The Junkyard Band - The Word / Sardines as reviewed by MovetotheGroove

August 23, 2012
I need some help listing my Def Jam Recordings of The Junkyard Band. It is also a Promo. I think it might be there very first one because the album cover says Promo 0000 and the vinyl is stamped with the words Masterdisk so that makes sense it might be. It's one of the big ones though, it's a 33 1/3 size record. Does that mean it is a 16"? Does anyone know? I can't find anything else like it and I don't know how to submit a new item to the database. Thanks for your help. I love this record :)

The Junkyard Band - The Word / Sardines dylaf

September 22, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
33 1/3 is the speed the record is played at. The size is 12", & it will be either a promo or test pressing, for which you can either make a new page with the support of the Discogs community, or list it with description in the promo section...

The Junkyard Band - The Word / Sardines kuma.chan

March 18, 2011
edited over 8 years ago

Def Jam toted an album from these guys which never materialised, it would be great if that would one day appear as even if it is a hundredth as funky as this it will be F-U-N-K-Y as it gets! I was told by a guy who bought a copy of this off me that part of the reason this is popular is that US marines sing "Sardines" as they are marching along!

The Junkyard Band - The Word / Sardines as reviewed by EPOCHALYPSE

March 3, 2005
edited over 14 years ago
Ahhhhhhhh . . . Washington D.C. For those who don't know, Go-Go and Hardcore both come from that Global Capital . . . This record changed the world . . . you'll never know how much!

The Junkyard Band - The Word / Sardines as reviewed by rev.robert

November 21, 2002

def jam's 1st and only foray into the world of go-go from the washington d.c. area. i wish they would've done more w/ these guys.

a great party record.