Shackleton / Demdike StareArchive Series: #1

Label:DDS – DDS-012
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Single Sided
Cassette, Mixed


ADemdike StareUntitled
BDemdike StareUntitled

Companies, etc.


Official release of a ten year old dubplate. Sold with a DJ mix by Demdike Stare and tote bag. No credits or durations on release.
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    Assume most know but for those wondering the vocal is from cutty ranks - the stomper. also used on dj moonraker - lion king
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      Edited 7 years ago
      Having listened to the cassette now as well as the plate I am impressed with the overall release and the missus likes the tote bag so all good!! just sayin.....
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        I agree. It's a great release and the cassette mix is also amazing. I use a shure m44-7 and I usually have it set at 1.5 gauge, however I have to set it heavier to about 2.5 for this vinyl. It's not a problem.
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          The tote rules.
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            I hate seeing all this negative stuff on hear about this release. I want to thank the guys from Demdike Stare for going through the effort to put out this great package. Despite what everyone is saying I think it is an excellent value for the price. It is a much more interesting release than 90% of what is going out nowadays. I hope they continue doing this archive series just the way it is. And all the people claiming something is wrong with the pressing I can assure you that it is fine and the problem is your turntable set up/settings. The needle "shaking" is it reading the extremely deep grooves and low frequency and if your turntable isn't set just right or kinda sucks like an old Sony I also have, it will cause it to jump grooves. It plays great on the Audio-Technica ATLP-1240 with Shure Whitelabel I have, but the old Sony I have it skips on just like everyone says. Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty are great guys and truly love music, that is why they went through the trouble to release this. It could have very easily just have fallen into obscurity, we should be thanking them for this release not complaining.
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              Edited 7 years ago
              if only it were the dubplate on its own at a reasonable price and the option to buy the extra stuff for those who want it :(
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                This pressing is abit dodgy, I bought 2, one for a friend and myself, luckily mine was ok and played fine, however the other would jump at the begining and nearer to the to the end. needle shook all they way through, we took it back, managed to get a third copy and exactly the same problems occurred as the 2nd copy prior.
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                  Why is it labeled as mispressed ???
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                    - One cheapo 1-sided whitelabel/quasi-mispress.
                    - One cheapo (generic) mixtape featuring music for which no royalties were paid (once again).
                    - One totebag

                    Conclusion: the ultimate bandwagoning hipster "survival kit".
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                      For mine the needle shakes a lot but doesn't jump.


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