Various'Til Someone Loses An Eye - The Safety Tips Compilation

Label:Superpickle Music Arts – SMA009
CD, Compilation, Promo
Genre:Rock, Pop
Style:Comedy, Indie Pop


1Mailbox (2)My Uncle And The Goons4:42
2GST MugwumpThe Rubber Policeman3:09
3Wendy (41)No Swimming2:17
4Jay's Booming HatThe Job Song2:28
5Them IckiesI Used To Have Fun But Now I Have You2:22
6Archbishop Jason PollandPumpernickel Pie1:32
7Joe And The Chicken HeadsPoopsickle2:06
8Mailbox (2)Bugs2:50
9Mailbox (2)What Is Lissa Walking2:19
10Jay's Booming HatBig Ass Truck3:57
11Jay's Booming HatDriving Man3:25
12Mailbox (2)The San Antonio - West Virginia Energy Malaprop Incident3:01
13Hot Cinnamon RollNext Stop...My Dick2:00
14Wendy (41)Where We Were Going2:46
15The Von SteinsGirls Get Crazy2:00
16Joe And The Chicken HeadsSheez Bawl3:06
17Archbishop Jason PollandCud1:50
18GST MugwumpI Wanna Be A Plastic Lawn Flamingo2:01
19Duncan Disorderly (3)Another One Bites The Dust
Written-ByJohn Deacon
20GazillionLogic Song1:07
21Mailbox (2)The Piano That Jack Filled (Part 1)1:07
22Mailbox (2)Idle Hands (He Was Bored)1:55
23Hence The NameFez Dispenser3:26
24NSPSThe Last Cookie1:38
25Joe And The Chicken HeadsLook Both Ways Before Crossing The Street0:30
26Slurp DeluxeStop, Drop & Roll0:30
27GST MugwumpDon't Stop On The Track0:30
28Mailbox (2)Keep Sharp Objects Away From Children0:30
29Duncan Disorderly (3)Don't Play With Matches0:28
30Them IckiesDon't Sit Too Close To The Television0:29
31Archbishop Jason PollandDon't Drink And Drive0:29
32Frozen InertiaWhen Using A Chainsaw0:30
33Hence The NameThe Stuff In The Medicine Cabinet Is Not Candy0:30
34Wendy (41)Don't Go Swimming For At Least An Hour After Eating0:30
35Mental ConspiracyWear Your Bike Helmet0:30
36Field Trip (4)Don't Run On The Side Of The Pool0:29
37The BantersLearn The Heimlich Maneuver0:29
38Chris Combs (2)Smoke Detector0:30
39Jay's Booming HatDon't Walk Alone Late At Night Without A Pal0:30
40Ersatz GlowDon't Pet Wild Animals0:29
41High Fructose Corn SyrupRunning With Scissors (The Sharp Part)0:30
42Bereft (5)Don't Put Metal In The Microwave0:30
43Gazzillion*Never Play Baseball With A Hornet's Nest0:30
44Jason Irvin's VehicleLift With Your Knees (Not Your Back)0:30
45Raymond & Scum*Don't Talk To Strangers0:30
46The Fisticuffs (4)Don't Play In Old Refrigerators0:29
47NSPSAlways Wear Bright Clothing When Walking At Night0:30
48Brad AndersDon't Paint Your Bike In The Garage0:30
49The Von SteinsGet A Rabies Shot0:29
50Hot WafflesBuckle Your Seatbelt0:30
51PoinglyDon't Play With Guns0:30
52Johnny RomaniaDon't Inhale Noxious Fumes0:31



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