The Beatles - The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl djcarbines

August 12, 2018

Funny how the best 3 tracks are the rock n roll covers

The Beatles - The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl rdrxscm

November 13, 2016
My best friend bought this for me from London. It was on sale at Camden Road for £8. Lovely condition. It seems that mine was the first pressing. It was pressed in Hayes, Middlesex, England.


The Beatles - The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl ytsejam58

July 20, 2016
Jeese. The Beatles sound great as always but my goodness the crowd screaming throughout the entire LP is unignorable. One thing I really didn't like about Rush in Rio through Clockwork Angels Tour is just how prominent the crowd was in the mix, World's, Exit.., and a Show of Hands were all pretty good about keeping the crowd down. Idk why I'm comparing Rush to the Beatles. but anyway. Just... too much crowd for me. sorry

The Beatles - The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl djksette2

August 16, 2016
Recorded - for reasons unknown to this day and only discovered by George Martin during the assembling of this album - onto three track tape: one track for The Beatles and two (yes,two) for the crowd. In the 90's,everyone said not to expect a CD release,as three track machines no longer existed,but recently heard that this title will indeed finally see CD release.

The Beatles - The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl as reviewed by solarbloom

July 16, 2013
This has been dramatically undervalued for a long time, at least in the US -- single pressing stateside and never digitized. It sounds awesome, with the madness of 17,000 fans screaming throughout the entirety but never overwhelming the mix. Sleek cover design with embossed replicas of the actual tickets to the two shows on the front and back, outstanding liner notes, memorabilia-packed and colorful gatefold, complimented by compelling black & white "splash" pics of screaming fans on both sides of the inner, with the signatures of all four members tastefully placed at the top of one side -- complete audio/visual package! Did I mention the great live banter? A knockout release all around....