Jamie xx - In Colour BanditZero

March 26, 2017
I wouldn't say this is a terrible pressing, yes it's a bit on the quiet side, but there's not a lot of noise on it, at least the pressing I have doesn't.

I'd put the quietness down to the fact that it has 11 tracks on 1 disc and the majority of the songs are quite bassy, resulting in some of the tracks' quality being compromised when the record was pressed. That being said, I haven't got the deluxe version which has 3 discs. My bet is that it is much louder though.

All in all, the record isn't a bad one. Very well produced by Jamie XX!

Jamie xx - In Colour dellwho

April 4, 2016
I'm glad everyone else says this is a terrible pressing - I've exchanged this twice now. The first one I bought has interference on the second half of the A side - now I've just settled with a relatively quiet one. massively disappointed.

Jamie xx - In Colour afriendalways.org_

January 30, 2016
Pressing is SO bad. Seems to be common for everyone who bought this. I'm really disappointed Young Turks let this go ahead. The test pressings and early copies would have shown these flaws. Greed.

Jamie xx - In Colour as reviewed by PerceptionShift

December 4, 2015
Vinyl is persistently noisy. The pressing quality leaves some to be desired. The sound is not bad, nice sound stage most of the time, no distortion or shrillness. If you can get past the noise or tame it a little it's a solid record. However with such rich production it's a shame for it to be boxed in a little still.

I'd say this is only worth getting if you really like the album and don't want to pay the $40 for the deluxe. If you're on the fence or only a casual fan, stick to the digital version. It's yet another mediocre press of a new album.

5 stars for music, 3.5 for pressing

Jamie xx - In Colour as reviewed by cdesforges

August 11, 2015
Sounds around 6db quieter than anything I've purchased... Definitely requires you to turn up the volume and any surface noise/dust comes up with it. I kind of like it it though... Adds a vintage warmth to it.

I got the delux edition as well and can confirm that it is easily 6db louder (sounds pretty normal), and the highs sound much cleaner and crisper. I usually listen to the standard edition version though - always think it's tough to really get into the album when I'm flipping it every 2 songs.

Jamie xx - In Colour as reviewed by nonsensual

August 5, 2015
Love the album, but the vinyl is very disappointing.
Incredibly noisy even after much cleaning, quiet and rather unimpressive. I tend to play the digital master instead.

Jamie xx - In Colour shigzy

August 4, 2015
The A side of this record is pressed really quietly and the bass is a bit weak in my opinion. The pressing is much better for side B, which IMO is the better side in terms of music. Still really love this album though!

Jamie xx - In Colour PennyShippingUSA

June 23, 2015
edited over 4 years ago
I would like to know the quality of the vinyl also. Please post.

Jamie xx - In Colour Acoustician

July 17, 2015
Please see my comment on the single LP + CD version. I do not know if this applies to this pressing / if they are one and the same or not.

Jamie xx - In Colour lestini

June 7, 2015

How is the quality on this vs. the 45 RPM? I read elsewhere that the mixing is slightly more quiet on this version?

Jamie xx - In Colour LeeTee

July 12, 2015
Update: I think the CD even sounds worse.

Jamie xx - In Colour dj808

June 22, 2015
The mixing is on this 1xLP version is much too quiet! I need to open the full channel volume compared to any other LP or 12" playing on the other channel.

Jamie xx - In Colour pmb

June 14, 2015
My copy sounds great. No complaints. Makes me happy I went with this copy vs the deluxe edition.

Jamie xx - In Colour LeeTee

June 12, 2015
my copy sounds rather quiet. gotta crank it up a little bit

This goes for the 45RPM edition as well, unfortunately. Haven't compared it with the CD or standard vinyl though. Besides, I think it's a bit disappointing musically.

Jamie xx - In Colour JoshuaK

June 10, 2015
Agreed. It's low for sure. Makes me want to get the special edition. Sonically I think it'll be worth it. The studio engineering on this album is quite good.

Jamie xx - In Colour joeyuli

June 10, 2015
my copy sounds rather quiet. gotta crank it up a little bit

Jamie xx - In Colour DaltonM

June 8, 2015
I started hearing a lot of noise on "Stranger in a Room"

Jamie xx - In Colour brodie57

June 2, 2015
die cut cover, both sides.