbit Klub Mix) has piano riffs and little breakbeats here and there.
I really like the pianos here but overall this paticular mix is just a little too cheesey / commercial sounding for my tastes, still a good track though none the less, but I prefer the A-side.

I do quite like the center label artwork (on the other side,not shown in the pic above) which pictures a sexy babe falling through the air half naked!

Overall a good early 90's house record worth having in your collection.

Tocayo - Shake Your Body o9andrew

February 4, 2010
I agree with the cheesy element, I have just joined discogs and I'm surprised that some of the poor quality piano tracks from the early 90's have become popular, including this. Eg 2 much - So strong, I've got a copy and its poor.