VariousLAFMS: The Lowest Form Of Music

Label:Cortical Foundation – organ of Corti 11.1, RRRecords – RRR-CD-17
10 x CD, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Jazz, Rock
Style:Avantgarde, Lo-Fi, Art Rock, Free Improvisation, Experimental


1-01Chip ChapmanThey Are Asleep (Grandiose Norway Version)9:50
1-02Chip ChapmanCMIX2:40
1-03Chip ChapmanGetting Ahead/Orbit/Painting The Roses Red (Original And Uncut)6:09
1-04Chip ChapmanMusic For Gamelan And Synthesizer
Percussion [Gamelan]Cal Arts Gamelan Orchestra
1-05Le Forte FourMicrozone5:34
1-06Le Forte FourJapanese Super Heroes10:50
1-07Chip ChapmanSMIX7:35
1-08Chip ChapmanSuburban Magic (Electrolux Version)5:15
1-09Chip Chapman / Le Forte FourSuburban Magic8:35
2-01Le Forte FourKa-Bella-Cha-Cha0:42
2-02Le Forte FourSome Problem With The Cord Or Something0:32
2-03Le Forte FourKa-Bella-Binsky Bungo (Excerpt)6:27
2-04Le Forte FourGood Worker0:44
2-05Le Forte FourAye Ma Ma (I'm Amok)0:13
2-06Le Forte FourMeanwhile Back At The Tulip Boat, Stinky And Gus Make Warplanes/Your Living Constutuion (Dies)0:33
2-07Le Forte FourBefore Docking In Space0:19
2-08Le Forte FourCandy Wrapper Blues/A Little Sloppy Still0:18
2-09Le Forte FourBikini Tennis Shoes (One Pair)4:16
2-10Le Forte FourJoe's Nose Solo0:49
2-11Le Forte FourSong Of The Electric Drill0:19
2-12Le Forte FourI Can't Even Think/On The Dawning Of A Giant Face/Joe's Dead/Marriage/Twinkle0:35
2-13Le Forte FourWhat Do You Do, Radiator?/The Grocery Store Is My Heaven0:32
2-14Le Forte FourFade It Out0:12
2-15Le Forte FourThe Pope Speaks0:23
2-16Le Forte FourCrank Up The Kids1:48
2-17Le Forte FourBongo Madness3:29
2-18Le Forte FourKa-Bella Reprise6:06
2-19Le Forte FourSteven, Steven1:01
2-20Le Forte FourSonnet1:06
2-21Le Forte FourBallad De Forte Four0:26
2-22Le Forte FourIt's Raining Bongos1:05
2-23Le Forte FourThey Are Asleep
BassDan Weiss
DrumsJay Ross
Flute [Rhythm]Susan Farthing
2-24Le Forte FourMusic Hall Bootleg (Excerpt)0:18
2-25Le Forte FourPainting The Roses Red0:27
2-26Le Forte FourEnough Fun/That Feedback Again1:08
2-27AirwayLive At LACE, Part One
2-28AirwayLive At LACE, Part Two
3-01Le Forte FourBirth Of Largie Schrapnel1:06
3-02Le Forte FourThe Very First Song I Ever Wrote0:58
3-03Le Forte FourM-M-M1:22
3-04Le Forte FourKeep That Point Up/4000 Holes In Glackburn, Lancashire2:57
3-05Le Forte FourTelethon Returns0:23
3-06Le Forte FourFrom The 12 Pages3:56
3-07Le Forte FourTree Shredding Blues2:11
3-08Le Forte FourTo The Crow1:11
3-09Le Forte FourBalanced Comfort16:13
3-10Le Forte FourTelethon Returns0:14
3-11Le Forte FourInternal C.B. Breakage0:25
3-12Le Forte FourGood Friday Tape Dumb Session No.11:47
3-13Le Forte FourReel World0:37
3-14Le Forte FourColumbia-Princeton Low Priority Soybean Meal1:02
3-15Le Forte FourTelethon Returns1:18
3-16Le Forte FourDown The Congo In A Backwards Canoe1:27
3-17Le Forte FourTelethon Returns Continues0:31
3-18Le Forte FourWelcome To 35 South Raymond
OrganKen (11)
3-19Le Forte FourDarker Skratcher
Synthesizer [Electric Music Box]Bob Frazier (2)
3-20Le Forte FourDiorama I0:49
3-21Le Forte FourDiorama II0:47
3-22Le Forte FourHHHMMM1:25
3-23Le Forte FourTelethon Returns0:25
3-24Le Forte FourGood Friday Tape Dumb Session II1:45
3-25Le Forte FourShoe Spot/Meet The Detectives2:22
3-26Le Forte FourSimple Circus1:13
3-27Le Forte FourAmazing Three (Instrumental)5:33
3-28Le Forte FourJapnese Super Heroes
Performer [Toys], VocalsSusan Farthing
3-29Le Forte FourAmazing Three (Live)
Performer [Toys], VocalsSusan Farthing
3-30Le Forte FourSpeed Racer
Performer [Toys], VocalsSusan Farthing
3-31Le Forte FourMan Has A Dream
Performer [Toys], VocalsSusan Farthing
Organ [Electric]Dennis Mehaffey
SynthesizerHarold Schroeder
4-02Doo-DooettesSilver Hours5:35
4-04Doo-DooettesChildren Undressing Animals
Percussion, Cornet, VoiceDennis Mehaffey
Synthesizer, OrganHarold Schroeder
4-05Fredrik NilsenGreen6:39
4-06Doo-DooettesLive Outside23:18
4-07Doo-Dooettes with John DuncanClose
DrumsJohn Duncan
5-01Unknown ArtistIntro0:25
5-02Electric WillyHer Father's Love1:25
5-03SmegmaGeek The Geeker1:15
5-04ACE=1, c/s & Helene Elana Armand*HEA/AOS0:59
5-05Mr. Foon's BandaloonMicrophobia5:58
5-06Ju Suk Reet MeateHot Bee's Head Hit The Wax4:35
5-08Smegma1980 A.R. (After Radiation)7:28
5-09SmegmaPROWING NOSE5:14
5-10SmegmaDie Wo-Wo1:35
5-11Smegma"I Am Not Artist"6:15
5-12SmegmaLadies Nite At The "Ortho Lounge"4:02
5-13SmegmaHALF A BILLION7:51
5-14AirwayPerpendicular Thrust
TechnicianJerry Bishop
5-16Vetza & AirwayRacing In The Streets
TechnicianJerry Bishop
5-17CV MassageNaked7:06
5-18CV MassageSea Chantey2:48
6-01Dennis Duck & Kevin LaffeySchlagerziet3:02
6-03Doo-DooettesI Got A Right To Sing The Blu
EngineerBrent Wilcox
6-04Doo-DooettesThe Flying Eyes (Complete)18:28
6-06Doo-DooettesBird And Bee Orchestra (Incorporating Run Off Groove)
FeaturingJoseph T. Jacobs
6-07Doo-DooettesSchlagerzeit (Tolstoy's Anemic)3:01
6-08Doo-DooettesDr. Phibes Visits Chicago4:58
6-10Doo-DooettesRed Wrec. Said2:11
6-11Doo-DooettesThat Latin
FeaturingJoseph T. Jacobs
6-12Doo-DooettesUntitled (Source Piece For Side 2 Runoff Groove)2:12
6-13Foundation BooSlow Piece #1 Of 310:26
7-01Joe Potts with VetzaMother Daughter
7-02Doo-DooettesL.A. Nickel8:35
7-03Doo-Dooettes / Junichi Kawara - Chie MukaiCollaboration8:37
7-04Fredrik NilsenInsecticide, A Philosophic Didactic2:52
7-05Solid EyeSatie Bongos
Cello [Two-by-cello]Bill Leavitt*
Sampler [Mirage], EngineerSteve Thomsen
7-06Solid EyeBlender Meadow
Cello [Two-by-cello]Bill Leavitt*
Sampler [Mirage], EngineerSteve Thomsen
7-07Harold SchroederSilent Rituals
Guitar, Bass, Tape, VoiceHarold Schroeder
7-08Kevin LaffeyBerlin Zug Und Der Düsseldorf Hop4:39
7-09Slimy Adenoid & The PablumsUnder My Gums3:38
7-10Monitor (3)Pet Wedding
DrumsJeff Rankin
KeyboardsSteve Thomsen
7-11Monitor (3)Beak
DrumsJeff Rankin
KeyboardsSteve Thomsen
7-12Dennis DuckOne O'clock Jump (Excerpt) (From "Dennis Duck Goes Disco")4:52
7-13Dennis DuckDavey The Worm2:57
7-14Paul Is DeadCrazy3:42
7-15Paul Is DeadJasper Johns3:10
7-16Friends Of LeslieFreak Show (For Mayo Thompson)3:13
7-17Friends Of LeslieThe Four People2:56
7-18Doo-DooettesJesus Theme8:12
8-01Dinosaurs With HornsCarny3:04
8-02Rick PottsPlatform Swimfins
Performer [Cocktails]Jerry Bishop
8-03Gothic HutAutobody Experience
Drums, PercussionWalter Lab
GuitarJohn Dyer, Nic Greene
Keyboards, Effects, PercussionBob Mrozek
SitarMatt Levonian
TromboneRichard Acosta
TubaNorm Pearson*
8-04Rick PottsObjects In The Mirror
Keyboards, Drum ProgrammingSteve Thomsen
VocalsBarbara Ann Jaekel*
8-05Rick PottsMalathion L.A.4:53
8-06Rick PottsSquirrel-Proof Man
Keyboards, Drum ProgrammingSteve Thomsen
8-07Rick PottsStep Into The Shadow
Keyboards, Effects, Drum ProgrammingSteve Thomsen
8-08Gothic HutUndermatter
EngineerPhil Singher
GuitarDoug Henry, John Dyer
8-09Steaming CoilsBlathering Hemispheres
Drums, Guitar, VocalsBrad Laner
8-10Monique ExperienceDonde Esta Mi Cuerpo
EngineerRicky Mixx
8-11Gothic HutJeannie Wants Her Tambourine
BassMatt Levonian
Drums, PercussionWalter Lab
GuitarJohn Dyer, Nic Greene
Keyboards, Effects, PercussionBob Mrozek
8-12Gothic HutUnintentional Laugh
Drums, PercussionWalter Lab
GuitarJohn Dyer, Nic Greene
Keyboards, Effects, PercussionBob Mrozek
TromboneRichard Acosta
TubaNorm Pearson*
8-13Gothic HutUvula Broach
BassNikolas Dodet
EngineerJohn Dyer
Keyboards, Effects, PercussionBob Mrozek
8-14Rick PottsParasitic Twin4:23
8-15Rick PottsLook Who Buried Their Car
Mixed ByJoseph Hammer
8-16Rick PottsSausage In A Bottle1:34
8-17Rick PottsYet To Appear
Mixed ByJoseph Hammer
8-18Rick PottsPlatform Swimfins (Reprise)4:25
8-19Rick PottsDraw Spunky4:44
9-01Tom RecchionLepidoptera2:13
9-02Tom RecchionMusic For Homemade Instruments1:58
9-03Tom RecchionThe Blue Blue Moon3:12
9-04Tom RecchionJazz 2,000 A.D. Part 34:08
9-05Tom RecchionBack Beat8:00
9-06Tom RecchionMartin Denny In Spain4:23
9-07Tom RecchionMother
VoiceGerald Bole
9-08Tom RecchionStodgy Old Sayings
VoiceGerald Bole
9-09Tom RecchionPinky Takes A Walk5:26
9-10Tom RecchionHerself A Cocoon4:01
9-11Tom RecchionInfancy In The Water3:57
9-12Tom RecchionUntitled4:42
9-13Tom RecchionThe Little Green Thing5:07
9-14Tom RecchionThe Real Strungaphone16:18
10-01Gerald BoleMoonlight2:09
10-02Gerald BoleSpain2:45
10-03Gerald BoleHawaii3:20
10-04Gerald BoleElephants1:25
10-05Gerald BoleIf Mississippi...0:33
10-06Gerald BoleWill You Elope?...0:16
10-07Gerald BoleLament3:55
10-08Gerald BoleMarch2:36
10-10Monique Et AvivI Am I2:56
10-11Monique Et AvivJ'Attends2:21
10-12Monique Et AvivI Want To Go Outside2:19
10-13Monique ExperienceSomeone's In The Bathroom3:04
10-14Precambrian ThreeJewel Of Denile10:15
10-15Dinosaurs With HornsInteresting Jewelry1:58
10-16Dinosaurs With HornsSabertina's Country3:49
10-17Dinosaurs With HornsTotally Gone2:51
10-18Dinosaurs With HornsDeep11:02


  • EngineerPaul McKenna (tracks: 9-01 to 9-14), Randy Farrar (tracks: 6-02, 6-04 to 6-12), Richard McIlvery (tracks: 6-02, 6-04 to 6-12)
  • PerformerChip Chapman (tracks: 1-01 to 1-09, 2-01 to 2-28, 3-01 to 3-31, 5-14, 5-16), Dennis Duck (tracks: 2-27 to 2-28, 4-07, 5-05, 5-14, 5-16 to 5-18, 6-01 to 6-13, 7-03, 7-12 to 7-15, 7-18, 8-02, 10-09), Fredrik Nilsen (tracks: 4-03 to 4-07, 5-17 to 5-18, 6-02 to 6-13, 7-02 to 7-04, 7-14 to 7-15, 7-18, 8-10, 10-09, 10-13, 10-16), Joe Potts (tracks: 1-03 to 1-06, 1-09, 2-01 to 2-28, 3-01 to 3-31, 5-14 to 5-16, 7-1, 7-09), Joseph Hammer (tracks: 7-05 to 7-06, 8-01, 8-04 to 8-07, 8-13 to 8-15, 10-15 to 10-17), Juan Gomez (tracks: 2-27 to 2-28, 3-18, 4-02, 4-04, 7-07, 7-14 to 7-15, 10-14), Kevin Laffey (tracks: 5-14, 5-16, 6-01, 6-06, 6-10, 6-13, 7-08, 8-10, 10-13), Rick Potts (tracks: 1-03, 1-05 to 1-06, 1-09, 2-01 to 2-28, 3-01 to 3-31, 5-16, 6-04, 6-07, 7-05 to 7-06, 7-09, 7-13 to 7-15, 8-01 to 8-19, 10-13, 10-15 to 10-17), Tom Potts (tracks: 1-03, 1-05 to 1-06, 1-09, 2-20 to 2-21, 2-25, 3-01 to 3-26, 5-14, 5-16), Tom Recchion (tracks: 2-27 to 2-28, 3-18, 4-02 to 4-04, 4-06 to 4-07, 5-14, 5-16 to 5-18, 6-02 to 6-13, 7-02 to 7-03, 7-07, 7-14 to 7-18, 8-10, 9-01 to 9-14, 10-09, 10-13 to 10-14)
  • PianoGerald Bole (tracks: 10-01 to 10-08)
  • ProducerGary Todd, Ron Lessard


Tracks 1-05 to 1-07 and 1-09 originally released on the LP "Spin 'N Grin".
Tracks 2-01 to 2-26 originally released as the LP "Bikini Tennis Shoes".
Tracks 2-27 and 2-28 originally released as the LP "Live at LACE".
Tracks 3-1 to 3-26 and 4-1 to 4-5 originally released as the double LP "Live At The Brand".
Tracks 5-1 to 5-5 originally released on the compilation LP "Blorp Esette Volume One".
Track 5-6 originally released on the compilation LP "Blorp-Essette Volume Two".
Tracks 5-7 to 5-13 originally released as the LP "Glamour Girl 1941".
Tracks 6-2 to 6-11 originally released as the LP "Look To This".
Track 7-01 originally released on a split 7".
Track 7-04 originally released on the cassette "Music From Norway" on Solid Eye.
Track 7-07 originally released on the compilation LP "I.D. Art #2".
Track 7-09 originally released as a 7" record.
Tracks 7-10 and 7-11 originally released as a 7" by World Imitation.
Track 7-12 originally released on the cassette "Goes Disco".
Tracks 5-04, 7-13 and 8-02 originally released on the compilation LP "Darker Skratcher".
Track 7-15 originally released on the compilation LP "Blub Krad".
Track 7-18 originally released on the compilation cassette "Bethel" released by John Balance.
Track 8-03 and 8-11 released on "Big Holes!" on Show Me Records.
Track 8-08 originally released on the LP "Show Me Yer Belly" on Show Me Records.
Track 8-09 originally released on the LP "Never Creak" by Rotary Totem Records.
Tracks 10-15 to 10-18 originally released on the cassette "Dinosaurs With Horns" by Solid Eye.
All above released published by Los Angeles Free Music Society unless otherwise noted.

All other tracks previously unreleased.

Packaged in a foil stamped box with 36-page four color booklet of photos, 60-page book of extensive notes and essays, and poster discography.

Contributors to the booklet of essays are Dennis Cooper, Gary Todd, Byron Coley, David Toop, Jerry Bishop, Tony Mostrom, Takuya Sakaguchi, Fredrik Nilsen, Michael Uhlenkott, Juan Gomez, Tom Recchion, Kevin Laffey, Sarah Seager, Dennis Duck, John Duncan, Paul McCarthy, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Ace Farren Ford, and Dinosaurs With Horns.

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LAFMS: The Lowest Form Of Music - Artist Edition (11×CD, Compilation, Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered)Cortical Foundation, RRRecordsorgan of Corti 11.2, RRR-CD-17US1996
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