Various - Malibv EP BrendanClay

June 20, 2019
This was (finally) released digitally, if anyone is desperate for it. I know it's probably not the "done thing" to mention in these parts, however; I grabbed this digitally as soon as I could, thus avoiding the incredibly high re-sale costs.

Various - Malibv EP toh

December 5, 2017
Seriously needs a repress. MS Zufriedenheit is an amazing tune.

Various - Malibv EP Niddy

May 16, 2017
A2 samples Fat Larry's Band - lookin ' for love

Various - Malibv EP trentesept

January 17, 2017
edited over 4 years ago

arrêtez avec vos prix de putes les 2 vendeurs svp 3 mots de plus slt

Various - Malibv EP Balobavibez

December 4, 2015

This ep is incredible, each track have a serious impact on the dancefloor!!
One of the best release in 2015!

Various - Malibv EP djegu

November 13, 2015
edited over 5 years ago

mézingue sampling zig zag, disco band from quebec. Strong EP

Various - Malibv EP as reviewed by Luukars

November 8, 2015
Great EP! Mézigue is a great afterhour tune, but B2 is the killer here!!!

Various - Malibv EP rmaruani

September 12, 2015

This record is a tribute to the club « Le Malibv » which recently closed and where D.KO held countless parties. « Le Malibv » offered the opportunity for a lot of young Djs and promoters from the new generation to present themselves in the French capital. The label wanted to thank the club for all the good vibes shared. Each artist in this record has played at Le Malibv on a D.KO party and present his vision of a night there.

Various - Malibv EP Thetheo

December 2, 2016
Such a pity that a lot of clubs with a great spirit had to close : Malibv, Monseigneur, EKO. Hopefully there is plenty of music labels and collective in Paris to keep the groove alive, but finding cool venues intra muros is getting harder and harder...

Various - Malibv EP BaboonE

August 12, 2015
A mort Paname, vive Paname !

Various - Malibv EP pierrenicolas

July 30, 2015
Malibv has been shut last week :-(
Will get this release as a souvenir though