The Tolkien Ensemble & Christopher LeeThe Lord Of The Rings: Complete Songs & Poems

Label:Classico – 3-86562-356-5
4 x CD, Album, Limited Edition, Digipak
Box Set, 24 Bit 96 Khz
Genre:Rock, Non-Music, Classical, Children's, Folk, World, & Country
Style:Acoustic, Story, Poetry, Folk, Contemporary


CD 1 The Fellowship Of The Ring
1-1The Old Walking Song (I)5:08
1-2Verse Of The Rings (I)1:17
1-3The Old Walking Song (II)1:13
1-4A Walking Song (I)2:49
1-5Elven Hymn To Elbereth Gilthoniel (I)5:32
1-6A Drinking Song2:43
1-7The Bath Song1:41
1-8Farewell Song Of Merry And Pippin3:07
1-9Song In The Woods1:45
1-10Tom Bombadil's Song (I)5:40
1-11Song To Goldberry0:26
1-12Tom Bombadil's Song (II)0:15
1-13Tom Bombadil's Song (III)4:32
1-14Ho! Tom Bombadil (I)0:56
1-15Wight's Chant1:42
1-16Ho! Tom Bombadil (II)0:45
1-17Tom Bombadil's Song (IV)2:54
1-18There Is An Inn, A Merry Old Inn...4:59
1-19The Riddle Of Strider (I)0:56
1-20The Fall OF Gil-galad3:39
1-21Song Of Beren And Lúthien7:58
CD 2 The Fellowship Of The Ring, continued
2-1Sam's Rhyme Of The Troll5:20
2-2Song Of Eärendil10:18
2-3Elven Hymn To Elbereth Gilthoniel (II)2:09
2-4Boromir's Riddle0:35
2-5The Riddle Of Strider (II)2:31
2-6Verse Of The Rings (II)1:06
2-7Warning Of Winter0:37
2-8Bilbo's Song3:32
2-9Song Of Durin6:40
2-10Song Of Nimrodel4:40
2-11Frodo's Lament For Gandalf5:47
2-12Galadriel's Song Of Eldamar (I)6:25
2-13Song Of The Elves Beyond The Sea/ Galadriel's Song Of Eldamar (II)6:12
2-14Song Of The Elves Beyond The Sea, Translation: Galadriel's Song Of Eldamar (II)2:18
CD 3 The Two Towers
3-1Lament Of Boromir8:24
3-2Song Of Gondor2:57
3-3The Long List Of The Ents (I)2:14
3-4Treebeard's Song4:11
3-5The Ent And The Entwife7:45
3-6Bregalad's Song6:13
3-7The Ent's Marching Song2:18
3-8Galadriel's Messages1:51
3-9Lament Of The Rohirrim3:07
3-10Gandalf's Song Of Lórien3:13
3-11Call To Arms Of The Rohirrim0:35
3-12Gandalf's Riddle Of The Ents0:31
3-13The Long List Of The Ents (II)0:57
3-14A Rhyme Of Lore2:02
3-15Gollum's Song/ Riddle3:45
3-17Sam's Invocation Of Elven Hymn To Elbereth Gilthoniel1:33
CD 4 The Return Of The King
4-1Malbeth The Seer's Words5:53
4-2Lament For Théoden9:35
4-3Théoden's Battle Cry0:35
4-4At Théoden's Death0:25
4-5Snowmane's Epitaph0:21
4-6Éomer's Song2:37
4-7Song Of The Mounds Of Mundburg5:56
4-9Song Of Lebennin4:56
4-10Sam's Song In The Orc-Tower5:23
4-11Long Live The Halflings!1:02
4-12Legolas's Song Of The Sea5:22
4-13The Eagle's Song3:24
4-14Burial Song Of Théoden6:51
4-15The Old Walking Song (III)3:33
4-16A Walking Song (II)1:37
4-17Elven Hymn To Elbereth Gilthoniel (III)6:07

Companies, etc.



Inclusive 112 Page Booklet GB/D

Christopher Lee (Narrator & Treebeard)
Peter Hall (Frodo, Sam & Tom Bombadil)
Nick Kier (Bilbo)
Ulrik Cold (Gandalf)
Morten Ernst Lassen (Aragon & Éomer)
Kurt Ravn (Legolas)
Signe Amussen (Galadriel)
Mads Thiemann (Ent)
Casper Reiff (Merry)
Tom McEwan (Pippin)
Jörgen Ditlevsen (Gimli, Bregalad & Eagle)
Ole Norup (Gildor)
Malene Nordtorp Windekilde (goldberry)
Povl Dissing (Gollum)

The Tolkien Ensemble (founded in 1995) is a Danish ensemble which aims to create "the world's first complete musical interpretation of the poems and songs from The Lord of the Rings". They published four CDs from 1997 to 2005, in which all the poems and songs of The Lord of the Rings are set to music. The project was approved by both the Tolkien family and HarperCollins Publishers. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark gave permission to use her illustrations in the CD layout.

The release of the four-CD-box marks the end of more than ten years work and, with the participation of more than 150 professional musicians, The Tolkien Ensemble finally reached their goal: the release of their Complete Songs & Poems from The Lord of the Rings.[6] The four-CD-box is dedicated to the memory of J.R.R. Tolkien, to The Tolkien Society in Oxford and to the millions of people for whom The Lord of the Rings has a special place in their hearts.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4011222235206
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): 223520 CD1
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): 223520 CD2
  • Matrix / Runout (CD3): 223520 CD3
  • Matrix / Runout (CD4): 223520 CD4
  • Label Code: LC 12281
  • Price Code: 353
  • Rights Society: mcps
  • SPARS Code: DDD



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