Pangaea (4) - New Shapes In The Air as reviewed by om_

August 3, 2015
edited over 2 years ago

The more minimal B sides don't really do much for me but overall a very solid EP.

Pumping kicks and an eerie, hypnotic sine wave melody drive the spaced out roller 'Something in your eye'. The track has a detached, melancholic feel, and a weirdness reminiscent of the work of Bristol artists like hodge and the livity crew.

Stimulant dub is a mangled dance floor weapon pulled along by a dark, mutated reece and fragmented percussion. It's unorthodox rhythm makes it hard to categorize, but it's junglist vocal shots and nasty bassline put it closer to the hardcore continuum in sound than the more techno orientated other tracks.

I'm hoping the B sides grow on me but its worth the buy just for the first two tracks.

Pangaea (4) - New Shapes In The Air as reviewed by bigideas

June 17, 2015

It's early days but this, for me, is Pangaea's best release so far during his "techno-era". Each track is a bit of a winner.