The Sperm / Pekka Airaksinen / Samsa TrioWorks 1968-76

The Sperm - Works 1968-76  album cover
Label:Vinyl-on-demand – VOD137
6 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Subscriber's Edition
Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Special Edition
Genre:Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Non-Music, Folk, World, & Country
Style:Abstract, Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, Tribal, Afrobeat, Avant-garde Jazz, Leftfield, Noise, Ambient, Krautrock


VOD 137.1a 3rd Erection 7'' + Bonus-Tracks
A1The Sperm3rd Erection3:12
A2The Sperm Hero1:28
A3The SpermPillow2:55
A4The SpermStaffstaff3:40
A5Pekka AiraksinenForest Laughing Organ2:28
A6Pekka AiraksinenSelected Letters (Pillow)8:12
A7Pekka AiraksinenThis Dream Is Angel ( Hero)6:51
VOD 137.1b Pagoda 7''
B1Pekka Airaksinen, Omar WilliamsFor The Children Of Vietnam 15:45
B2Pekka Airaksinen, Omar WilliamsFor The Children Of Vietnam13:20
VOD 137.2 Shh!
A1The SpermHeinäsirkat I16:09
A2The SpermJazz Jazz8:49
B1The SpermKorvapoliklinikka Hesperia6:02
B2The SpermDodekafoninen Talvisota19:59
VOD 137.3 Samsa Trio
A1Samsa TrioKuun Alla 18:58
A2Samsa TrioKiven Poiminta 3:40
B1Samsa TrioKaislikko14:45
B2Samsa TrioJää Sulaa11:57
VOD 137.4 One Point Music + Prem Ep (+Suite 71)
A1Pekka AiraksinenPieni Sienikonsertto = A Little Soup For Piano And Orchestra Op. 46,88:37
A2Pekka AiraksinenMo-On-ing (1971) 5:26
A3Pekka AiraksinenSomerain = Sadetta (1968)6:16
A4Pekka AiraksinenBra Bonata 6:02
A5Pekka AiraksinenPrem2:48
B1Pekka AiraksinenSkata 6:12
B2Pekka AiraksinenS Rock 6:26
B3Pekka AiraksinenFos 2 5:50
B4Pekka Airaksinen Bra 6:30
B5Pekka AiraksinenCon Prix3:23
VOD 137.5 Golden Age (Music From The Golden Era Of Egypt)
A1Pekka AiraksinenNut Part 1 1:09
A2Pekka AiraksinenNut Part 23:50
A3Pekka Airaksinen Nut 4:47
A4Pekka AiraksinenHehu Part 1 2:23
A5Pekka AiraksinenHehu Part 21:19
A6Pekka AiraksinenHehut Part 1 1:37
A7Pekka AiraksinenHehut Part 25:53
A8Pekka AiraksinenKehr Part 1 1:37
A9Pekka AiraksinenKehr Part 2 6:35
B1Pekka AiraksinenKerhet Part 1 1:37
B2Pekka AiraksinenKerhet Part 26:35
B3Pekka AiraksinenAfrodite17:24
VOD 137.6 Afrodipankara
A1Pekka AiraksinenKhadgadasvara16:27
A2Pekka AiraksinenPradanasura4:07
B1Pekka AiraksinenPrabhutaratna10:52
B2Pekka AiraksinenPadmasri7:01


special subscriber's 6xLP-Set - limited 400 copies.

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