Electronic - Electronic RebirthOfTheCool

July 30, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
I can't bring myself to buy this because, damnit, they should have broken it out to 2 LPs -or- cut one song. It's just wrong that Side 2 starts with "Gangster" which is probably the weakest song on this. When listening to this on CD, back in the early '90s, it always made sense to me that you transitioned into the second half of the album with "Soviet" (sort of the intermission) before dropping back into the fantastic "Get The Message"... I'd always skip "Gangster" and move on the the rest of the CD. But on vinyl, there is the offending track, at the start of Side 2, getting in the way. “Soviet” should be at the end of a side, with “Get The Message” starting the next side. Come on, guys! It should be four sides, like so:
Disc 1A: 1. Idiot Country, 2. Reality, 3. Tighten Up
Disc 1B: 1. The Patience Of A Saint, 2. Getting Away With It, 3. Gangster, 4. Soviet
Disc 2A: 1. Get The Message, 2. Try All You Want, 3. Some Distant Memory, 4. Feel Every Beat
Disc 2B: either blank with etched artwork, -OR- add some bonus tracks that the CD had (remastered for vinyl of course!) such as: Free Will (Edit), Getting Away With It (instrumental), 3. Turning Point (Edit)

Electronic - Electronic RebirthOfTheCool

December 6, 2018
OR if it has to fit on two sides, why not match the cassette tracklist: Gangster ends side 1, Soviet opens side 2!

Electronic - Electronic hayhook

November 6, 2018
If they added "Disappointed" as Track 1 on side 2 it would be perfect.

Electronic - Electronic schwaggy

February 2, 2018
Yes, great album, sounds really good. 2 copies from amazon - both warped, one worse than the other. both play fine but it's a big warp affecting side a. If you have a light tracking force you may skip.

Electronic - Electronic Spatzo

May 6, 2017
edited 7 months ago
Very clean vinyl (sound and looks). It's got to be digital, but you'd never know upon listening to it. It's worth the twenty.

3/12/2019 -
I gave this another listen and can honestly say this is one hell of pressing! I said above that it is digital, but my ears can't believe it is.

Electronic - Electronic Tchotchke

November 8, 2015
Copies sold in the US are pressed in the EU. They do not however include the download code.

Electronic - Electronic Native12

June 16, 2015
Fantastic new pressing of a classic album - sound really is amazing on 180GM vinyl. Lovely sleeve design too - highly recommended if you are a fan of the original release.

Electronic - Electronic as reviewed by eras

May 28, 2015

Thrilled to see this album reissued on vinyl, long overdue in fact. The sound quality and packaging is flawless. Weighty vinyl in beautiful matte inner/outer sleeves. Synths, guitars and vocals sound brand new. A+

Electronic - Electronic yarham

May 27, 2015
My most favourite album finally gets a vinyl repress.

Electronic - Electronic anemiac

May 26, 2015
Whoa, really? Is this pressing any good?

Electronic - Electronic studio5431

October 17, 2017
YES however I have to turn volume alot louder than most albums. Excellent sound on my Orbit U-Turn turntable and Grado Black cart. Recommended listening